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Order of the Blood Plant เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Order of the Blood Plant

7187The Blood Plant is as ancient as the darkest jungles of Africa from which i t came. Its recorded origins have been lost through the 1000s of years it has be en surviving and breeding. Once worshipped by long ago tribes as a god it now is found in only a few scattered corners of the modern world. Those that know its dark secrets are servants to their eternal craving of its vines that when consum ed give the nourishment of life without aging... Those who serve the Blood Pla nt have been given many names over the centuries Vampire - Nesferatu - Witc h - Necromancer and like all legends bear some semblance of truth. No longer strictly human they walk the earth immune to the disease of mortality yet they a re cursed with the never ending of cycle of stalking victims the feast and the r eturning hunger. Prince Veruna was such a man. He was initiated into the Order d uring the first Crusade and since has been one of the few to make his home in th e New World of the Americas. Going now as simply Mr. Jamison he can barely rec all those early years of his mortal life in Northern Italy where he was a noblem an the eldest son of a landed Knight. He now makes his home in a quiet township in Pennsylvania the sole occupant of an upscale stone manor house on a large cou ntry acreage. He appears as a man in his early 30s well built 6 1 tall with wav y medium length black hair and bright grey eyes and very fair skin. His speech i s accented slightly as his dealings with the outside world are rare. He learns m uch of the bustling of the new century from his cable TV and studied the ways of modern man so as to blend in. The custom of Halloween came as a pleasant surp rise to him as it enabled him to seek new victims at the time of year when his c ravings were the strongest at the mid point between the summer and winter solsti ce towards the end of October on the Arabian 12 month calendar. He would need to feed the Blood Plant soon and then feast of its life giving juices. Early in th e evening of the Saturday night that fell on Halloween that year the Prince prep ared for the hunt. He would drive the residential neighborhoods in search of a m aiden who was in the process of her menstruation and as yet untouched by a man. As a servant of the Blood Plant Prince Veruna s senses were as keen as a trained bloodhound for that scent and his eyesight and hearing were well above any mort al mans. He had been transformed long ago to hunt a certain prey... Dressed in a costume of Prince Charming in a blue decorated tunic dark red cape with silve r lining above the knee leather boots and white tights with a black belt and cal ve skin gloves and a very real 3 1/2 rapier and 12 dagger he drove out into th e night to find his newest bride. There was a costume party to be held at a comm unity center some hours drive away at 8:00PM and he felt that he would find what he needed there. After arriving he noted it was a busy gathering and many cars were parked around the simple wooden building that was down the road from the to wn. It was heavily wooded and a small creek ran past on one side with the main p arking lot on the far side and a small bridge that connected a pathway from the parking lot to the grounds. The place was made up as a haunted house and was lav ishly decorated. The sign indicated it was a teen dance. Monster Mash was play ing loudly inside and many young people were coming in and out of the dance. His senses were attuned to the damp night air and he waited nearby hidden in the th ick trees and watched the comings and goings of the mortal revelers. Collette wa s 18 5 5 and 110 lbs. She was Caucasian a red head with large breasts and a vi rgin and she was just starting her monthly cycle. She was having a great time at the dance as there were all kinds of cute guys there. She went as a vampiress d ressed in a long sleeved low cut black leotard red fishnets black velvet boots w ith a 6 heel that went to her knees black gloves a red cape a long black wig de ep red lipstick pale foundation garish blue eye shadow and dark eye liner. She h ad very nice breasts that she augmented with tissue paper to make her look much bustier. She had plastic fangs that she could wear and a small leather pouch on her belt with her makeup and a few personal items. She looked good enough to eat . Her friends were sneaking in all kinds of booze and she was drinking rye and c oke. She didn t like it but she wanted to fit in. By 10:00 she was feeling the b ooze as she was not a drinker. She needed a feminine pad and to her dismay she f orgot to bring any with her so she approached her friend Ashley and asked if she had one. I have some in the glove compartment of my mom s car she said. Here just take the keys and go grab one. Ashley said. Thanks this is such a pain Collette replied. She knew Ashley s car was in the parking lot and normally she would not have gone alone but she was very tipsy and she didn t care. She wanted a dance with Brad and she needed to get this out of the way first. She went out into the night and walked down the path and over the small bridge making a cli p-clack-clip sound as her high heeled boots clattered over the structure. The D ark Prince smelled her pungent innocence before she came into view he knew a mai den was approaching. She could not have been any more noisy crunching over the g ravel in her outlandish boots! He waited to see if she was alone but if she was not the sword he carried was not just for show. He had killed many escorts befor e with its razor sharp edge. Collette opened up the front passenger door and fis hed through the glove