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เรื่องเสียว Sister

6134 It was Saturday evening and I was home alone completing an assignment. I had chosen to do that instead of going out on the town with the guys because I also had to start work in the hotel at 6 in the morning. Mum and Dad had gon e away for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. Sally my eld er sister by two years was going out to party with her friends and left a half an hour ago to pick them up. Anyway Sally had only just moved back in home af ter almost a year away with her then boyfriend but after a mutual breakup came back home. Of course Mum welcomed her back with open arms as most parents wou ld even though they constantly said that they had ‘got rid’ of one only one mo re to go meaning me. Our home is one of those large two storey ones really too big for our family with four bedrooms upstairs two of them each sharing a bat hroom in between and a large suite style bedroom downstairs for Mum and Dad qu ite separate from the rest of the house. Although I loved the house I always w ondered why we had one so big because Mum always complained about the cleaning . We did have uncles aunts and associated cousins stay occasionally usually at Christmas but it was too big most of the time. Years ago Mum gave Sally and m e a bedroom that shared a bathroom with a sliding lockable door in between so that the other two bedrooms and bathroom were largely left untouched. When Sal ly moved back in a month ago she just moved into her regular bedroom and never thought to change not that Mum would have it anyway. This Saturday I had play ed football in the afternoon my first start in the run-on the senior side a fe at that I was feeling really good about and at 20 years old was pretty comfort able with my progress. The game went well but it didn’t look like we would hav e too many more games this season as we were unlikely to make the finals in tw o weeks time. Sitting in front of my computer I had just finished having a qui ck look at my favourite fantasy site but decided to keep going with the assign ment when I heard Sally shout out from the top of the stairs Paul are you ther e we’ve brought some pizza home do you want to come down and get some. I was s urprised as I didn’t think she was coming back but with the thought of pizza a nd not having to get my own dinner I got out of my chair pulled some shorts ov er my jocks I had been sitting in shouted out and went downstairs. The stairs come out onto a foyer near the entrance and the dining room was off the side b ack around underneath the top of the stairs. I went through the door expecting to see Sally and her friends there but no go so I looked in the kitchen again to no avail. I was about to shout out Sally’s name when I caught some laughin g from the lounge (Mum would not be pleased) on the other side of the kitchen. I went through and came into this very large room that normally did not get a lot of use and it had a polished timber floor and a huge woolly rug in the mi ddle. Sitting on the rug was a solid timber coffee table upon which sat two la rge pizzas open in the box with four pieces missing two from each one. There w ere four girls all standing around with mixer drinks in their hands you know t he screw top bottle type sweet and high in alcohol that you just tip to your l ips and swig. There was Sally Sandy her ‘best’ friend from school days and two girls I had not met before. They looked around and Sally introduced me first to Cassie a tall thick set blonde with generous tits seemingly pushing out her stretch top so that they bulged over the top and pushed out of her bra on the sides. She had a very short skirt on and it seemed quite similar to the top w as a little too small not that I minded. Then she introduced me to Dena a slim redhead conservatively dressed but with a full head of flaming red hair soft and shiny but flowing outwards so that her cute face seemed small in compariso n. She had pale skin but there was not a hint of a freckle as far as I could s ee just smooth white skin. I don’t believe she had a bra on however and maybe she didn’t need one as her small pert tips were just pushing out the front of her quite loose white top so that the was no shape to them just the points on her blouse. I turned to pick up a slice of pizza Italian style my favourite wh en Sally said cheekily You know Sandy Paul don’t you? I grabbed the pizza to t hen look at Sandy who of course I had known as my sister’s friend for most of my life and nearly gagged. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years but this wa s not the Sandy I knew. I glanced around again and then back to Sandy these gi rls including my big sister were dressed to kill. Some guys were going to get laid tonight! Sandy has a good body she looks after herself but tonight she ha d on a brief halter top made from a silken material that came over her beautif ully shaped tits so nice I would call them ‘breasts’ instead. They were not th e largest ever were probably a good C cup but sat high perfectly balanced and firm and her skin was silky smooth. The top was drawn over her breasts so that the nipples were only just covered the deep green material keeping them balan ced and somehow in place but the flattened shape of the nipples quite evident through the material. She was also wearing a pair of the hottest black shorts I had ever seen. They shaped completely to her backside pulling in towards her anus but then flared so that there was quite a comfortable gap around her thi ghs about at crotch level. The general shape of her pussy