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My Kind of Fighting เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว My Kind of Fighting

9386They were fighting. They never fought. Not if Gavin could help it. He did n t like to fight. And he especially did not like to fight with his fiancé. Bu t her mother was in town. She loved to cut her daughter Kayla down. It was lik e a hobby for her. And it pissed Gavin off something fierce. Of course the pre ssure of having her mother around put Kayla on edge. It always did. That was w hy she was so upset that he d been late. He d been playing rugby with some of his mates sort of a thrown together league as it were and afterwards he d gone to a local bar to get drinks. It reminded him of being back in Ireland when h e and his mates would go to a pub after a rugby game. He d lost track of time and she had been waiting keeping her parents and his waiting. And fuming. And waiting some more. And when he walked in the door he knew he d be in a huge am ount of hot water. A whole pool of it. Gavin was never late so her anger would be displaced. She was actually mad at her mother and he knew that which was w hy his being late was all the more hazardous. He d been right that when he d w alked through the door they d started fighting. He d still had to shower and d ress for dinner and Kayla wanted to argue and throw a fit. Heated words flew a s he showered and dressed. She d yelled said she d cancel their engagement. He d thrown a fit at her taking her ring off. She d accused him of being insensi tive. She d said that he was blinded by her mother s charm because he didn t h aul off and yell at her when she insulted her own daughter. And now their argu ing was at that stage of irrationality that often ended in someone saying some thing they regretted. They were yelling at each other and making themselves ev en tardier than they d been before. He was still sitting on the bed tying his dress shoes in firm little angry knots. She d walked over to him standing at t he foot of the bed where he as sitting her hands on her hips. Grabbing her arm hard but not hard enough to hurt he pulled her too him standing up. Your mot her hasn t blinded me to anything. You know I hurt just as much as you do when she cuts you down. Damnit when she hurts you I want to punch her in the blood y face and you know it. So if you want to take your anger out on me for being late because she treats you like dirt go ahead. Kick my arse scream beat me up ...I don t bloody care... he said his teeth clenched his grip strong but his love for her never wavering. Kayla was shocked that he d grabbed her so forcef ully but it didn’t hurt. He d never hurt her and she knew that. But it still s hocked her that he put a hand on her while angry. That wasn t like him. And wh at made it even more odd was she wasn t scared. She was completely turned on. There was something about the fire in his eyes that seemed to spark her own de sire and instead of spiting words back into his face she grabbed his black hai r in her hands pushed him against the nearest wall and kissed him. Hard. It wa sn t what he expected but it was a welcomed reaction. His hands were all over her as he both pushed back and pulled her closer kissing her back just as hard just as angry just as greedily. He always took his life into his own hands so to speak because he knew of her past relationship and that would never EVER b e okay with him. But when she threw a tantrum whether or not it was warranted something happened to him and he felt he had to step up and turn her rage into something else...and sex always seemed to get her some how. She trapped his h ead between her arms fully aware that while she was tall almost six feet in he r stocking feet she was not strong and Gavin could easily over power her if he d wanted to. Instead of trying to overpower him she just kissed him harder dr opping her arms about his neck and threading her hands into the hair at the ba ck of his neck. Her tongue licked into his mouth roaming along the warm famili ar space. The feel of his tongue tangled with hers defused her anger giving he r frustration a different and in many ways better outlet. Sure she knew that t his would make them far later than they were already but she also knew that th is would make their dinner all the more enjoyable even with her mother s cuts and barbs. She knew to simply roll with this moment and let their anger mold i tself into pure passion. She only broke away from his kisses long enough to ch ange position and gasp for much needed air His hands wrapped around her tuggin g her dress and pulling her closer still. He was a lucky bastard that could so me how turn her on with his anger and he was not above using it to focus her a nger elsewhere. Fueling her desire he pulled her leg up around his hip pressin g his groin against her. Using the grip he had on her hips the skirt of her dr ess bunched up in his hands he turned them smashing her into the wall as his b ody crushed hers with bruising force. Kayla reached down and got the button to his slacks open jerking down his zipper and pushed down his freshly ironed dr ess slacks. She knew he hesitated to get rough with her because of her past bo yfriend who almost put her in the hospital but again she knew he d never take it too