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เรื่องเสียว Best Piece in the World - A Story of Lost Virginity

5108Lisalotte Bolte is probably one of the hottest women in bed to be found a nywhere in the world. I’m pretty sure that she’s unaware of that fact and that she’d probably deny it if told so. Those few men who have known her intimatel y have been indeed fortunate and would agree with my observations.I grew up in the same neighborhood as Lisalotte or Lottie as she was generally known and h ave been aware of her existence as far back as I can remember. In those early years we were not friends; rather distant acquaintances. That relationship per sisted well into our high school years.As Lottie was growing up so was I - int o a hopelessly inept social misfit. I lacked confidence I lacked the social gr aces and I was painfully shy. My early attempts at establishing social relatio nships had been failures and I found solace in my school activities and my gra des. Even as my hormones screamed for release my efforts to even talk to a gir l were thwarted by my shyness.Lottie was not particularly beautiful - not in t he sense that she was flashy or hot to look at and her picture would never gra ce the cover of a fashion magazine.At five feet ten inches tall she weighed a round 130 pounds. Her torso was lean long and straight and her breasts were me re ripples on her chest. On the other hand her long legs were nearly perfectly formed. Her long blond hair had a luster about it that spoke of frequent brus hing and she carried it in a ponytail. Her Prussian features highlighted her p retty face and blue eyes. Few noticed!Lottie was a second generation German wh ose parents emigrated from that part of Germany that’s west of the Oder/Nesser line and fell to Poland at the end of World War II They had left first to Wes t German; then to the United States where they had worked hard to build a dece nt life for themselves. Lottie grew up in their old world culture that was oft en at odds with the high school culture where she found her social life.In hig h school she had no close friends and concentrated on her studies. Hard workin g ambitious and encouraged by her parents she excelled. She also learned other traits from her parents - personal responsibility caring sensitivity to other s and a host of other moral and ethical traits. Most importantly she developed confidence.It was during our Junior year of high school that I was the vice p resident of the school’s service club and as a part of the duties of my office was to go to a weekend lockin at a neighboring high school. There the officer s of our club along with the officers from several other clubs would be subjec ted to a concentrated leadership training program while locked up in the schoo l.It was Friday night when our club faculty advisor divided us into pairs for some of our work and I was assigned to partner with Lottie. At first it was di fficult for me as I struggled to overcome my shyness and talk to her; then she seemed so open and relaxed that talk came easy. We became friends.During the coming weeks we dated and on our second date I moved to kiss her on the lips . . .or most likely it was her that moved to kiss me on the lips. That was my f irst kiss and as awkward as it was I enjoyed it.On our third date we spent som e time in my car parked on a darkened parking lot improving our kissing. In fa ct we became quite good at it. Even at that early stage of our relationship Lo ttie seemed to have a natural instinct for just the right moves. Then I tried my clumsy pawing and grabbing for her breasts and whatever else I could attain in the hope I might somehow seduce her. After my first attempt Lottie pushed me away firmly and set the rule. . .nothing below the shoulders.Then on future dates I contented myself with nothing below the shoulders although I often ma de a perfunctory gesture to grab or fondle. Each time she pushed me away with a reminder of her rule.Months passed and Lottie’s and my friendship deepened a nd became more intimate. I soon found that she was smarter than me more sensit ive to others than me and even some of her confidence she shared with me.Even as I observed the ‘nothing below the shoulders’ rule I lusted after Lottie. I burned with passion for her and spent many sleepless nights making dream love to her. My frustration sometimes drove me to near distraction; yet I observed the rule. I was young and inexperienced.Then as spring approached Lottie expla ined that her parents were going to be out of town on the weekend of the 26th and she wanted to cook dinner for me. Sounded like fun and I agreed to be ther e Friday on Friday night the 26th at six o’clock. I gave this date little thou ght as it would be like all others. . .It was when I arrived at her door promp tly at six o’clock on Friday the 26th that I received the shock of my life. St unned I stated at Lottie standing in the doorway in her red mini-dress