was quite discernabl e without being too realistic so that a little was left to the imagination. He r beautifully taught and tanned legs just shot out the bottom of those shorts and seemed to go on forever. She was hot. I chewed on the pizza and I looked a gain at my sister. I have seen her dressed up many times but tonight she was d ressed up more cheaply than I had known her to dress but that was probably onl y an apparition as I am her brother and although I have thought about her sexu ally in the past never actually thought about her going out for a fuck. Sally was as suitably endowed in the ‘tit’ department as me the Schlong was in the ‘ dick’ department. I knew that she wore a ‘EE’ bra because I had looked in the washing basket before and draped one of her used bras over my head smelling th e woman essence. That was a few years back and hadn’t done it for a while. Ton ight she wore such a bra that pushed her tits right up and gave them enormous lift and support that they just bobbled on the top like jelly when she moved. Her ‘U’ shaped top came around across her tits so the top of the bra just show ed over the edge of the top. She also had on one of those bead type necklaces sitting quite high on her neck and a very short skirt not as short as Cassie’s but short enough. I squatted on the mat right alongside the table with the pi zza and opposite to where the visiting girls now sat three on the red leather sofa and Sally slightly off to the side on a single seater. I was on my second piece this time a seafood pizza when I asked the girls why they bought so muc h pizza because they usually only have one slice each anyway. There were all s orts of stupid reasons but really they said that they knew I was home alone an d they needed to feed me. Most of their talk did not involve me at all and was just small talk for girls. They almost seemed to even forget I was there at t imes and I was surprised how much they talked about guys and sex and even the size of their members. Dena did not say a lot but sat there taking it all in a lmost embarrassed at times by the free and open talk of sex by the other girls . I had just finished my fourth slice of pizza the girls had not gone past one but had opened at least their third drink each I think Cassie was on her four th. They offered me one but I declined as I had work to do and didn’t want to fall asleep too early. The sexual conversation kept on a for a few more minute s and I was pretending to not take notice when I glanced at Cassie to see her legs slightly apart and a fair bushy region was visible at the top of her legs . She was not wearing knickers either! Fuck I thought to myself not listening to anything now these girls are really out to play. I wasn’t concentrating or listening closely. How about it? Sally said in an enquiring and mischievous to ne. It didn’t register with me so she said again louder and more insistent Pau l how about it? What? I said How about what? Show us the size of your ‘schlong ’ she said the other girls want to see if it’s true. S..ssee if what’s true I stammered now knowing that my prowess had gotten well outside the footy club a nd into the general neighbourhood although I should have expected it as Sally had dated a couple of the footballers. I she stressed and went on slowly Sandy Cass and Dena all want to see the size of the legendry ‘schlong’. I looked at them all now eagerly waiting to see what I would do. I had to think quickly a nd not let my guard down. Of course I would like pull my dick out in front of lovely sexy ladies but in front of my sister? She must have then sensed that l ittle hesitation or maybe she could read my thoughts for Sally said Don’t worr y about me Paul I have seen it before; in fact I’ve watched you jerk off in fr ont of your computer getting spunk all over the screen but the other girls rea lly want to see your huge prick. Fuck again! I thought now she’s been spying o n me through the conjoining door; is there no privacy anymore? But the thought of Sally watching me turned me on so I said OK and stood up in front of them. I had an old T-shirt on and the elastic sided sports shorts I pulled on the c ome down stairs. I removed just the shirt first then the outer shorts and look ed at them all again. Sally may have seen it before but she was eagerly leanin g forward in her seat and looking at the front of my jocks as much as any of t he other girls. Cassie had her hand on her thigh with her thumb I think finger ing her bare pussy but she did not think it was visible. I put my thumbs insid e the elastic of my jocks and watching them intently I slowly lowered them. De na let out a small gasp as the top of my jocks reached the head of my still sl ack dick nearly 6 below the base just an inch left. I hesitated and Cassie jib ed come on show us the lot! So down they went right to the floor and I was sta nding there fully exposed and for some reason even thought I was highly turned on by this exhibitionism with no erection. There were several small remarks b ut big in stature. Cassie ever the bold one then got up off the lounge and cam e across for a closer look. I didn’t flinch but when she reached out and grabb ed my soft cock I pulled back a little but she gripped a little harder and sai d to the other girls Look I can’t even get my hand right around it; it’s massi ve! Well with that I could feel the familiar stirring in my loins the familiar pulse right along the length of my dick and the surge of blood now flowing fr eely into my dick. Cassie felt this and turned towards me and immediately took me into her mouth; she wanted to get it in