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Molly In The Big City เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Molly In The Big City

6611Rude Awakening In The Big City Hello My name is molly I’m a 19 years old co llege student looking for work. I have straight blondish brown hair and fair ski n with really green eyes. I’m real short :-( about 5’1 or so. I’ve been told I’m pretty my measurement are anything but normal though. The last time I actually took measurements I was 32B-20-34. I was in gymnastics for several years which d oes things to ones body shape. I quit my gymnastics training a year and half ago and have started to fill out alot more my old B cup is now a full C and my butt is little rounder or something. I grew up in a small town in Kansas a small tow n girl. I wasn’t particularly wild growing up a few barn parties. The town I gre w up in was an old town not many people my age so I had virtually no dates or bo yfriends. My sexual experiences existed but not by very much. Most if not all of my sex life came to existence when I moved to the city to go to college 18 mont hsago. So now that you know something about me let me tell you about my rather h arrowing day that occured last week. I’m at the park. I’m being quiet and readin g a book under a tree.There are lots of people around families mostly kids playi ng with their parent etc. I have just had a big job interview so I am dressed up a suit jacket with a long skirt and blouse and my hair is pinned up. I put my b ook down and stand up and start walking to the restroom its one of the men on on e side women on the other that looks like a little concrete house. I have troubl e walking through the uneven grass because of my heels but I make it. I walk int o the door its kind of dark but the walls don t go all the way up so the sun is coming through the grating and I can see good enough to find the light switch. I flip it on and go to the mirror to check my lipstick I can hear the people talk ing and kids playing just a few feet away on the other side of the wall. I’m pic turing the seen in my mind when the light in the room suddenly go dark. I look a round quickly but its all shadowy and my eyes are adjusting when I see a dark sh adow moving very fast. I only manage a startled gasp before big rough hands push me against the sink and mirror bending me over the porcelain sink and against t he wall. I feel a metallic sharp object pressed against my throat has a deep voi ce tells me to shut up bitch or I’ll cut your slut throat I’m too stunned to b reath let alone yell for help. he pressing his body hard against mine to make su re I don t move and then I feel his other hand start to move around my waist. I don t realize what’s happening until that hand darts under my jacket and grabs b oth my breast with a hard pinch...it suddenly hits me what he is here for!!! A noooooo escapes my lips only to have a big dirty hand clamp across my mouth... do you wanna die whore?!!...do ya!!! he growls. I shake my head no as tears wel l up in my eyes. then I better not hear a word He press the sharp object again st my throat and removes his hand from my mouth ... moving it back down to my br easts he feel them and squeezes them one at a time. then suddenly he rakes his h and down my blouse ripping off all of the buttons tearing the fabric down the si de. he chuckle as he sticks he hand against my now bare stomach running his hand up and underneath my bra feeling my nipples cupping each. My head is spinning w ith shock...this strange man is feeling me!! He is playing with my breast and th ere is nothing I can do about it. I’m powerless even though there is tons of peo ple just a few feet away. He tells me to take off that stupid fucking jacket I resist I’m not going to HELP him!!! but a painful slap of his hand on my butt b rings more tears to my eyes and before I know it I am actually taking off my jac ket for THIS MAN. As soon as my jacket falls to the ground he once again presses me hard against the cold sink his hand runs up to my neck and I stiffen up fear ing the worse when he grabs the back of my silk blouse and pulls hard downward r ipping the blouse completely off my body. he wraps his fingers around my pinned up hair and forces me to bend over further. I feel the knife removed from my thr oat and pressed against my back. oh no please I beg thinking I’m about to be k illed with a stab in the back. The knife slides under my bra straps and then wit h a hard slash it cuts the elastic band. It snaps around and fall to the floor. He doesn’t wait at all both of his hand grab my skirt at the waist band and yank s it down to the floor taking my hosiery and underwear with it leaving me standi ng there stark naked. Before I knew it he was press against me again telling me what a nice ass I have for a dirty no good whore and what a tight pussy a pri ssy bitch like me must have. The insults come on and on the entire time he was feeling my butt and breasts biting my the back of my neck and shoulders painfull y while he played. The stranger starts to grind his hips against my back...press ing his hard member against me. Suddenly he stops ... we both hear people approa ching the restroom he hisses a warning and pushes the knife against my neck hard er. The group of people pass harmlessly