black h ose 4 heels and looking like I’d never seen her before.I couldn’t take my eye s off her. . . I adored her! This was the same Lottie of sloppy jeans and long loose fitting dresses that stood before me looking like a fashion model. For a second I admired her long perfectly formed legs . . . she was hot!Then I ste pped inside the house and Lottie and I exchanged a perfunctory kiss on the lip s. That kiss was different some how!I was directed into the kitchen while she prepared the rest of dinner. There at a table set for two with linen table clo ths fine china and crystal I waited for dinner. As I waited I watched Lottie a t work and her dress as it moved up and down when she reached for things in th e cupboard. Suddenly I was aroused. My cock grew to it’s maximum extension and I was faced with hiding my situation as I continued to conform to her ‘above the shoulders’ rule.She had prepared an excellent dinner but I ate little; the n it was time to clean up the kitchen. I tried to assist her as I moved and co ntorted to hide my swelled man-meat from her view. Even under my boxers and tr ousers the bulge was evident and several times her hands inadvertently brushed my trousers. She gave no indication that she’d noticed.Then with the dishes c leared we adjourned to the family room where we sat on the familiar couch. Lot tie and I had played on this couch several times before so I felt more relaxed when I reached for her breast in my perfunctory attempt at seduction.As my ha nd landed on the red dress to cover her small tit I waited for the usual restr aint - I waited a second then two! And after several more it was obvious that the below the shoulder rule had been amended. I looked into her eyes and the i ntensity of her passion brought a fear of the uncertaintyI slowly began to mas sage the breast over her clothing and still no resistance from Lottie. Embolde n by the situation I slipped my hand into the cleavage of the red dress and on to her bra which brought a murmur of approval. . . As a young virgin I was cl early advancing into the unknown.For the next half hour more or less I was eng aged in getting ghe red dress off over her head and her garter belt removed as I slowly removed her bra and panties exposing her breasts and abdomen. With e ach fresh move I looked to Lottie for approval and soon found her guidance and direction invaluable. She seemed so confident!To describe each new sensation and each nuance that I felt as I learned about a man and a woman for the first time would be both tiresome and inadequate. Perhaps when my lips suckled her breasts for the first time is worth mentioning or when my fingers found her cl it and brought a reaction for the first time but they were only two of thousan ds of new feelings that I felt that night for the first time.It was near midni ght when we had explored every aspect of play between a man and a woman short of intercourse. Then as we lay resting Lottie spoke I’ve wanted this for a lon g time. Now it’s happening.Why the rule about nothing below the shoulders for all this time?I wanted everything to be just right when we did it. Not in the back seat of a car somewhere.You might have told me.Would you have understood? I suppose not. . . but now I’m glad we waited.Then Lottie moved on the bed and positioned her butt over a large towel and our eyes met. It was time. Her eye s burned with passion and I understood.They tell me this hurts the first time. Don’t hurt me any more than you have to. . . Please! Do me now!Is this your f irst time? You seem so knowledgeable!I’ve waited and planned for a long time. Now do it!I was not reluctant or hesitant as Lottie may have suspicioned but; rather inexperienced. I had known since childhood that my cock was supposed to go in her hole but there was so much more to be considered. . . Her feelings? Her pleasure?When I moved over her it was with several concerns and fears tha t only experience could quell. First there was the question of Lottie’s comfor t. I weighed nearly 200 pounds and could I put all that weight on her? Then th ere was the problem of actually finding her vagina and inserting my penis. Who se duty was it to make the adjustments necessary to make the connection? I wan ted to kiss her on the lips; was it appropriate?Yes I was a very confused conc erned and frustrated young man.As I moved into position Lottie seemed to under stand. I felt her moving too. We were working together. I wanted to kiss her o n the lips and she moved to accommodate me. I learned to support myself with m y arms thus taking the weight off her. Then I moved to insert my cock into her and found I’d missed her opening. I tried again and on a subsequent try it ha ppened.With my growing frustration at not getting my cock into her came stress and with stress more frustration. I began to lose my control. I was approachi ng the crisis level.Then suddenly I felt the crown of my dick slip into her or ifice. It was the warmest