before I was fully hard so she cou ld feel my member enlarging inside her mouth. She started moving her hand ligh tly up and down my cock and Sally and Sandy came right over for a closer look. Let me feel Sandy said but it was Sally’s hand that replaced Cassie’s on my d ick. Yes my sister had hold of my dick while it was in another girl’s mouth! I found it had to believe what quick turns life does. Sally was rubbing up and down my shaft for it was only the head of my dick in Cassie’s mouth; my arousa l was complete and the other two missing inches had now been found. I looked a t Sandy who was now undoing the halter neck tie at the back of her neck lettin g it and her wonderful breasts fall free. She cupped her hands underneath them and squeezed them together touching her nipples as she did so ensuring I was watching the whole time. I didn’t protest as she also slid out of those very h ot shorts taking her knickers with her simultaneously so she was stark naked i n front of me. I had always wondered what she would look like naked and had of ten fantasised about it but could not imagine her as beautiful as she was now in front of me. Sandy then moved in and removed Cassie’s mouth from my cock Sa lly also removing her hand at the same time. Sandy went down on her knees in f ront of me; placed my dick between her tits and put pressure on it which then started to slowly thrust itself between them. Sally and Cassie were by now als o taking their clothes off but the lovely and it seemed quite shy Dena was jus t sitting on the sofa watching and sipping on her drink quite mesmerized by th e whole scene in front of her. Sally came around behind me and Sandy slowly pu shed me backwards with Sally taking the bulk of the weight from behind. I twis ted my legs around so I could sit my backside squarely on the rug but Sandy ju st kept pushing me backwards until I was lying flat on my back on the floor. S ally then moved forward over my face dropping her pussy onto it with a rocking motion loving the fact that she was doing so over her brother’s face. I felt one of the girls sit over my very erect manhood and lower herself onto it. It was a very tight fit and getting a glimpse sideways I saw Cassie kneeling near me so I assumed it was Sandy now grinding herself on my dick. The head was ex tremely tight and she moaned as it went in Cassie getting very excited by the prospect of what was to come. Sally my very own sister said Don’t use it all S andy save some for others! Sally pushed herself onto my face so that my tongue could explore the innermost parts that I could reach. I tweaked her clitty an d explored the whole pussy region even licking her cute arsehole to which she gave a shudder. I felt Sandy get off my prick and quickly Cassie moved on. She was much heavier than Sandy and she seemed to fit me much more easily. She mo ved up and down and used the full length of my shaft enjoying the head coming in and out of her vaginal opening but it was the length she liked most. Sally was building up to a climax on my face but suddenly she stopped and got off al lowing a very juicy Sandy to sit on me. I was disappointed wanting my sister t o come on my face. Cassie was having a really good time on my shaft and her mo vements became much more insistent until she shouted out so loud I thought the neighbours would hear I’m cumming’ I’m cumming oh fuuuuuck! she yelped. Sandy just pushed herself harder onto my face which seemed to temporarily quell my need to cum together with Cassie. Cass now relaxing slid off me someone else g ot on and I heard Sally say with a laugh At last! She must have wanted my dick for a long time probably since watching me wank off. She didn’t seem to have any problem with fucking me and although I was initially uncomfortable I didn’ t have time to dwell on it as the brain in my dick just took over. Sandy was n ow getting very violent on my face as my tongue explored her inner and outer r egions. I had latched onto her clitty for a while but now just tweaked the hoo d back and forth with my tongue occasionally letting it lick her whole pussy f rom end to end. She pushed down harder trying to get more of me but suddenly s he just stopped and gave an almighty quiver that shook her right through her b ody a grunt escaped her closed lips and she pushed down so hard I just couldn’ t move my face at all and had real trouble breathing. She just lay there for a short time after that moment while Sally very slowly gyrated on my cock just enjoying the sensation. She had latched on to me full depth I never thought it possible of many chicks but of my sister I had no idea. Sandy moved off my fa ce which was a slight relief but then I opened my eyes to see a small red bush slowly descending over my eyes. The skin around this pubic bush was so white and smooth and the legs were thin but not bony or stark in anyway. I could see up to her small tits stiffly jutting out from her chest very pink nipples not prominently finding a distinction from the areola and blending into one. I wa s immediately excited by this more so than any of the other girls sucking or f ucking me because this was Dena and she just didn’t seem to fit in with the ac tivities. I didn’t think she was going to join us but she must have just got s ooo hot sitting there and had to join in somewhere. She very cautiously lowere d herself onto me and the other girls simply watched not saying or doing anyth ing except Sally still rocking on my dick who smiled and nodded to her in enco uragement. I stuck my tongue out in anticipation but on the first touch she ra ised herself quickly just out of