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All She Wants to do is Fuck เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว All She Wants to do is Fuck

9870 My wife Dana & I met at a college orgy. She has a way above average appe tite for sex in any form. We fucked in every possible way; we even made up a f ew with our orgy couples. I know Dana loves me and I her she loves to fuck str ange guy s. I had to put any jealousies away. Another male fucking my beautifu l wife because she loves to fuck the cum out of some guy s balls. Dana will ta ke it up the ass pussy between her 36C tittles and her mouth all at the same t ime if the opportunity presents itself. She likes bi sex as well. Taking a dou ble headed dildo up her cunt with another woman is a site to behold and then a cock in her ass makes her day. She loves to jack-off some guy just to watch t he expressions on his face while he cums on her hand tittles. We were grocery shopping like normal folks; having sex that day wasn t even on our minds. Dana finished her shopping and headed to the check out stand. This nice looking co llege kid bagging up our groceries took a shine to Dana s camel toe; he kept s taring at it with a slight grin. He asked her if she needed help out with the groceries. Yes I would & your name is? he replied Tommy. I m Dana my husband i s Denny. On the way out Dana removed her bra letting her tits go free. Tommy f ollowed us to our van; all the while he was watching her ass cheeks I opened the back door of the van & Dana jumped in her top opened exposing her 36C bre asts. Tommy smiled big. I knew what he was wishing. Tommy got another tit shot when Dana reached for a bag. It was a good thing we bought two weeks of groce ries. It took a few minutes to load them. Dana noticed Tommy s bulge behind hi s zipper. I knew what was on her mind. She moved in such a way to give Tommy a great view of her nice tits. His bulge grew. Dana looked at me and said her p anties were soaked from her pheromone moisture. And said I m gonna fuck this g uy silly! Her nipples were like pencil erasers and as round as double AA batte ries. Tommy thanked us for shopping. You re welcome Tommy I said. Dana said It looks like you really enjoyed helping us She pointed at his zipper. He kinda covered up his evidence of a hard-on and turned three shades of red in embarra ssment. Mam he said I didn t expect that to happen it s just your body is so n icely put together. Your ass cheeks and that camel toe showing proudly Is just too much. Dana s response Well Tommy I feel flattered to know I can get a ris e in a man Levis. That dick looks like it s under lot of trauma. Why don t you get in here & I can relieve your tension. Dana reached his hand pulling him i n the back. I shut the door behind him. Dana was naked in seconds. Dana placed her hands over her breasts pushing them together licking her own nipples in c ircles. Tommy looked shocked when he was in front of her nakedness. What about him? He asked. Denny is fine. He wants me to fuck your brains out too. Dana a sked him how big his dick was I m 5 inches he said. She looked kinda disappoin ted. 5 inches? Well let me take a look at that cock she said. She lowered his zipper unbuttoned his jeans and there it was. It was 5 inches alright (soft) h e quickly hardened as Dana lightly stroked his cock to its full size. 5 6 7 8 damn 8 and a half inches of this delightful young man s dick laying in her han d. This was the largest dick she had ever had I think. Dana took some short li cks of the side of his dick. Dana has ability to deep throat with ease. She to ok her mouth opened wide and down it went. She had it all down her neck but th e last inch or so. Struggling she managed to get it down also. She swallowed a gainst the back of her throat and watching the looks on Tommy s face. He was i n pure ecstasy as Dana milked his dick while down her throat. Dana noticed my dick and began softly jerking me off while she had Tommy s cock down her neck. Tommy reached up and rolled Dana s nipple in his fingers. She continued to je rk me off and sucking Tommy off. Tommy started fucking her face hard and fast. Dana took every thrust he gave her. She had this 8 cock down her neck until his balls rested on her chin. Tommy s deep penetrations I knew he was cumming down her neck. Dana missed a couple of big gobs that landed on her chin and he r nose. She took her fingers wiping up the residual cum and sucked it from her fingers and swallowed it. I told Dana I was about to loose my nuts. She quick ly grabbed my dick swallowing it. She used her swallowing muscles to milk me a s she did Tommy. I swear Dana could suck a baseball through a garden hose. Whe n I had finished shooting my wad down her throat we sat in the van trying to c atch our breath. Dana commented You guy s forgot about me. I need to get my nu ts off too. Let s go home where we have more room to double up on you guys. I have to have Tommy deep in my pussy. Tommy can you take a break? Go tell your boss that you ll be back in an hour. Hell yeah I can I ain t gonna pass this u p! He returned in a few minutes and we headed off. I drove while Tommy had his way with my wife in the back. Our home is fifteen minutes