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Fixing my Drive เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Fixing my Drive

14058MONDAY 5th MARCH My hubby and I share one great passion making love to other people. But whereas he likes women his own age I like fit young men who appreciate what an older woman can give them. According to popular culture tha t makes me a MILF. I like being a MILF. I am not one of those women who hides her lusts or tries to disguise them behind a reaction to an uncaring husband. I am a healthy woman who revels in my sexuality and am perfectly aware of how desirable I am. I know that lots of young men want me and sometimes I give my self to them. I offer no excuses and I seek no absolution when I get horny som e young guy is going to get it and get it good. Most appreciate it and are ver y grateful for what I give them. Carl and I have had an open marriage almost since we got married and have no regrets about the lifestyle we have chosen. M y name is Nicole I am a 38 years old Englishwoman and I have two children Bea (10) and Christopher (12). I am 5’ 6 tall with light brown hair and grey eyes. I have a good body slim with a decent pair of boobs a nice bum and long legs. Strictly speaking MILFS appeal to teenage boys but though I’m not totally av erse to them I prefer my lovers to be in their 20s so perhaps I am a cougar or a yummy mummy rather than a MILF. I don’t care as long as I get my pussy fuck ed plenty. So this diary. It’s for Carl partly because he wants to know what I get up to but also because he’s in digital publishing looking for book idea s and also because I’ve always wanted to write. Carl told me I should write ab out things I have knowledge about so the obvious subject is my sex life. What Carl really wants to know is the thought processes that lie behind my lust fo r younger men the drives behind being a MILF but I think that would make for p retty dry reading so you’ll be getting some description of events along with t he analysis. Carl tends to have one-night stands with his lovers but I like to make a fling last a little longer. At least a week or two and maybe half a do zen sexual encounters so I can get to know my sexual partners properly. I unde rstand the excitement that a one-off engagement can generate and am not averse to a quickie which can actually get me off but given the option I’d prefer a nice long. relaxed encounter where I can indulge myself. I don’t expect this to be a best-seller or anything so don’t expect great literature but I’ll try my best. I plan to have this diary cover a chunk of my life and I’ll release it in instalments so you can judge if it’s worth reading about my adventures. Okay deep breath here goes. My current target is Derek and I met him yester day. He was working in the PC store when I took my laptop in to be looked at. I’m well used to being stared at by horny guys but Derek took it a stage furth er by trying to look up my skirt as he was bending down to get parts from a cu pboard. I knew right away that he was a naughty boy but I wasn’t really out co ck hunting as I’d just broken up with Frank and it usually took me a week or t wo before I started getting the itch again. I wondered about whether I should give him a smile of encouragement or just forget about it but deep in my heart knew that I couldn’t resist. Was this the sluttish part of my make-up that I could never say no to a man if he made his intentions clear? His eyes gazing a t my legs had been very appreciative and as he stood up I saw that he had the most gorgeous eyelashes. If I’d been younger my heart would have fluttered ins tead I felt my pussy twitch. I have a bunch of computers at home that are alw ays giving me trouble and I’m looking for somebody to look after them for me. Would you be interested? He looked wary so I added I’d pay you well. The com pany can give you a maintenance plan he answered glancing over at an older guy I assumed was his boss. I’ll think about it I said scribbling down my phone number and passing it to him with a wink. He got the message and phoned me a c ouple of hours later. It would have to be after work he said maybe about seve n. That wouldn’t be convenient my children will be home then. Was he a fool? Did he think I needed computers fixed? Oh. I can only have you over during t he day .. if you want to be of service to me. I could almost hear his mind ti cking as he wondered if this was some kind of elaborate wind up by his immatur e friends or a genuinely mad-for-it older woman. Give me your address I’ll be over tomorrow at three he said with a faint croak in his voice. He’s due in ten minutes and I’ll let you know what happens. TUESDAY 6th MARCH Well he d idn’t get cold feet and he did show up which was a blessing as I’d spent some effort in getting ready for him. I do like dressing up for my boys as I imagin e they get quite bored with their skinny little girlfriends with their jeans a nd t-shirts. So a nice blouse and skirt are the order of the day under which o f course I hide the temptations of a