reach again. It did not seem evident she had done this before but once again she slowly lowered herself onto my face this t ime allowing herself to enjoy the feeling of the touch of my tongue. I was ver y gentle and simply licked the outer labia and all through her pubic hairs. Sh e seemed to relax and enjoyed the sensation while Sally I noticed was just enj oying the feeling of my dick right at the very depths of her vagina enjoying t he resistance her pussy gave to the end of my prick. She was being very slow a nd careful and didn’t really seem to be fucking me; she was fucking herself on my dick. Then I felt it she tightened and pushed down on me I don’t think she wanted to but it was entirely involuntary and she stiffened her whole body wh ile trying to appear relaxed but the gush of fluid and warmth around the base of my cock and into my pubes was a total give away. The woman I had known as m y sister all my life had cum on my dick. She lay there also for a while still just enjoying the sensation and I concentrated on Dena again. I started gently exploring with my tongue just on the inner lips and was hardly conscious of S ally getting off my prick and someone else Sandy it seems getting back on. San dy’s pussy was tighter than it seemed before but it was much wetter so there w as compensation and the almost plop plop as the head of my shaft went in and o ut of her pussy as she enveloped me each time was hugely pleasurable obviously to both of us. As my tongue explored Dena’s pussy more and more she become mo re confident and started to move a little getting position on my face to incre ase her pleasure. She didn’t flinch a muscle when I took my tongue right aroun d to her arse and licked it several times pushing it in a little each time but slightly tasting only baby powder and soap. I again concentrated on her pussy pushing my tongue right into her vagina now as Sandy was moving more quickly just on the head of my cock. As my tongue explored I felt a resistance a very tight vagina with not a full opening. I’m not sure whether my tongue was not l ong enough but I just couldn’t get it in as far as the other girls I think I h ad a virgin sitting on my face. Sandy started to come again and pushed down on my cock to again feel the length. Sally laughed Cassie said fuck again and ag ain and my little jewel Dena was breathing so heavy and was losing her cool on my very wet face and neck. I still didn’t come however I’m not sure why I was totally enjoying the whole thing Dena and the girls excited me no end but I d idn’t come unusual for me for I am usually not such a stayer. Dena finished he r mighty orgasm on my face and couldn’t quite understand why she had held me s o tight with her legs as she did so seemingly drawing me right into her pussy and appeared quite embarrassed by it rolling off giving me one last look at th at pussy surrounded by bright red curls as she did. Well there I was no longer any girl on me so I stood up with my erect Schlong standing straight out and bobbing as I did so. But they had not finished with me yet. Sally said bellige rently Well you’ve done it before you can do it again! What’s that? I responde d not sure what she had in mind. You can wank off in front of us and I’ll star t by sucking you again; was the reply as she reached out and grabbed my dick a nd put straight into her mouth. Cassie saw this and gave a little squeal but m oved under my dick and while Sally sucked the head she licked all the girls’ c um off my shaft and groin. This was already getting too much for me as Sandy l atched onto one of my nipples and ran her tongue firmly over and over it rocki ng it back and forth very quickly. Dena did nothing but watch again but she wa s one of the girls on their knees now in a little semicircle in front of me. I looked at her pert cute pink tits again on that pure white skin and felt the blood start to run inside me. This was going to be the moment and I think the girls somehow sensed that I was rapidly building up towards it. They sat back a little leaving me to grab my shaft and start pumping. Sally left my dick qui te wet with saliva and I was also leaking from the tip. My urgency became grea ter and greater until my legs bent at the knees my back arched and I felt the loads of cum starting to push to pump through the base of my shaft and to work forward towards the exit at the very tip. The girls eagerly moved closer and then with an almighty rush a single but large glob of cum erupted from my dick hit Sally on my right across her top lip and nose but continued across to sla p Cassie right in the eye. This was not it of course and with the girls squeal ing like school girls my main load and two other super spurts just gushed forw ard getting Sandy across her lips and chin more on Cassie’s cheek and tits whi le Dena this time in the action received splatter all over her face. I just co ntinued to pump it out and the girls tasted the fresh cum my cum some using th eir tongues to reach it and Cassie just wiping off her face and tits with two fingers and licking them all over pushing it into her mouth as much as she cou ld. Then the big surprise Dena simply leant forward took my now shrinking dick with her hand put it in her mouth and licked and sucked it dry. I took anothe r look at the now seemingly exhausted girls all wet and sticky with their face s and tits clearly still streaked by my cum leant down grabbed my clothes and a slab of by now cold pizza and went back to my bedroom. I had an assignment t o finish. But I couldn’t get Dena off my mind.

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