velvety smooth wonderful sensation I’d ever known. T he frustration was gone. I was in her - only a fraction of an inch!I looked in to her eyes and Lottie was ready as she said Push it in.I pushed and met a mom entary resistance from her hymen before moving deeper into her depths. As my c ock moved I saw her steel herself against the pain that she anticipated; then slowly relax as I felt my tool move past the obstruction and deeper into her d epths. Obviously the pain was not as severe as she had anticipated and I was r elieved as I felt my cock fully embedded in her.As I looked into her face I sa w a broad smile. You did it. You’ve made me a woman. she said. It was a great time as we lay together all our concerns and frustrations abated and the pleas ures of a man and a woman together in a perfect union were upon us. Lottie was never more beautiful.To say that first time was a wild uninhibited sexual adv enture would be untrue. Rather it was an awkward time of experimenting togethe r and learning. Lottie seemed to have an instinct about these matters and we l earned quickly. Then it was over as I poured my seed into her belly.For the fi rst time she and I reveled in the afterglow. It was one of those unanticipated pleasures that we found and enjoyed.In the months that followed Lottie and I found time to be alone together often. We fucked often and with each time our technique improved to the point that we were very very good! We took advantage of every opportunity when our parents were away from the house and Lottie see med to be a wellspring of ways to inspire me to new heights of passion.Then af ter a summer of passion Lottie went to work as a waitress in a nice restaurant and I went off the Navy Academy. At first we communicated often and our feeli ngs for each other ran high. A year passed then two and we grew apart.On gradu ation from the academy I returned to the old home town for a brief leave and w as told that Lottie was married and living in the next town- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -That story happened twenty six years ago.I went on to a succ essful career in the navy and met and bedded a number of women during those ye ars. One disastrous marriage lasted barely two years before my wife deserted m e for a civilian while I was at sea.Then it was time to retire. I had served m y country well and was awarded a very comfortable retirement and approaching f ifty I found myself alone and at a loss for what to do with the rest of my lif e. It was then that the post card arrived advising me of my old high school’s reunion.I thought about it. There was no one except Lottie that I particularly wanted to see or renew old ties with and the last I’d heard she was married a nd living in another town. Still it was the town where I’d grown up and though my parents had moved away many years before I still felt ties.As I wheeled my big Mercedes into the main street of my old home town it all seemed different . On the way into town I’d passed the Costco and Wal-mart stores and supermark ets where cattle had grazed when I was a kid. Downtown seemed shabby and the s tores had changed.The motel where I had reservations was also new and big and comfortable. I moved in and unpacked my bags; then lay back and ordered a doub le gin and tonic to begin my visit. I lay back on the big bed and napped.It wa s late afternoon when I decided to seek food. Since there was no hurry I decid ed to tour the town a bit - to look for some of my old roots. I found the old house where I grew up no longer comfortable and cozy looking but rather seedy and in need of repair. The plants and shrubs were gone too and the lawn looked unmowed.Depressed by the sight of my old house I drove on. Then I say it ‘Lot tie’s fine Dining! A restaurant with Lottie’s name on it. I wondered Could it be the same woman? I stopped and drove into the parking lot where I parked the Mercedes and entered the restaurant. Then seated at a table I inquired of the waiter if the Lottie on the sign was indeed Lottie Bolte. He agreed that it w as the same woman.The waiter agreed that Lottie’s did indeed belong to Lottie Bolte. Then on my inquiry as to how to find her he became vague. When I asked if she was married he responded that he didn’t know.Did she come to the restau rant regularly?Not often in the evening any more.Had he seen her recently?Didn ’t remember exactly.Finally I ate my excellent steak and returned to my motel room. I cursed myself for ever allowing three full days to explore before the reunion. I’d seen all of this town that I cared to see. . .It was late afterno on the next day as I was packing my bags for an early morning departure that t here came a knock at my door. Not giving it much thought I opened the door.The re facing me was Lottie; still trim and fit with streaks of gray in her hair a nd lines and wrinkles in her face. Still it was Lottie. . .same confident smil e and same sexy appeal that I’d known so long ago.I motioned her to come in. H ow are you Lottie? Tell me about the last thirty years!There’s a lot to tell. How about yourself. Are you married?