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Clare เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Clare

9379Last fall at the beginning of my fourth year at university I was matched up with Clare as a roommate. She has a very nice well proportioned body that i s maybe five feet four tall and those high cheek bones that look so classy wit h the slightly hollow cheeks beneath them. Many people might think her tits we re small but on that body they seemed just right to me. Actually she dresses pretty classy too considering that most U students are so sloppy these days. I like to get dressed up sometimes too but Clare is always wearing something el egant. Not expensive you know but put together to look striking. And always hi gh heels too. Three inch and once in a while four inch heels. I asked her one day why she did this every day and she told me I worked hard to dress this wa y and I m not going to let it go. Beyond that she didn t explain. On this par ticular evening I had been out on a date. I was wearing a white blouse a black skirt some sheer black stockings ( I love stockings) and a pair of black pate nt slingbacks with three inch heels that had a tiny open toe (I don t like the chunky shoes that seem to be ‘in these days) with a spot of red nail polish peeking from each opening. The date didn t turn into much. He took me out for supper and only talked about how bad the wine was. Then we went to a movie and he talked all the way through it about football so I came home early. Clare a nd I have an arrangement. If either of us is ‘occupied with someone we put a little smiley face on our name plate on the door. Nothing there so I unlocked and walked in. Holy Jesus! Clare was on her bed a single dim light turned on i n a red satin nighty that split up the front black stockings and red satin fiv e inch heels and she was masturbating. I don t mean with her finger or a vibra tor. She was beating off a cock! And a good sized one at that! I slammed the d oor flung my back against the side wall arms and hands spread back as though I could hold on. Oh my god I screamed. I ve been living with a man! Jesus no a transvestite! I must say I ve nothing against TVs. I know one and he is a g reat guy. I just don t want to live with one. I m so sorry so sorry Clare cr ied. She or he tried scrambling around to get under the bed cover. I was aghas t. What the hell was I going to do? Her matching satin dressing gown was on th e floor. I gathered up my courage and stumbled over to pick it up. Holding it up high over my eyes I handed it to Clare. I m so sorry she started again. I ll pack and move out in the morning. She stood then with the gown tied at t he waist walking across the room so elegantly on those beautiful five inch hee ls then sagged down on our little couch and began to cry. I ll help you pack and it doesn t have to wait until morning. Christ a transvestite! I am not a transvestite! she screamed at me between wracking sobs. I m a hermaphrodite ! and started to wail again. I started to walk towards her then feeling... fe eling I don t know what but different. You mean you have both .? Yes! a nd in her fury and pain flung the front of her gown open reached into the spli t grabbed what was now a dink and pulled it up. You ve seen the one part you might as well see the other. The meat in her hand was coming out of the top o f what looked like a rather nice cunt. I started to feel myself getting wet. J ust as quickly Clare closed her gown and fell back to sobbing some of her pers onal anger and confusion dissipating. What could I do? I sat down gently besi de her in the hope I could now be of some comfort. Nice pumps I said weakly. Clare only responded by putting her head on my shoulder and sobbing like litt le hiccups her chest heaving. I ve never seen this outfit I went on not real ly knowing what to say. It s ... sob .. for ... hic ... special times. I jus t held her then my own bad emotions washing away with her tears. After a whil e she began to tell me her story. When she was born the doctor had suggested r emoving her penis but her father had gone wild – ‘no surgeon was touching his little boy . Her mother had bowed to his pressure and Clare had been raised as a boy. Her parents never resolved the matter and were constantly fighting ove r it which is how Clare had eventually learned that she was some kind of frea k . At the end of her last year of grade school her mother left her father and moved away. She asked me what I wanted to be Clare explained. I told her I was a girl wanted to be a girl. Her mother bought her all new clothes girl c lothes and she remembered excitedly those first girl shoes; black patent Mary Janes with little white lacy socks and also a pair of brown Bass penny loafers . I got my first erection trying on those Mary Janes not very big but all ha rd she giggled softly into my shoulder. Her sobbing had subsided and she was telling me all of this as some sort of dreamy reminiscence. They looked soooo nice and felt so good and I walked around in those shoes and my new skirt for hours. I even wore them to bed and played with my little hard-on. She broke down again and sobbed and sobbed into my shoulder. I just remained silent hold ing her. Then hesitantly she went on with her story. During that summer her mo ther had taught her how to dress act and behave as a girl - even to her first makeup. In the fall she enrolled in high school in her new town as a girl. All through high school the boys were asking for dates. And I just couldn t go o n one. You see I see the problem I reassured her. So they all thought I was a snot. I just withdrew more and more. I withdrew into my studies and in to fashion books. It