far and she knew that if she instigated he d oblige. Kissing him hard h er free hand came up cupping the back of his neck teasing his lips with the ti p of her tongue and nipping at them. Her high heel was digging into the carpet of their room and she stayed firmly pressed back against the wall and pressin g herself against his crotch slowly creating a much needed and desired frictio n. There was no real thought going on in her head she just was taking what she wanted. And Gavin let her take. His hand fisted in her hair as he pushed her harder against the wall grinding his cotton clad rock hard cock up against her hoping it would torment her further. He was not being gentle not in his kisse s or in his touches but he wasn t hurting her. Not any more than he would if t his weren t just a passionate night of rough sex that wasn t fueled by their b loody fighting. She grunted hard whimpering hard as she bit at his lips trying to get him to kiss her. Tilting her head back moaning as she felt his hard st ill covered cock press against her warm center. Breathing rapidly her breasts nearly popped out of the top of her already low cut dress. Running her nails d own his stomach under his shirt she rolled her hips up against his only to get slammed back into the wall. Turning her head she growled slightly against his ear licking and tugging on his earlobe and kept trying to pull him closer as she wrapped her leg tighter around his waist. This was the kind of fighting he liked. The struggle for dominance and the simple act of her silently ordering him to do things even when she didn t know she was relenting and begging him. He wasn t sure if she knew just how bloody sexy it was for her to be aggressi ve and submissive all in the same gesture. It was hot plain and simple. He gri pped her leg rubbing her skin roughly almost bruisingly hard but he d never hu rt her...not for the world. But he d fuck her within an inch of her life... Sh e spread her legs more and sank down against the wall. Her arms moved above he r head thrusting her hips against his. Kayla could feel him growing harder as he continued to grind back against her. Sliding her hands along his chest she was so tempted to rip his shirt open and just push him down on the floor and f uck him but the fact that he was being so much more aggressive and taking his anger out this way she was almost daring him to keep going. Her hands slid dow n over his ass. Panting hot against his lips. They had little time as they wer e SO late already and he was still so angry but so hot for her at the same tim e. With one hand he pushed his boxers down his throbbing hard cock springing f rom its cotton prison. He moved her panties aside not ripping them as he wishe d to do but just getting them out of the bloody way. And while he did without warning he thrust two fingers into her hoping like hell she was as wet as she needed to be. She thumped her head back and pushed his shirt up and ran her ha nds along his stomach and around his back jerking him closer. Taking in a soft quick breath when his digits found her tight center hot and wet for him. Clen ching her jaw she pushed his hand back and stroked the base of his cock whispe ring next to his ear. Jesus Christ just rip the fucking things off and fuck m e. She had a low husky and demanding tone. She was aware of the time constrai nt and she was getting more sexually frustrated from all the touching and teas ing. God just fuck me! she smacked his ass gripping it tightly. An evil almo st sadistic chuckle rumbled through his chest. I should just walk away and le t you go to dinner frustrated and needy he said against her neck as he bit at her hard and marked her. He wasn t going to rip them off like she begged. He was going to fuck her. But I want you and I m not going to deny myself your s weet hot pussy Kayla he rasped as he pushed her hand away and rammed his cock inside her with an almost bruising force. If looks could kill she was damn ne ar shooting daggers at him. Licking her lips before her jaw clenched shut. Yo u do that and I will make your night a fucking hell! she said with a low and rasp in her voice. Panting heavily as if she had just ran a marathon the fact that she wanted him to bad mixed in with the fact that he had yet given into h er was making her adrenaline rush through her. ...then fuck me.. slam your co ck in me she whispered against his ear licking his earlobe and gasped hard fe eling his throbbing erection thrust into her with all his anger and need. Fall ing back against the wall she gripped his firm biceps and thrusted back up aga inst him hard whimpering soft just giving it back to him as hard as he was giv ing it. There was no response he could give her that said more than him answer ing her downward thrust with a thrust that made her come off the floor with it s force and power. He groaned so low in his chest it felt like it had come fr om his toes as he fucked her. She was so hot her slick heat fueled by her ange r and desire for him. And it just made him fuck her harder. He tugged on her h air messing it up but good but unable to not tug and bring her mouth back to h is kissing her to shut her up partly and partly because his lips hungered for her. She gripped his shirt tightly her knuckles turning white as she pulled hi m closer. Whimpering