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Room Service เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Room Service

8150Room service! I called loudly as I knocked on the door. I waited a minute balancing the tray in my left hand as I had now become so used to doing. I di dn’t hear anything from inside the room so after double checking the room numb er was correct I used my house key and opened the door a little before shoutin g Room Service! once more. I hesitated but did not hear anything so I cautious ly proceeded inside. Room 1512 was one of the hotel’s better suites one with a generous sized sitting room adjacent to the bedroom but still contained withi n one large area. The bathroom was cleverly concealed behind the bedroom so th at it also had a great view of the city. I placed the tray on the small round table in the middle of the sitting room and lifted the lid to confirm the cont ents. Six freshly shucked oysters with a piece of lemon. Exactly as ordered by Mrs Johnson. Also on the tray was a bottle of one of the hotel’s best champag nes an ice bucket and two glasses also as ordered. Mrs Johnson had apparently been very precise about the order and had insisted that I be the porter to bri ng it up. I can’t work out why because she didn’t seem to be here. I placed th e bottle in the ice bucket checked the tray was neatly placed looked around th e room turned and started to go out. Stop! was the command from somewhere behi nd me. I turned quickly thinking there was a drama. I saw standing in the fram e of the bathroom door a very attractive auburn haired woman who I would guess was in her late thirties. She somehow seemed familiar but I really didn’t try too hard to search my mind exactly where or when I had seen her before becaus e she was standing there in one of the hotel’s large fluffy white bath robes t he ones that everyone loves to souvenir. The robe was open down the front so t hat it continued down through her generous cleavage almost to her navel. Her b reasts were not exposed but the look she presented and the thought of what lay under was so sexy and a huge turn on I just stared. You’re early! she exclaim ed in the same commanding voice. You were supposed to bring it up precisely at 3 o’clock! I glanced at my watch; it was now 4 minutes before 3 which was my finish for the day. I had been on the floor since 6am and I was ready to go an d had football training starting at 5pm. I started to say something but she im mediately cut me off and said No do not speak unless I tell you to speak. I ju st stared at her again as I was lost for words. Her voice had a domineering to ne and I seemed to just react to every word she said. She went on I need you t o serve the food before you go so come over here and do as you’re told. Again it was an order and as though I had lost all control I just obeyed. Pick up th e table and bring it over to the bed right here she commanded pointing to a sp ot on the floor about a metre from the bed. Again I did as I was told and care fully placed the solid timber table complete with the plate and champagne righ t on the spot she indicated. I automatically turned to her again as I expected another command. Instead from somewhere behind her she produced a studded lea ther dog collar complete with a metre long leash and without warning put it ar ound my neck buckled it up and grabbed the leash. Now you must do as you’re to ld and you can’t leave until you finish everything I have for you to do! she s aid in a very threatening tone. Now take the lid off the oysters she demanded tugging on the lead so that it actually cut into my throat. She had it quite t ight but it still allowed me to breathe normally when she wasn’t pulling on it . I did as commanded and placed the lid under the table. She then reached acro ss and squeezed a little lemon onto two of the oysters. So she does do somethi ng herself I thought but she cut me off in mid track; Pick up an oyster with a fork and feed it to me she said indicating by poking out and wriggling her to ngue a little. I slid the small fork under the oyster which being pre-shucked came away from the shell easily and delivered it carefully to her mouth glidin g it onto the outstretched tongue. She pursed her lips and drawing her breath the oyster was simply sucked into her mouth with a small slurping sound. She h ad two chews and swallowed. Very good she said Very good. I’m not sure if the compliment was for me or the oyster. I now noticed that the bath robe had open ed up a little beneath the tie cord and a small dark furry triangle was occasi onally visible at the top of her smooth lovely shaped legs. It made me closely observe her again; my brain in semi neutral and I almost trembled at what I n ow thought was to come. But no I really couldn’t guess what was to come. Now y ou have an oyster she said in a more conciliatory tone but which still had tha t air of authority about it. She still had hold of the leash and I really didn ’t want her to pull on it again. I could overpower her but I was as complete a prisoner as someone behind bars; I was as trapped as a rabbit in a snare and I didn’t try; I had submitted. The tug came anyway she sensed my hesitation wh ile I nearly slipped into a dream and it brought me back to reality. NOW she d emanded. She released the leash enough for me to bend over and take the other oyster with the lemon. I took the shell and put it to my lips tilted it and su cked the oyster straight off the shell. Chew it she said Chew it right up. I d id as I was told and chewed; tasting the saltiness of the sea