by the restroom door. Time to go little bitch he says as he picks me clear off the ground kicking the rest of my hosie ry and skirt from around my ankles my shoes falling to the ground. I see dayligh t as he peeks out the door then quickly he darts through the door carrying me na ked with him outside. We go down the side of the building and into another door. Now then bitch no guy is going to care whether I fuck a little slut like you i n this john he snarls He had moved us over to the guys side of the restroom. Th at’s when I see my captor for the first time...a dusty just come from a construc tion site type guy dressed in denim black hair and hard looking. He kicks over t he trash can and throws me straddle legged on top of it I have to put my hands d own quickly to keep from smashing my face on the floor only my lower stomach and hips are draped on the can I have to maintain a push-up or eat concrete. I can see the rectangle light from the door a few feet away... freedom so close so far . I hear the rustle and zip of a his zipper and my heart races near panic. I fli nch as I feel his naked buttock press down on mine... he is sitting on me!!! wha t the heck? Then I receive my answer when his hand slaps my bare bottom...once t wice three times it gets harder and the sounds louder each time I grimace and he starts to add verbal insults to the spanking he gives me. He tells me how nasty and dirty I am lots of slut whore and bitches mixed in. The stinging is buildin g up I know my butt must be really red by now. He uses his much longer legs to f orce mine so far apart i’m doing the splits. He is facing my feet sitting on my lower back spanking my butt and upper thighs...he starts cupping his hands hitti ng between my butt cheeks push air down between my egs...closer and closer I cry out as he slaps too far forward and his cupped hands sting my tender lips. He l aughs and crudely jabs a finger inside me. I instinctively try to close my legs but he forces them even further apart as his finger moves inside me. He pulls it out quickly and starts spanking me again this time with his hard dick. He stand s and moves around I feel his naked body against me again and i prepared for mor e spanking when I feel the hard tip or his dick poise against my hole. No...god please don t... noooo I cry as he pushes himself deeper and deeper inside me. I gasp as his hip collide with mine his dick buried completely inside he starts to thrust and release in and out violating me with each pelvic thrust my entire body bounces and shakes with each collision. He uses my butt cheeks as handles a nd goes faster and faster. I struggle to keep from falling hard to the floor my breast bouncing wildly as the trashcan rolls with each thrust. squeeze me bitch he grunts confused I just groan. squeeze my dick with your cunt stupid whore!! he yells louder Then he slaps my butt hard with one hand so hard I cry out lou dly. I don’t know what he wants but i tighten my stomach muscles hoping to avoid another slap. I didn’t do something right because i only to get another slap ev en harder than the last. I panic and tighten my buttock thighs and stomach muscl es every muscle I can feel in the lower part of my body. I get a huge groan of r elief from him instead of a slap so I continue to squeeze everything as hard as I can. The only problem is that is that it makes everything more sensitive. My l egs start shaking with the strain as his body slaps against my buttocks and thig hs over and over again. I feel like i’m about to be ripped apart as my captor co ntinues to pierce me gaining speed and building greater force with motion. I fee l every little bump of his bighard dick deep inside of me. In shock I see a youn g guy walk casually in the door. I lift one arm to cover my naked shaking breast s only to lose my balance when the stranger continues thrusting in and out of me almost crashing me down against the concrete. He either doesn t care or didn t see the guy because he just slap my butt hard and grunts to not stop squeezing. I can t support myself with one arm so I’m left exposed to the teen completely a s I am being pounded between my legs by my rough captor.The guy sees me and jump s back in shock. I stare at him straight in the eyes silently pleading for help. He backs up to the side of a stall still peeking a my naked body now very sweat y from the strain of squeezing and supporting myself over the trashcan. He is re ally going now the slapping sound of him pumping me fills the concrete bathroom. I try to make eye contract with the teen again but the guy is no longer looking at my face he is staring at my shaking boobs and bouncing red buttocks. I blush as I realize he is getting excited ... soon his hand strays down to his zipper and he pulls out his dick and starts to rub himself while watching me being sava ged. The guys pants slowly slide down to his ankles as his hips start to push in to his hand. I’m watching the teen when I feel the dick inside of me start to sw ell. The thrust are getting wilder and faster as my captor grunts and groans as he explodes inside of me. A stranger is cumming inside of me Holy Shit After my attacker finished filling me up with his cum he must of finally looked up an d saw the guy with his pants around his ankles because he quickly