was in my second year that my breasts began to grow and a long with that my penis. It was decided she should see a doctor and try to wo rk out a physical and personal resolution. In the end it turned out that if th ey had amputated her penis as a baby she would have had no sexual sensations f or in her case it replaced her clitoris. On the other hand if she had chosen t o grow up as a boy she would have had to undergo a double mastectomy at the le ast. I involuntarily shuddered at that thought. Her tits had always looked nic e to me – not too big not too small with a nice tilt. It was a lose lose situa tion with Clare the loser all the way around. At this point she just broke dow n again and sobbed into my shoulder. I just sat there humbled cuddling her. I didn t know what to do really so I did what seemed natural what my mother did for me as a child when I needed comforting. I unbuttoned my blouse and eased h er head to a waiting tit. She rolled her eyes up to me. I nodded and pressed h er head toward it. The gentle sucking of her red lips also eased my tensions a nd I began to think through the last hour. Slowly slowly her trembling stopped . Then her cock started to push against one side of the front of her smooth re d robe. I could see in through the opening. It was a beautiful looking cock al though not very thick. I stared at it mesmerized. It was maybe an inch and a q uarter wide the shaft perfectly smooth shiny and nicely veined. The head a ric h purple and terribly shiny with an arrogant tilt and wonderfully defined coro na that lifted well clear of its shaft. It curved! Upward! Not that downward p ull from a too short frenum but upward in an erotic way I had never seen befor e. It must have been eight inches long. If a woman was to have a cock (what wa s I thinking my brain reeled) then this slim curvaceous thing was it. I wanted to touch it but instead reached over and fully opened the front of Clare s go wn and let it come out unhindered. She felt my movement and sat upright trying to cover it. The soft fabric brushed against her engorged head and it jerked spasmodically. I m sorry she said simply again. You don t need to do that C lare. It is a beautiful organ. Let it out. I don t mind at all. It is beauti ful isn t it she whispered placing one hand around it her red nails a lovely counterpoint to the pink shaft and plum colored head. Some kind of a barrier b etween us had been crossed. Yes I whispered back. And more boldly And a lov ely circ job. You were lucky to have such a careful surgeon when you were born . Oh that s only two years old. My daddy wouldn t let a surgeon near me then . I decided that since this is what contained the heart of my sexuality I want ed it to look as beautiful as possible. I researched for months to find just t he right kind of circumcision. This way they take the skin off from the base. They make you as hard as you can get then mark how much to take away then . . I m babbling and she went to cover it up again. Please before you do that. .. could I... could I just touch it. Clare looked at me dubiously but her ere ction was still very bold and I don t think she could have covered it now anyw ay. She took her hand away and I just touched the tip with my finger and trace d my way down the smooth shiny shaft with a red nail getting very wet myself a s I did. Oh! she exclaimed with a little shudder. Please tell me the rest a bout your circumcision I said softly. There isn t much more to tell. I guess they didn t make me hard enough and so they took a little too much skin from the top and that has made it curve back but I like the curve and I m sorry this has to stop. She started to get up. I ll start packing. No Clare. N ot now. You re emotionally exhausted but we do need to talk more. I want to go to the bathroom but I ll come back and we can talk you through this. I think there is a large bottle of wine with only one glass used in the fridge. Will y ou pour us some? Without a word she got up and I watched her sway across the room on those beautiful five inch heels to our little kitchenette then I went to my chest of drawers and took a couple of things out and made my way to our tiny bathroom. It didn t take me long. A little freshening here and there a to uch up on the make up then I stripped down to my stockings and pumps. Pulling my ‘special nighty over my head I walked back into our room. I knew she would be able to see my cleanly shaved cunt through the sheer pale blue fabric of m y short Baby Doll top. It was obvious that the male part of her was turned on by sexy female things – and I wanted to see more of her male part. Clare had r eturned to the couch and turned her head towards me as I walked back in. Her c ock sprang back to life. I ve said it before but it was a truly beautiful cock and I realized then that I truly adored seeing it. It was terribly erotic for me seeing it come out the front of her very feminine attire. You re shaved!. she exclaimed then in the same breath; Why are you tormenting me like this she said again trying to cover her special part. I m not dressed like this t o torment you Clare I stated. I m dressed like this because I want to admire you and to make you feel comfortable beside me as we enjoy our wine. And yes I shave. Do you like it? Yes. Yes God yes it s lovely. You can see the effec t it has had on me. Then please please let your beautiful penis be free. I l l light a candle for us. Let it out into the soft flickering light that will m ake. Let the reflection of the flame glimmer off of your shiny head. Just let it be free. Please. Let me appreciate it it is so beautiful and it only adds t o your beauty. And please take your robe off. I ve shown you my