and a metallic y et creamy coating flooded my mouth as only oysters can do. Now pour some champ agne each she commanded again and I immediately did so the bubbles floating to the top of the glass before I let them settle down to top it up. Now drink sh e said allowing me enough slack to do so. I took a swig and was about to have more but she said Enough so I placed the glass back on the table. I need anoth er oyster she said as she again leant down and squeezed a little lemon on two more oysters her tits leaning temporarily out of her gaping robe as she did so . They did distract me briefly but this time I pre-empted her command by picki ng up one oyster as she finished. She was obviously pleased because she smiled a little first time since I came in and it seemed to change her whole appeara nce. She actually looked quite stunning when she smiled; she had an air of con fident elegance about her even though she was several years older than me and she currently held me in her power. She took the oyster I proffered her tongue and sucked it in again two more chews and a large swallow this time accentuat ing the swallow making sure I was looking. She then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the top of bathrobe apart so that a pair of gorgeous breasts confr onted me round and full still very firm and silky smooth. The nipples were a d ark shade of pink rather than brown and they appeared to be quite erect. She c upped her breasts in her hands touching the nipples briefly with her thumbs wa tching me intently as she did. I was very close to her I had to be as she had not let go the leash. She pushed the breasts together and said Now place an oy ster in there! she said. I gulped and reached out for the other oyster with th e lemon. I took the oyster off the shell and ever so carefully placed it in be tween what I could only call those great tits. She held them together and said very softly but just as firmly; Now eat! Well I never thought I would choke i n any given situation but I obviously hesitated too long as another pull on th e leash and another command to eat came very swiftly. I winced but came right in ever so close and ran my tongue between the cleavage and with an upward str oke and a slight suck I scooped the oyster into my mouth. Chew! she again comm anded. She carefully watched me chew and when I had finished she told me to li ck up the serving dish that the oyster was served on not giving me any latitud e to move. So I licked those tits I licked eagerly until every trace of the oy sters was gone even on both nipples that it never even touched. Then the same as before we both got to have some more champagne the bubbles completely refre shing my mouth and washing away the taste of the oysters. The ritual was then performed again; she reached over and squeezed a little lemon juice on the las t two remaining oysters. She told me pick one up then tugging at the leash bro ught me back close to the bed. She sidled onto the bed a little more by walkin g her backside along and then completely undid the tie around her bathrobe. Sh e slid herself out of the robe totally but left it spread under her on the bed . I looked at her naked before me a jewel in all its splendour. The neatly tri mmed pussy hair was darker than the hair on her head but was exactly the same tone so I guessed it was the natural colour. But she surprised me again when s he quickly used both hands to pull her pussy lips part exposing her private pa rts to me leaving nothing to the imagination. At this distance it was a sight to see and I had a close up view! She said Put it here indicating the top of h er pussy. She seemed to cup the pussy by closing the lower part of her wet lip s but keeping the top apart forming a small dish. I slid the oyster in pushing it a little and she allowed her pussy lips to close over it. Now eat she said once again allowing her hands to move away from that magical place. As amazin g and unbelievable as this was I dove right in no hesitation this time. The mo tion was similar to the tits my tongue seemed to dive in and scoop the oyster out of its hiding place this time mixed with loads of pussy juice. The flavour s actually complimented each other and the seafood was definitely a gourmet mi x. I licked the whole length and breadth of her pussy to make sure I got it al l but the flavour lingered on her juice making machine creating more and more as I went. I sensed two things one my manhood was busting out of my black unif orm pants and two she was convulsing with very stroke of my tongue. Her legs g ripped my head and she would not let go. The leash was still very firm and I c ouldn’t move my head away in any case. The convulsions continued until with on e almighty squeeze and a shudder she stopped. The oyster was long gone I don’t remember chewing it but I did do a lot of swallowing. Her legs and the leash relaxed as little as her hands came back down to her waist. Her head still lay back on the bed and she didn’t move for a couple of minutes. Then it seems al most imperceptibly she raised her head and looked at me with a devilish grin w hile raising herself up on to her elbows and said Now let’s see if you live up to your nickname ‘Schlong’! That threw me as it was a nickname only used by t he guys on the football team due to the size of my favourite part which on the slack was a good 2 or 3 inches bigger than anyone else in the club. I never d reamt that the name would get around outside the club and I wondered how this woman knew. It dawned on me suddenly she was the mother of the young guy who j oined this