away from the store so it didn t take long to get home. On the way I heard her scream Tommy suck my wet pussy Bite my clit. Bite me harder. Bite down on my clitoris. Dana had her eyes closed as I pulled in the garage. She was in mid orgasm tossing her h ead around and jerking wildly telling him to lick her slit. Tommy rose up with his face covered in her moisture. We went in the house no sooner than I close d the door Dana was all over him standing there naked with her legs spread wid e. She screamed Tommy Suck my pussy baby Suck my little nubbin hard! Tommy was on his knees licking her cunt hard sucking on her clit. O God Tommy I m Gonna Cum I m Goooing to (BANG) her orgasm hit her insides hard. Baby Baby I M CUMM MING AGAINNNNN. She had a powerful climax that nearly knocked her off her feet . Dana s orgasm was the most intense orgasm I ve seen her have. As Dana s orga sm slowed and subsided her breathing had returned somewhat close to normal. Sh e opened her eyes to see Tommy s face covered with her female cum. We sat on t he couch with Dana in the center. She had a cock in each hand slowly stroking them back to full erection. She stood up grabbed us by the dick and led us to our bedroom. Tommy I m going to fuck you silly. Now get over here and take me. Dana quickly climbed on the bed on all fours. Tommy I want you to take my pus sy I gotta have you deep inside me. Fuck me with that marvelous dick. Tommy lo oked over at me with a questioned look on his face. It s OK Tom she just loves to fuck go ahead take her. Dana told me when we were going thru the check-out that she was going to fuck your brains out now give it to her I said. He cudd led in behind her & aimed his young meat close to her honey pot and between he r labia once Dana felt his presents she thrust back over his cock as it penetr ated her love connection. All I heard was a loud UFFFF. She began rocking on b ack and forth against him taking a little bit more each time. My cock became h ardened just watching my wife screwing this young college kid s cock. He was d eep in as his balls slapped her butt cheeks. It sounded like a cow pulling he r foot out of the mud each time Tommy thrust in. Tommy grabbed her hips and ra mmed in hard and stayed there flexing his dick against her cervix. As a young man that never had a woman s ass He realized his opportunity. While banging he r pussy hard he was spreading her wetness over her bung & pushing his finger i n her ass. Dana literally jerked at his finger in her ass enough to extricate his dick from her poon. He quickly inserted it back in her pussy. Tommy s fing ers had caused her to cum yet again. During her orgasm he removed his cock & w ent to her ass. One thrust (Plop) Tommy was in. Dana still in her orgasm gaspi ng for air. She grabbed my dick and swallowed it. She knew I couldn t take her BJ very long with out cumming. She Screamed Guy s Double up on me. I want bot h cocks in me. She moved to her back laying on top of him she sat on his dick facing his feet WoW. Her wetness was easy for him to slide right in her butt. She rode him in a true cowgirl way. Dana leaned back against his chest. Take m y pussy Denny. Double up on me baby. With all that turned on nakedness in fron t of me what do you think I did? Yep! I came in closer and penetrated her cooc hie. She yelped a little but soon recovered. Dana began rocking up down in out . We got into a rhythm Tommy & I started with one going in one out making her wild. She was one wild horny woman. All of a sudden she took a deep breath her mouth opened with no sound. Holy Shit Guy s com-on fuck me hard Fuck Me Hard. FUCK ME I M CUMMING OH GOD! FUCK ME LIKE A STREET SLUT; Dana was in the middl e of her climax and slammed hard and fast against Tommy driving my cock in dee per. I too soon was loosing my nuts. Let s change positions she yelled. I got under her and penetrated her sweet pussy. Tommy aimed his dick at her puckered up bung. I could feel the ridges of Tommy s cock thru Dana s taint. All three of us were close to orgasm Dana went plum nuts thrusting faster causing me to tense up. I shot my wad deep in Dana s ass. Tommy was still banging away at h er snatch. Tommy she hollered POUND ME HARDER I M SO CLOSE; He increased his s peed he must have been riding against her G-spot cause she squirted in minutes . Dana lay back Denny Take that dick and take my pussy. It took some maneuveri ng but Tommy & I did. I got in position I slid my hardening cock into her slic kness all the way too my balls. She yelped a little but quickly recovered. Oh Yeah guy s she sighed. Come-On FUCK ME LIKE A CRACK WHORE; We started to gang bang my pretty wife with a vengeance. She was yelling screaming FUCK ME FUCK M E! She went into an orgasm zone with her mouth open and no sound. She wasn t e ven breathing. All of sudden Dana took a deep breath. Oh God Oh God Oh God and it wasn t even Sunday. I m cumming guy s Please Help me get off. Dana was tal king like a street whore that set me off and triggered my nuts to become tight and WoW! I spewed my nuts in her pussy Tommy was pumping hard and fast. TOMMY CUM IN SIDE CUM IN ME; Dana yelled. She tried to gather enough air to speak ga sping Damn That was so intense. She continued huffing & puffing for oxygen try ing to speak Tommy That dick is so nice I gotta have it again. As we rested a while Dana told him that she loves cock and that she would fuck him anytime. H e asked Oh really I m up to that. Tell ya what I have a buddy that has a big d ick! Will you fuck him too? Yeah Sure Dana said. Tommy made a phone call. We s howered made some drinks & walked around the house naked. (Knock knock) at the door. I opened it. There stood a tall dark skinned black man with a lighter s kin black woman. Tom here? He asked. Yeah he is Tommy. He came to the door. De nny Dana Denny this is Ulinda & Romon. Romon said I m Tom s supervisor. This i s Ulinda she is my girlfriend; This light skinned black woman was very pretty. Welcome on in. I said. happy to know you she replied Ya know there s a lot of people that don t like niggers. Dana said angrily Now there will be none of t hat crap in my house there is only one race and that is the human race; They s eem to be satisfied with that. Dana made some drinks & small talk with Ulinda. She asked if we smoke. I said No we don t but you can if you wish; She took o ut this bong from her purse and lit it. As the smoke filled the air. It smelle d like tumble weeds burning. Romon said right to me I hear you love to fuck; t here was no bones about it. He came right out and asked if I would fuck him. s he said Well it may come to that but don t you think it would be better to get to know each other. she was standing there in a short bath robe as he untied her sash he said Fuck that; Romon slid her robe off her shoulders and it lande d on the floor. He took Dana s breast in his mouth and began nursing her like a new born baby. Chills went over her body as this black dude sucked her nippl e deep into his mouth. The areola was completely engulfed. He sucked her nippl e softly and then drove his face hard against her tit sucking and biting her n ipple sending her body from thoughts to desires to lust after this black man. The female musk was so heavy her pussy was saturated. I watched Romon take her body and I was smiling at her. Ulinda took her clothes off and sat to next to me. She was more attractive then I imagined. Her light tone black skin was be autiful as her naked body began to show signs of her intentions. Ulinda s smoo th skin turned to dark pink around her large areola and around her darker nipp les. Her snatch was covered by a patch of thick pubic hair that made her hidde n surprise more intriguing. The color contrast was amazing with her beautiful naked body sitting there with her black hand around my lily white dick. (Dana is not bi but if that was to happen it would be with her because of her beauty ) While Ulinda was removing her clothes I had noticed her luscious body and re acted to her nakedness. My dick was standing up straight and hard. Tommy was s itting on the floor slowly stroking himself. After that it didn t take long be fore all of us were in the buff probing sucking and pinching each others body parts. We moved some furniture to have more room. Romon lay Dana down to the f loor ever so gently while sucking her tittles. He moved on top to a 69 positio n with her. His huge manhood dangling in front of her mouth. Dana took him as deep as she could into her throat and began sucking his cock softly. Romon sta rted fucking her face with slow thrusts down her neck. Dana has never had a la rge cock before he was 9 to 10 inches and it looked like it was that large aro und. Dana s neck had never been so full of a man s dick. I heard her gagging o n while trying to deep throat his man meat. she had gotten several inches of h is dick down her neck. Dana s head bobbing faster taking a little more of Romo n each time. Romon s eyes were rolling he was groaning loud. I knew it wouldn t be long before his eruption. Take me bitch he said. Swallow my black cock; R omon bit down hard on her clitoris. She started cumming instantly. Her orgasm triggered Romon s balls to release its surprise. Massive streams of cum shot f rom his dick right down her throat. She managed to take most of his semen thou gh some gushed and landed on her chin nose and a large gob stretched from her lips across her eyes and landed in her hair. Ulinda had me laying down straddl ing me cowboy style. She was bouncing wildly on me as she had Tommy down her t hroat. Tommy began fucking her mouth fast and hard. She was deep throating him every time he went in her throat taking every inch. Ulinda has had plenty of practice throating Romon. Ulinda began squirming side to side and down deep on me as my cock was swallowed by her hungry hairy pussy. The three of us were f ucking in harmony. every time I would thrust up and penetrating her deeper Tom my pulled out of her neck. She began yelling out loud Oh My God Oh My God Oh M y God! I M CUMMING I M CUMMING! Oh MYGGG. FUCKKKKkkkkkk! All of us had gotten our nuts off as we lay there in a pile of sweaty bodies cum and sex pheromone fill the air. We had more encounters over the next few months and each one was eventful. 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Home >> Orgy Threesome and Group Sex Stories >>  All She Wants to do is Fuck
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