boobies let me see yours. I looked at her pleadingly. As I lit the candle she dropped the r obe and eased her shoulder straps down to let her breasts free. I placed my ha nds under them and lifted them off of her chest. She whimpered softly and her cock head bulged its skin even shinier about to burst. Her tits were cuddly an d perhaps a 32B but on her small body perfect. I eased them back to rest and l et her cover them up again. Sitting down beside her once more I said Now be t ruthful doesn t that feel better now that it s not restricted? as I waved my hand toward her cock. It was so engorged now she couldn t have hidden it anywa y. She looked at me with wide hopeful eyes and nodded agreement. How long is it really I asked softly. It s actually eight and a half inches if you allo w for the curve. Are you sure... I m sure. May I hold it now? Yes if you w ant to. I slipped my hand onto it thoroughly enjoying the hardness and smooth ness and leaned over tentatively to kiss her cheek. She responded to my surpri se and then backed away. I like your pumps and your boobies too she added a little softer. Thanks. And your shave job? Will you show it to me uncovered ? Reluctantly I let go of her cock stood up stepped back and pulled my nighty up. I watched her head get shiny again. We talked for a while of many things . Of her growing up accepting no dates of her university courses of her love o f high heels and fashion clothes. Naturally her cock withdrew back into her ni ghty as time went on. After a while I wanted to see it again so I pulled the short hem of my nighty up and gently took her hand and placed it on my cunny m oving her fingers over the lips. When I let go she left her hand for a few mom ents and then withdrew it. I left my hem up my cunny on show for her available . You do like having it big and hard don t you Clare? Oh God Karen so help me I do. But there is so little opportunity and no one else to appreciate. .. no one to You ve never had a relationship of any sort... No how cou ld I. Men don t want women don t enjoy Some don t no but I am and I reached to flutter my fingers over the once more ripe plum colored head and w as rewarded with another spasmodic jerk. You ve only had yourself to find you r pleasure...? and that led us to more talk as we drank through another glass of wine each. Her once again wilted cock must have disappointed Clare because she started to slide a hand across towards me then withdrew it. Go ahead Cla re. Go ahead. I m here for you I m bare for you. Make yourself rigid absolutel y steely rigid again. Let me turn a bit and make it easier for you to touch an d see my cunny. I shifted sideways. That s it Clare touch me yes that s it s lip a finger in. Her nipples pushed out the top of her gown and her prick pus hed out once more filling swelling curving. I grabbed and held it squeezing. Is this good Clare? Oh yes Karen she breathed deeply. Do you think... do y ou love the feel of my...? Clare it is fantastic. Look how wet I am. What is it that makes you get horny? I said letting go to appreciate her cocks shape and length. I leaned over and gave it a little kiss on the head. OK? I asked . Oh yes. God look at it swell! It s almost painful it s so hard. It s a nice pain she added hurriedly a very nice pain. Mmmmn. It is magnificent. How long do you think we can keep it that way? Never mind what about my question? I love being a woman the feel of my body soft sensuous clothes the feel of m y tits. I love looking at them in the mirror. High heels oh yes definitely hig h heels and watching other women s tits. Do you know I have to wear heavy elas tic panties to stop this happening in the classroom or on the street she said waving at her fantastic hard on. I am a woman and love it so but it is femal e things that are erotic to me. And your other part does it get excited. Do men make it excited? My axe wound as Daddy called it? Yes it gets excited. I t is excited now as wet and excited as yours but no men just don t do it for m e. And all those times you had a smiley face on the door? Just to make you think I had some sort of sex life. And is this lovely thing poking out at m e is it armed and dangerous? Is it oh I see. Karen I can orgasm but I ca n t ejaculate nor can I menstruate. I don t have... don t have any testicles n or ovaries. ‘God I thought ‘How stupid of me. It simply had not occurred to me I was so interested in seeing her cock and cunny that I had not noticed th e lack of balls. I poured the last of the wine and we went on to finish explor ing each others lives. As we finished off that last glass I turned and said I t is almost dawn and I think we will be skipping classes today. Do you want it big again? Yes softly. Do you want me to make it big and hard and painful again? Oh yes. Do you want me to make your incredible clit so hard and so r igid that it may even grow to be nine inches long? Long and throbbing and deli ciously painful? Ooooooh. Clare breathed in audibly her chest heaving as it had during her sobs her lower lip pulled between her teeth. How will you do t hat? her voice cracking. I didn t answer directly. Instead I said First we h ave to move these night tables and push our beds together. The next few minute s were filled with the sound of our heels clattering about the little dorm roo m. I wondered where I might buy a pair of five inch heels the next day. Then I pulled my baby doll top off and fell back on the new double bed spreading my legs wide. To meet our first goal you can eat me and ... I saw her clit appe ar once more already big and throbbing. And? And when you can t stand the h ardness any more you get to fuck me!

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