year; he still didn’t drive a car so she occasionally came to pick him up. Never saw a Mr. Johnson I don’t think there was one but she was obviou sly well to do the car was a good Merc. So ‘Squinny’ as we called him had told his mother about me and my nickname and she decided to see for herself. Elabo rate plan though as she had been here two days obviously checking me out. She tugged on the leash again and told me to stand up moving with me as I did so. She sat on the edge of the bed and told me to remove my shirt slowly. Now I’m a very fit 20 year old who looks after his body and take the footy training se riously (although I’ll be late today) so when my shirt came off she was suitab ly impressed with my ‘six-pack’. She just sat and looked for a moment and her eyes lingered on the bulge in my pants. She did nothing however and told me to slowly take off my pants; Slowly she reinforced. I did so but left my boxers on and the bulge was even more prominent as they offered little restraint to t he pressures created by my ‘schlong’. Again she did nothing but look me up and down with her eyes coming to rest on my bulge. Then she ran her hands around the top of my boxers snapping the elastic the tips of her fingers just ever so briefly touching my dick. She then leant back again slightly and said Slowly take them off please The use of the word ‘please’ threw me I think it was eith er a slip of the tongue or her whole demeanour was changing. She quickly reali sed what she had said however so pulling the leash strongly this time so it hu rt she said NOW! So I tucked my two thumbs into the top of my boxers and pulle d them down slowly making an adjustment as I went to ensure my manhood didn’t get snagged. Well it sprang out fully to attention eager for action. She gaspe d and said It is true no wonder they call you ‘Schlong’. Well being a young fe llow and being proud of my most important part I had taken the liberty of meas uring it in the past and at just a shade under 9 long and 7 around it seemed b etter than OK to me. She pulled me a little closer and with her other hand gen tly ran a finger along the length of my dick. I instinctively pulsed as she di d so and the movement did not go unnoticed for she just pulled away and studie d it again. Then she told me to pour some more champagne to which I immediatel y obliged her eyes it seemed never leaving my dick. When I gave her the champa gne she took a long swig much more than a sip swallowed and then took some mor e into her mouth. She then pulled me closer moved up to my ‘schlong’ and took me inside her mouth. She struggled at first to get it in but when she did it w as almost more than I could bare the cold champagne and the bubbles still in h er mouth reacting on the head of my dick. I almost pulled away as a reaction b ut she had me tightly reined in and it was an extremely pleasurable sensation. She didn’t remove her mouth but allowed the champagne to slip down her throat as she started to suck and lick the head of my engorged throbbing dick. I was now in heaven not only was I just eating the pussy of a house guest but the m other of one of my football teammates was sucking my dick and it was all the s ame very sexy woman. Losing some control I started thrusting into her mouth an d the size of it was making her gag. She seemed to be enjoying it but then urg ently she said Enough and lay back on the bed beckoning me to fuck her pussy. Enter her I did and as experienced a woman as she seemed and as a mother the s ize of my very thick and long dick surprised her. She was much tighter than I thought she’d be although I really had no idea what to expect. She seemed able to grip my shaft with her pussy and was able to increase and decrease the pre ssure simply with the muscles she controlled. She was very very wet and I was adding to the situation with my pre-cum seemingly not stopping at all. I manag ed to get the full length in and she seemed to pull me in closer with her arms having let go of the leash by now. I was getting very urgent and started thru sting violently and she gripped me tighter. I felt my build up coming inexorab ly mounting to an enormous precipice that I would willingly throw myself over. Mrs Johnson for I still did not know her first name was not going to let me c um by myself for she screamed Yes yes oh my g ..o ...d! as her own tumul tuous climax came to its fruition while I simply came and came and came rockin g my head right back as I did so. I kept thrusting and thrusting until there w as simply nothing left in me and juices both hers and mine were flowing freely out of her now dripping and very hot pussy. I sort of collapsed it seems I wa s spent and there was no strength in my legs for I rolled off her and tried to stand falling abruptly back on the bed. She gently tugged on the leash still around my neck pulled me closer and kissed me. That was the first and only kis s; everything else has been done by command with seemingly no affection. The k iss was a passionate kiss and she did not hold back but suddenly she pulled aw ay undid my collar and said You can leave now get dressed and go. I pulled on my boxers over a very wet and sticky dick and thighs then my shirt and lastly my pants tucking the shirt in as I went. I rubbed my neck which I’m sure had s ome difficult to explain marks on it and headed for the door turning to look b ack to say goodbye but she was already gone to the bathroom. I wondered if I w ould see her again or if she had any friends who may let the ‘Schlong’ ride ag ain!

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