pressed the kn ife against my back and grabbed my hips. He stiffens and hissing quietly before realizing exactly what this newcomer was actually doing. so she turns you on hu h? the stranger says to the teen guy. The guy panics and starts to pull his pan ts and run but the stranger tells him to come over to us or he will call the cop s... yea right like he really will!!! But the guy obliges... The stranger then p roceeds to tell the guy How much I like to fuck and that he should do me good. I ts all i can do to keep from screaming rape as loud as i can as i hear this line of crap. The guy is shocked but still horny so he moves over to us. I hold stil l as I feel the hidden knife move to my throat again as it’s holder moves around to make room for the new arrival. I feel the new guy slide inside of me I’m wet and he is much smaller then the stranger so it doesn’t hurt near as much. He sl owly more gently starts to make strokes in and out of me. My attacker wants me t o suck on his cum covered half hard dick so I soon have 2 men inside me. My capt or plays with my nipples and breast as he pumps his dick in and out of my mouth. I just close my eyes and try to be somewhere else as both men are soon using me to satisfy themselves. My captor gets somewhat hard again before shooting more cum inside my mouth and down my throat I choke as I have to swallow this vile ma n s sperm. Here man try it this way the rough stranger says as he pulls me off the other guys dick. He rolls me over on my back and lays me back on the trashc an. The guy quickly wraps his arms around my legs and pushes his dick back insid e me...over and over we rock back and forth on the trashcan his dick now rubbing right at the spot that makes me lose control. I try to fight it off knowing I j ust had been brutally raped. But the warmth of his arms and the rhythmic rocking of his hips brings me closer and closer. I cry out as I orgasm feeling every in ch of his body. I feel my juices spraying out each time his dick pulls almost al l the way out. I feel him start relaxing as he lets his semi-hard member slip ou t releasing all the blocked in liquid. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling. wh en I open my eyes he is fully dress saying he needs to go now he bends and kisse s my forehead and walks away. I suddenly stiffen remembering all that has happen and look quickly around. my rough unknown captor is gone!!! I am all alone in t he restroom with no clothes and no way to get any. I stand up on shaking legs an d head for the door my clothes are still over on the women’s side. I peek out th e door seeing if the way and clear. I dart outside and turn towards the other do or and run full on into what must be a big family reunion!!! I freeze has every single person in the group turns and stares parents cover the eyes of children w hile they get a full-on look of my used naked body. I do a fast turn-about runni ng as quickly as i can not really knowing where I’m going. I stop at a nearby bu sh realizing I’m stuck naked in a park full of people. I run from bush to bush m issing some people but other times just giving everyone a free view. I head down a path almost back to my book and car when I round a corner and run full into a police officer!! so it is true we been getting calls about a young woman flashi ng children and entire families he said but I was raped I didn’t mean to I was j ust trying to get back my clothes... i stammer I go on telling him my full story and about getting spooked by the family reunion etc. but he doesn’t believe me. why would I have sex with the second guy if I just got raped why was there no s ign of violence no bruises etc. His questions go on and on as I continue to try to explain. He pull my arms behind my back and handcuffs me. The officer starts leading me down the path lots of people gather and stare looking at this fully n ude body. The walk seemed so slow the most embarrassing of my life. We finally g et to his police car and he bends me over and pushes me into the back seat. The officer still not saying a word get into the car and starts driving. Several min utes go by before He suddenly starts talking saying that he might believe me and let me go. I grab on to any chance to avoid getting arrested. he says I could c onvince if I wanted to. anything anything at all please just tell me I cry out H e doesn’t reply but just drives a little while longer and then pull off the road way and stops after awhile. He stops and quickly pulls me from the car turning m e against the trunk of the car. I think he is going to unlock my cuffs. The offi cer just stand there for awhile before saying So they fucked you in the pussy an d in the mouth huh? I stammer out a yes and start to explain taken aback by his rough language. They didn’t fuck you or cum inside your asshole then? he interru pts me hmmmm... Then he roughly reaches around me from behind grabbing both brea sts and squeezes. This man in his uniform starts grinding he hips into my buttoc k. I’m so stunned I don’t even move before I hear a loud snip and snap of his le ather belt and pants being unsnapped and unzipped. I start to struggle as I feel his hand spread my butt cheeks apart and the tip of his dick touch my hole. Ple ase no gawd no I scream as I feel the pressure from his dick