Basque stockings suspenders and the tinie st panties imaginable. Add to that a discreet dollop of make-up perfume and je wellery and you have the MILF’s essential battle-garb. That tends to send the young lads quite giddy as it fulfils all their fantasies of how an older woman ’s should look. I imagine you know why you’re here I said to Derek as I took him into our lounge. Uh computers he mumbled. Don’t be silly. You’re here to have sex with me. And don’t tell me you’re not interested I saw you trying to peek up my skirt. I always found it was best to be a bit bossy with young ch aps as they usually weren’t long out of education and were used to obeying tea chers. Also if one left it up to them I’d never get any cock as they were inva riably shy about admitting what they wanted. He blushed bright red which is q uite a turn on in its own way. You .. kids .. husband he mumbled. Yes me I’m Nicole and I have kids and a husband. Now what’s your name? Derek he said. W ell Derek I like to have sex with younger men and my husband doesn’t mind. Doe s that interest you? Oh .. yes he said almost eagerly. Good. Shall we sit do wn and chat or would you like to get your cock out? This was rather pushy eve n for me but I could tell from his body language that it was going to be hard to get him to loosen up. I didn’t actually mean for him to pull his dick out j ust to make it clear that plain-speaking was the order of the day. As I guesse d though he wanted a bit more preamble before we got down to the business in h and. I made him a coffee and brought it through before sitting down with him and asking him about himself. He started relating tedious tales of his IT stud ies and I took the opportunity to put my hand on his thigh. He was quite tall fair haired with an aquiline nose. Not immensely hunky or handsome but quite p resentable. I let the palm of my hand rest on his leg in its chinos and slowly slid it upwards to his groin. What was I thinking about Carl? I was thinking about how big his cock would be so there. As my hand reached its target I st opped and tapped with my red-painted fingernails on the bulge in his pants cau sing his coffee cup to shake on its saucer and his bulge to grow considerably. Am I making you nervous Derek? Yes Nicole he said meekly. How old are you? Twenty. At the lower end of my age range but still quite edible. Would you rather I made you randy rather than nervous? He looked at me thoroughly conf used. I inched my skirt up to mid-thigh. Do you have a girlfriend Derek? Yes he admitted. Do you fuck her? Sometimes. Do you like fucking her? Oh yeah . Would you like to be dirty with me? He went silent again still confused. W hy don’t you touch my legs? I asked. Hesitantly he placed his hand just above my knee. I’m wearing stockings I told him so if you run your hand up my leg you’ll encounter my bare leg at the top where my stockings end. My thighs are soft and smooth and warm there. If you touch me there you’ll get horny and so will I. His hand positively crawled and I’d almost decided to give up on the idiot when it occurred to me that there was nothing wrong with him apart from the fact that he was a creature of habit and could only accept sex-play if it happened in the sequence he expected. His mouth was hanging a little open so i t might have been that which gave me the idea. I grabbed his head pulled it to wards me and kissed him sticking my tongue straight into his mouth. I was corr ect for at that he came alive and kissed me back but instead of going for my c rotch where I’d been trying to guide him he grabbed for my boobs in another pr ogrammed move of foreplay. Ooh you’re not as shy as I thought then I squeaked girlishly as he mauled at my breasts. Now that we’d broken the ice I decided not to waste any more time but headed straight for the bulge in his trousers a nd mauled that as forcefully as he was attacking my chest. Oh he said breakin g away from my mouth You’re beautiful. I gave him a pretty smile of thanks un buttoned my blouse and pulled his head down between my tits. My Basque was onl y a half cup which didn’t hold much so he soon had my big boys free and was nu zzling on my nipples. In reply I unzipped his fly delved in and pulled his co ck free. It was an average six incher but quite thick and I gripped it tightly in preparation for giving it a good wank. I pulled my skirt further up so he could see my stocking tops and the little purple thong I was wearing and the sight seemed to mesmerise him. Wow you look good feel good smell good .. To thank him for these further compliments I lowered my head and took his cock in to my mouth. Oh God he moaned Sharon ..my girlfriend .. won’t suck me. It wa s unthinkable a girl in the modern day and age not sucking cock. I was horny a nd wanted fucked but perhaps I should do him a special favour and suck him off . He was young and would probably recover quickly so he could still fuck me la ter. But no time was against me and the kids would be home from school soon. C ouldn’t have them coming home to find Mummy under a stranger with her