compartment and found her pad. She closed the door and tur ned to go when she was startled out of her mildly liquored state by a handsome m an standing only 6 feet from her. He was obviously the father or brother? of som e girl or boy at the party and she was taken by his costume. She could clearly s ee his bulging manhood in his crotch and he was very handsome she couldn t help but stare at him even though she was very intimidated and shy around older men. I m so sorry I didn t mean to startle you the man said with a very becoming sm ile I came to get my camera and wouldn t you know it I forgot the thing at home . He laughed and shook his head. Oh that s too bad! Collette replied. Are yo u picking somebody up? Yes I was going to get a few pictures of the dance and drive my sister home I was actually at another party at a friend s house he rep lied. How is the dance going? Oh its cool I... I just came out to get my lips tick case Collette said I-I guess I should going back in. The Prince knew the y were alone. Do you want a quick toke before we go? he asked and produced a s mall bong. I don t normally do this stuff but hey its Halloween he said. She c ouldn t say no to the hunk and hoped he was single she was thinking to herself. Sure just a few tokes for me. She said cautiously. Lets stand over here I don t want the police to drive past us he said and motioned her to come over to th e nearby trees. He was SO neat Collette thought unusually at ease with the man a nd wondered if he noticed her legs yet. He had but above all her scent was like a strong perfume and he hungered for what her body could give. He lit up the mar ijuana cig that was heavily laced with a potent expensive Turkish hashish oil an d gave her a toke. Its not very strong he lied take a deep hit. Collette inh aled as best she could and held the smoke down into her lungs. She was high afte r the first hit. She almost dropped the bong and he took it from her and inhaled deeply. Collette staggered and was caught in his arms. She was floating and cou ldn t remember where she was she knew the handsome man had his arms around her w aist and was holding her to him. She liked that just fine. The Prince kissed her suddenly forced her mouth open with his tongue and blew the smoke down into her lungs. Collette stood there close to him and let the Prince have her. She close d her eyes and let him kiss her deeply. She felt the smoke go down and she almos t coughed but it was so smooth. She exhaled softly and opened her bleary eyes U ghh immm ughhh! was all she could say. The Prince held the high bonged-out te en making sure she didn t fall and then suddenly picked her up and dropped the b ong on the grass. She moaned softly drifting in a drugged stupor her head limp h er shapely legs and arms dangling down. She was high as a proverbial kite and di dn t care where she was any longer. He carried her to his waiting chariot a bl ack four door Lexus sedan and placed her into the back seat. Her eyes fluttered Where... are... we... going? she whispered as her boots were slid off and her legs were placed up on the seat. You have a date with the gods the Prince repl ied and closed the door. Had she heard that right? Collette lay in the back seat on the drive back to the manor house she garbled the occasional nonsense but ot herwise did not cause any trouble. She dreamed of meeting a handsome prince who carried her away to a fairy castle in the forest to be his bride... In the dank converted wine cellar of the manor house an ancient plant awaited new nourishmen t. The next thing Collette new she was staring up at a high vaulted stone ceilin g in a cold damp basement. She could not remember being taken here and had a fra gmented memory of the man who had drugged her with the laced joint. She was lyin g on a thick Persian rug about 12 x 20 her head swam from the hashish and she t ried to get her bearings. Her clothing and wig had been removed and discarded in to a pile on the carpet. She was completely naked and her long red hair covered her pale shoulders. Her wrists were bound by leather straps to two iron rings se t about 4 apart that were set in the floor. Her head was propped up with soft p illows her legs were not bound nor was she gagged. She was a bit cold but not ov erly so. Hey where am I!? she asked her voice echoed in the chamber Hello hel lo! It was a 30 x 50 room with a wooden floor and stonewalls. There was a doo r behind her and a small electric lamp torch was lit above the door spilling lig ht and long shadows in the room. There were no windows. Her apprehension mounted as she realized she had been kidnapped and brought here by the strange man. Was he going to ravish her? she thought fearfully. She remembered the outline of hi s dong in his tights and she was afraid. He was a lot older than she was she kne w that. Maybe even 30?. Part of her longed to see him again but she was also fea rful of what would happen if he came for her and showed her his naked manhood. S he tried her restraints but they were tight and strong. She could not get free. Meanwhile upstairs Mr. Jamison relaxed with a glass of wine it would be soon n ow... Collette heard a rustling like leaves on a floor? it came from the darkene d wall to her right that the dim light did not illuminate. A small red colored v ine? could be seen on the floor. Hello? she said in a small voice. More red vi nes moved slowly out of the shadows they were thick about 6 inches in diameter a nd covered with small leaves and whitish colored veins around each. EEEEEEH!! Collette screamed. She pulled and bucked to try and free herself but she could n ot. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE! she screamed. The Prince could hear here from ups tairs he knew now that she was awake. Collette s heart raced and her eyes were w ide. Something was in the room with her something very frightening. A large red egg shaped plant moved towards the bound girl. Its body was about 6 long and it was 4 wide it had many leafy tentacled vines and a bright green oval shaped pr otrusion at one end the size of a large melon. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING! s he shrieked. She was panting now her heart racing very fast. One of the vines sn aked out and slid around her ankle she felt its warm touch as it pulled her leg taught. She bucked and kicked but the other vine did the same with her other ank le. Her legs were pulled taught. The plant moved slowly towards here pulled alon g by its grotesque legs. Colette continued to scream until she was hoarse. The B lood Plant could sense the menstruation of the girl and instinctively reacted. M ore vines snaked around her arms and her chest. She was held firm in its alien e mbrace. A vine with a large white flower head appeared and moved within inches o f her face and suddenly sprayed a mist from its center which covered her face in a sticky white stringy goo. Nooo ughh! she cried. Minutes later she felt a de ep warmth ooze through her body and she gradually relaxed. Her legs were not hel d as tightly any longer. She felt heavily sedated. She was now intoxicated with the potent neural concoction coursing through her veins. She was now ready for i ntercourse her cunt was engorged. She was held firm by the monster plant and she could see another vine move under her. She could feel pressure against her rear end as the vine pressed against her ass. The vines narrow end thrust past her p uckered anus. Her body was completely relaxed by the venom and the vine entered her easily from behind slowly sliding its massive length into her most private o f holes. It self lubricated through small fissures and the plant grease eased th e passage of its invasion into Collette s stretched anus. She could feel the mas sive plant pushing far into her depths. The vine slid almost a foot into her rec tum leaves and all. Collette lay impaled on its huge trunk her limbs caressed by the vines that had entwined her. She was perfectly balanced now. Her cunt lips were now getting itchy and a terrible longing spread through her. She knew that she was powerless to resist its unholy desires... She lay there stupefied her na ked skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. The green protrusion at the front of the horrid plant blossomed open displaying a purple flower with a large white ba nana shaped rod in the center. The rod moved slowly out. It was at least 4 inche s in girth and thickly ridged with small red veins. She knew where it was going. .. and her body longed to be filled with its potency. Her loins were on fire wit h longing she needed to be plugged with something anything. She could not stan d it any longer. The penis of the Blood Plant positioned itself at the opening o f her pink innocence and pushed past her vaginal lips. It slid into her depths a nd past her maidenhood with a wet sound. Ughhhh! Collette gasped aloud as it p loughed away her girlhood grinding deep into her blood soaked menstruating virgi n tunnel. Her prince charming had come for her after all! She could smell him cl ose caressing her she knew his manhood would find her girl sex. The plants penis grew in girth and it moved slowly in and out of Collette s depths the thickly r idged veins rubbing her to a drugged climax. OH MY FUCKING GOD! She cried she was out of her mind with her first orgasm she could see bright colors and thrash ed her head wildly as the eightteen year old screamed anew Take me I don t care if my parents are downstairs! she sputtered. She bucked and kicked but was hel d firm by the warm embrace of her mate. The Blood Plants penis sucked her menstr ual blood into its pores depositing it into the egg body for processing. This wa s the essence of its ancient purpose. The feeding could not be done with a girl- child as the plant would not feed and most times it would not feed more than men strual blood but sometimes it did causing death or near death through blood loss but that was rare... After bringing the girl to another series of shuddering or gasms the engorged penis flooded her opening with a warm mind numbing liquid. Sh e lost consciousness after several minutes her brain succumbing to the narcotic venom. She was a woman now wed to the beastly plant- thing... She awoke early th e next morning dumped in a town alleyway with her belongings dressed only in her tights that were soaked in the crotch. She had a terrible but hazy tale of a mo onlit meeting with a strange handsome prince who took her away to his castle w here he feasted on her innocence (Some of her friends thought it sounded very ro mantic but didn t say so). She could only remember small parts and she was terri bly traumatized. Years ago peasants blamed unholy things for such unexplained ac ts giving rise to many dark myths and legends terrifying a superstitious people. The police were never able to find the culprit despite a large investigation. I t would remain an unsolved rape. Collette was not the same for many years and wo uld sometimes yearn for her prince in her dreams calling out for him in her trou bled restless sleep... That night Prince Veruna feasted on the Blood Plants vine s as they would grow back and consumed the age defying substance that they provi ded. His deep hunger would be satisfiedified for almost a month but then would r eturn anew. He was forever cursed by the hunger of the Blood Plant forever feedi ng it and feeding from it. THE END *Feedback always welcome at Nefstory@yahoo.ca *

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