hard she found his tongue dueling for control of the kiss finding it harder to keep from just giving into his actions. As hard as she w anted to fight and just come back at him push him down on the floor of their s uite and just ride him ‘til she worked every ounce of frustration out she just let his cock pound harder and faster. Cupping the back of his neck she pulled her lips from his attack his neck with her lips and teeth. Leaving marks that were probably unable to hide but she could careless he just felt so fucking g ood. Unable to speak he just fucked her getting out his anger his frustration his need out as he did so. Even when he was furious at her he wanted her loved her could not keep his hands off her or his cock out of her it seemed. She wo uld leave a mark as he left on her and hers was a bit more visible as her dres s did not hide it. But he didn t care. His dad would razz him as would his mum but it was all worth it to be inside her like this pounding her taking her ow ning her. Falling back against the wall Kayla s long leg wrapped around his wa ist pulling him closer. Running her hands up into his hair. Sucking rough and hard on his cologne tainted skin he tasted incredible and she could never get enough of him. Her slick and warm walls forcefully tightened around his pulsat ing shaft. With his thrusts almost forcing her up off both feet she groaned. T heir moans and growls mixed with the sounds of their skin smacking against eac h other s. Feeling her orgasm growing closer she tried to keep it at bay wanti ng him to cum just has hard with her. He was getting there the closer she got the closer he got; that familiar feeling of needed to explode in her starting to creep up from his toes making the thrusts harder and faster trying so hard to keep the control a little bit longer. Her walls clenching him the way they were told him she was close. He found his voice and spoke. Come Kayla...come hard he ordered his voice still commanding but raw with need. Trembling more so than she already was Kayla ran her nails along his back just under his shir t. Surely has they not been in the heat of passion the feel of her nails on hi s hot skin might sting but she couldn’t get him closer. Nipping at his scruffy jaw she grunted softly. No words were able to form in her brain or from her t hroat. Whimpering harder she thumped her head back pressing her shoulder again st the wall. His body pressing tightly against hers was all she needed to send her over. Her mood completely flipped as she was instantly filled with euphor ia as she came. Her walls so tight they threatened to push his cock from her t hrobbing heat but she pulled him closer so he could ride out his orgasm. Clenc hing. So tight it threatened to push him out of her he pushed back harder and deeper until her orgasm hit with such a force that it pulled his out of him ma king him come hard his vision going white as his eyes rolled back into his hea d and his last attempts at thrusts were erratic but forceful. In that moment h e was so vulnerable in her hands he was helpless as the feeling of exaltation swept over him making him forget anything and everything except how she made h im feel and the sheer ecstasy at coming inside her. She was weak against the w all thumping her head back letting out a soft sigh even though she was out of breath. Licking her lips she raked her fingers through his hair then leaned in kissing his lips soft and with such love and affection. Panting hot against h is lips she closed her eyes just loving that moment right after orgasm that mo ment when everything just feels so perfect and right. Dropping her leg from ar ound his waist then a small whimper escaped from her lips. Feeling him slip fr om her wet and warm center she pulled him close again just to keep kissing him . I love you she sighed and just pushed him back to the bed so neither of th em would fall flat on their faces. His legs were weak from exertion and once a gain he d gotten to the point where he d fucked her so hard that he was going to fall. Somehow she knew this and was able to push him slightly so that he la nded on the bed before falling to his knees. She did have perfect timing when it came to him and he knew it. So as he fell back he heard her whisper that sh e loved him. He pulled her down with him and said the same thing back to her. I love you my darling he said as he kissed her forehead. Lying on the bed sh e swallowed hard trying to regain her breath. She had forgotten that she was e ven pissed off at him or at her mother. Her mother... it came to her in that s econd. Oh shit! Gavin our parents! she pushed up and tugged on his hand. Co me on we re already really late! She wasn t getting angry or annoyed again af ter what just happened no way in hell could she be anything but satisfied Gavi n was mush. But when she mentioned their parents he sat bolt upright. Bloody fucking hell! he said as he stood almost falling back down. He sat up again b reathing hard trying not to laugh. I can hardly stand up he laughed looking at her himself half dressed his now flaccid cock leaning to the side. She laug hed looking over at him with a raised brow. What are we going to tell them? Let s just order doubles from the bar and we won t care my love!

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