‘No tried it once and didn’t like it. Wron g woman I guess.No significant other?None! How about yourself Lottie?Nope! Non e!Wanta’ try to make it again with me?Thought you’d never ask! Can we eat firs t?Why don’t we just hang out for a while and get reacquainted. . . have a nice drive while I show you around town and a nice dinner!So we went to the Merced es and I drove as Lottie showed me the sights. As we drove up Main Street Lott ie pointed out The Ale House and said simply That’s my micro-brewery. Two bloc ks further on we passed Flannigan’s Irish Pub and Lottie casually mentioned th at it was also hers. Then I purposely drove past Lotties’s Restaurant and wait ed for her comment.As we passed Lottie had read my mind You think I’m bragging don’t you? I guess I am!I’m glad for your success Lottie I said.There’s one m ore place that I own. You know that motel where you’re staying? Well it’s mine too. I have a three room apartment down on the first floor. She said.As we to ured it was not the sights of the town that interested me. . .or Lottie’s smal l empire which she had accumulated; rather it was Lottie herself. In an hour o r two I would have her. . .possess her and be possessed by her! My hard cock f elt good under my boxers.Then as we toured our talk became more intimate and w e talked about our lives and our needs and desires. Lottie was very much alone and reported that she feared that her confidence and business success put men off. . . good men anyway!I wanted to touch her. . . to feel her flesh! Severa l times I reached out to touch her arms as I drove!Suddenly Lottie spoke Take us back to my apartment where I can have my way with you before dinner.Back at her apartment it was as though nearly 30 years had passed as yesterday and we were together. To say that we were good together would be an understatement a s we enjoyed the totally free environment i.e. no parents or family restrictio ns no fear of making a baby and lots of privacy!As we’d entered her door cloth es began to fall. Her eyes spoke of a need similar to my own and we fell to to uching caressing fondling etc. even as we continued to remove our clothes. The re was an urgency in us. . . one that demanded immediate action and one that c ould not be abated or denied!With the last of our clothes on the floor I took Lottie in my arms and carried her to the big bed in her bedroom where she move d quickly to the center and spread he legs widely to invite me over her. I mov ed into position.Then as we kissed and I positioned my cock for an immediate e ntry she spoke It’s been a lot of years since I’ve done it. . .I may be a litt le rusty.As I felt my hard gristle slide into her warm wet velvety smooth vagi naI knew the only thing she’d lost was a minuscule amount of confidence. Then as I felt my cock against her cervix I stopped and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and here eyes spoke of a passion I’d known many years ago.You wer e my first and best you know? she spokeI know you were mine too.How did we eve r let it get away from usI guess we were young and foolishSuddenly I felt the need to move. . . to start the coital motion that would be the source of even greater pleasure. I moved and felt her respond beneath me. It was quickly appa rent that age had given us another advantage as our bodies reacted much more s lowly to the stimulation that brought on our conclusion.We played and talked a nd encouraged each other as we continued our coitus. There was no rush to a co nclusion and the urgency we’d felt earlier had abated. The intimacy that soon developed was the best ever. . .Still the biological demands of our bodies per sisted and the exquisite pleasures we were experiencing had to end and they di d . . . in a series if spurts of semen into her belly. Only with Lottie would it ever feel as good as it did just then. . .Dinner was late that night.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Now two years later Lottie and I are together in a close relationship. Out financial affairs preclude marriage but we are f ully committed to each other.We live on our own island off the coast of Florid a. . . a half a square mile of absolute privacy with two dozen palm trees many berry bushes our own beach and a fully modern house! We stay busy fishing cla m digging berry picking swimming and just caring for our island. Mostly we awa ken early make passionate love and arise late to have a leisurely breakfast an d do our things. Sometimes across the island from the house in a small gazebo we do it there in the afternoon too.Live Jasmin Adult Sex Cams - Sex stories o f naked girls and guys making you horny? Try chatting live while watching some of the hot sexy cam girls guys and trannies online at Live Jasmine Cams. 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