legs in the air. So it was down to a suck or a fuck and it would be my decision. How g enerous did I feel? Would you like me to suck you off Derek? All the way? he stammered. Yes you can come in my mouth. But first you’ll have to lick my pu ssy a little. I released him and stood up. I unzipped my skirt and let if fal l to the floor before peeling off my knickers. The Basque stockings and suspen ders I left on for added visual stimulation. Lying back on the sofa I spread m y legs and invited my young lover to get to work. I wasn’t expecting much esp ecially not an orgasm as young men are rarely adept at cunnilingus but Derek w as remarkably knowing as his tongue travelled around my fanny. I assume Sharo n lets you lick her pussy I commented cattily. He mumbled in the affirmative and tickled my clitty with his tongue till I had the faintest almost impercept ible little come. It was enough to take the edge off me and with time running out I jumped up and swapped places with the youngster. His cock hadn’t lost i ts erection so I grabbed it and gave it a vigorous licking up and down the sha ft plus a good tonguing of his nuts before I allowed the head into my mouth ag ain. It was obvious he wasn’t used to oral because he came quite quickly as I bobbed my head up and down on his manhood even for a young man filling my mout h with a bucket-load of spunk. As I sat back and swallowed he was full of grat itude. That was great thanks so much really appreciate it. I expect you to f uck me next time I said licking my lips clean of his full cream. Next time? I’m not letting you go without a fuck dear boy. When can you visit me again? Next Tuesday it’s my half day. Very well. I shall look forward to it. TUESDA Y 13th MARCH Derek wasn’t so slow on his second visit and grabbed me round th e waist the minute I closed the front door. Oh my who’s a horny boy today the n? Me! And it’s you that’s making me horny. I didn’t think women like you exi sted outside of porn movies. I don’t exist I trilled breaking away from him a nd dancing towards the lounge I am a fantasy an ethereal being that sucks youn g men’s cocks. He must have thought I was bonkers but he followed me through and tried to grab me again. Now Derek I said Grabbing and pawing are very und ignified. Let’s try to be a little civilised about this. I don’t know how to be Nicole he admitted Every time I get laid I’m at least a little half pissed. Even with Sharon? I asked. Well she’s not exactly a regular girlfriend like more a casual shag. So your sex life consists of getting drunk in pubs picki ng up girls who are probably just as drunk as you and then fucking them? More or less. You were surprisingly good with your tongue last week then. That was my Aunty Gladys. We won’t go there I said primly my hopes of being his first o lder woman dashed. She never sucked me off like you did though. Enough I besee ched pushing him onto the sofa and lying across his lap. I’m all yours do what you want with me. What about the movies then? I’m looking for a lover Derek n ot a comedian. Sorry couldn’t help it. He took my head in his hands and kissed my lips softly and sweetly. You really are wonderful a young man’s dream. I t ry my best I purred in reply. No seriously when you passed me your phone numbe r in the shop I thought you were having me on. And here you are sitting on my lap. And a very nice lap it is too. You’re sure your husband is okay with this . Absolutely. You’re not my first lover not by a long chalk. I’ll bet. Hot bit of stuff like you must be fighting them off with a stick. You flatterer. Now tell me what you want to do to me. He hesitated. You won’t think I’m kinky? I do kinky every day young man. You’ve got a lovely arse on you. Could I kiss i t. Kiss it? Lick it like your bum hole. For a moment I’d thought he wanted to bugger me which was something I hadn’t ventured into yet but his request was s o easily granted a gift from which I received the benefit because I loved havi ng my arse licked and fingered. Of course you can. I hopped off his lap and on to the sofa facing the window. I lifted my skirt pulled my panties down to my knees and bent over the back of the couch. Wow quality arse! my lover crooned. It’s there to be licked not just looked at I reprimanded. Derek’s hand were s oft as he parted the cheeks of my arse slowly and gently. I could almost feel his eyes boring into my little pink puckered arse hole. He blew softly at it a nd it responded by retracting. He opened it again with his tongue wet and warm licking around the crinkled skin before he shoved it quite forcefully up my b ottom. At that moment I wouldn’t have been averse to being sodomised the sensa tion was so sweet. His cock wasn’t too big and I was sure I could take it if h e got my bum wet enough. But that wasn’t what was on his mind his tongue moved down to my pussy hole and he started probing there spreading my lips wetting my opening preparing me to be fucked. It was quite delicious and I wriggled my arse backwards against his face. Your pussy smells really sweet he breathed. Put