trying to forced it s way inside my ass. I have never done anything like that before so I’m very sma ll. The physical and emotion pain as i hear the pop as the head of his dick fina lly penetrates my butthole. I don’t think have ever scream so loud in my life. H e grunts and snarls as his hands move from my butt cheeks to my hips. He grabs a nd squeezes my hips hard and the slams his way all the way inside me. I can feel his balls against my thighs as his hand force my buttocks up and open. He doesn ’t slow or ease up as he thrust in and out of my ass despite my loud protest and crying. My body is bent over the trunk and is being bounced up and down against the hard steel. The cop quickly moves his hand once again from my hips to my br easts using them as handles to pull himself inside me with greater force. He use s his legs to force mine apart allowing him to push completely inside me. He con tinues to thrust in and out taking his pleasure inside me burying his dick to th e very end over and over again. I lay there taking it over and over until I sudd enly feel him swell inside me and shoot his cum deep inside me not stopping his stroking until the very last drop had found its way inside me. he lay hard atop my body for awhile before he stood me up and turned me around. You said ..anythi ng.. he stated smiling you still mean that showing me the key to unlock my handc uffs. I nod my head numbly exhausted from the full day of sex just wanting to go home. Fine then I want you to suck my dick clean I can’t go home with such a sm elly dirty dick my wife would divorce me he laughs then I will unlock your cuff s and we can forget about all this. I thought I was too tired to be shocked anym ore but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this was a law enforcement office ... serve and protect isn’t that what it’s suppose to be?!!! He continued to dan gle the key in front of me staring me straight in the eyes shamelessly until I s lowly give a slight nod to do his dirty deed what choice did I have ... I just w anna go home. He unlocked my handcuffs and starts pushing me down to my knees bo th of his hands putting pressure on my shoulders until I’m eye to dick with his sticky half limp cock. I can smell cum and my body scent on his dick already has he moves it closer rubbing the dirty tip against my closed lips. open up little slut he chortles and moves his hips closer. I almost have to physically open my mouth with my hands before my lips part and he shove himself inside. I start to suck and lick keeping my eyes closed and just trying to get it over with. He pu ts his hands on either side of my head and starts to roll his hips back and fort h. I was just about done with my wretched licking and cleaning when I feel his p rick starting to get hard again. I swear inwardly as he picks up hip speed and s tarts to really fuck my mouth with his newly swollen Johnson. He spread his legs wide to get lower and get better thrusts he is big enough now to require a seri ous deep throat and I have to concentrate to keep from gagging. The half naked o fficer starts sliding his hands down my head and neck to my arms lifting both of my hands and moving them between his spread legs one hand he guides to his ball s wrapping my fingers around those hairy things. The other he pushes all the way between his legs to rest on he thrusting buttocks. He quickly uses his hand to force my fingers inside his butt crack. I don’t really know what he is doing so I just continue to rub his nuts and try not to choke on his now fully swollen di ck. finger me you stupid bitch he growls make me cum I have never heard of that before but an evil idea quickly pops into my head.. revenge!! Instead of using 1 finger I decide to use 2 and to do it as hard as he did it to me. I slowly mov e them into position to catch him by surprise. He was pumping my mouth full spee d now so it wasn’t too difficult. I used my 2 biggest finger and just as he pull ed backwards out of my mouth I shoved them into his asshole as fast and as hard as I could. The cop’s hip sprang quickly forward unfortunately ramming his dick all the way inside my mouth and down my throat. Despite my hard gagging I pull t he fingers most of the way out and rammed them deep inside again only getting a loud groan and grunt for my efforts instead of howls of pain I expecting he star ted rocking his hips back and forth. It was like some weird sexual teeter-totter at one point he was buried to the hilt inside my mouth at the other side my 2 f inger were deep inside his asshole. The man grunt and groan saying all sort of f uck me fuck me...yes yes type of words until he start to climax. He buried his d ick all the way inside my mouth and quickly grabbed my hand and shoved my finger s deep inside his ass as he started to spray cum down my throat. Not bad little girl he sigh as he remove his dick and my fingers from their sex places Not bad at all I think you CAN go now after all The officer now ignoring me completely s tarts to dress and get ready to leave. I just stood there dumbfounded as he didn ’t even look my way. He hops into his car and drives off leaving me naked and al one in a public park with a longdangerous and humiliating trek back to my car... ... again!!

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