your cock in it I ordered. Already? I’d like to play with your tits and ha ve you suck my cock a bit first. We can do that later but I just need to feel your cock inside me for a minute or two. You don’t need to fuck me for long. I heard him pull his zip down and then felt his cock against my arse. It was on ly semi-hard so he rubbed the head between my bum cheeks to excite it. He rubb ed it against my bum hole for a moment and I thought he might shove it up my a rse but it was only a tease because he lowered it and slid it smoothly into my cunt. Aah I sighed gratefully. Good? Yeah. Just hold it there. That’s difficu lt I’m desperate to fuck you. Be a big brave boy you can fuck me later. You’ve still got to play with my tits and have me suck your cock first remember? Now it’s in there I’d rather just fuck you. Do you recover quickly? What do you m ean? After you’ve spunked. If I suck you will you get hard again? Oh yeah no p roblem. Okay give me a quick fuck then we’ll start again. I didn’t need to ask him twice. He grabbed my hips and started banging me like a maniac. He forced my tits against the back of the couch made my arse wobble with his pounding a nd as I expected didn’t last long. He shot his cum into me with a loud roar of satisfaction. All in all he couldn’t have fucked me for more than two minutes . As his cock slipped out of me I jumped up and went off to the bathroom to gi ve myself a wipe and get some of his cum out of me. When I returned he was lyi ng back on the couch with a happy grin on his face. I glanced at the clock. It was okay I still had a good half an hour and Derek was obviously no marathon man. I usually managed to have an orgasm with the sheer excitement of quickies but Derek’s rapidity had left me at the starting post. I did a quick strip-te ase down to my underwear for him but let him remove my panties with his teeth. He pushed me back onto the sofa and got his face into my tits again while one hand sought out my fanny and started fingering me. That was good but got bett er when he kissed his way down my belly and got to my snatch where I had a fai r sprig of pubic hair on my mound as I only shaved round my pussy lips. Some m en had a distaste for licking a pussy after they’d spunked into it but it seem ed to cause Derek no distress as he set to work on my crack with his tongue. T o ramp it up he slipped a finger up my arse and that always set me off and I b ounced my crotch up at him and screamed as a healthy orgasm rocketed through m e. He seemed very pleased with himself at the reaction he’d drawn from me so I gave him a gentle slap before I descended to suck his cock. He was as quick a t recovery as he’d promised and sprang to attention again the minute he was in my mouth. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth again so I didn’t take long o n sucking him but pushed him out of my mouth and straddled him sliding him str aight into my wet hole. Once I had it in me I rocked gently on his cock grindi ng my clitty on him giving myself several little comes but not yet moving fast enough to get him off. I kept my weight on him refusing to let him buck up at me and fuck me at the pace he wanted. He’d already had his come and it was my turn now. Once I’d had enough I’d let him go at it again. His face went throu gh frustrated contortions but I was determined to have at least one really goo d one. Stick your finger up my arse again Derek I begged. He did as he was tol d but it wasn’t quite enough so I had to ask him to double up on the fingers. As the second one slid home I came like a maniac bouncing on his cock like a r odeo rider. This gave him the opportunity to start thrusting into me and I gue ssed that he wasn’t too far away from his second emission but I wanted him on top of me so I rolled off him pulling him along with me so that we ended up in the missionary position with my legs wrapped round Derek’s waist. This was ob viously to his liking too as he started hammering into my beautiful MILF pussy and soon filled it with his hot young cum for which I was very grateful. Afte r we dressed we still had ten minutes before the kids got home so I used the t ime usefully by briefing Derek on MILF fucking etiquette. Discretion must be y our watchword young man I said straightening his tie You do not go around tell ing all your friends that you are nailing a hot old slut. You do not acknowled ge me if you see me in the street especially if I am with my husband or childr en. You do not take photographs of me clothed or naked and put them on the int ernet. You are being accorded a rare pleasure in having access to my body so I expect you to respect it. Be a good boy and you can fuck me for as long as we enjoy each other. Be a bad boy and I shall make your life a misery. Do you un derstand me? Derek nodded. Don’t worry I appreciate what you’ve given me and I won’t fuck you up. Not that way you won’t I smiled. This is an extract from the book Diary of a MILF by Sally Hollister available on Amazon by clicking he re.

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