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AMISHI gets Ganganged by Neighbours in her own Den เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว AMISHI gets Ganganged by Neighbours in her own Den

6777Being used to writing my erotic adventures in my diary let me shares this with all. To begin with some customary introduction about myself. I am Amishi 38 years old settled in Mumbai I got married to my husband who apparently is some 8 years elder to me.I am not a very beautiful woman but I am HOT by any s tandards although the age does tell on my body with my 36DD breasts sagging a bit. My large nipples are my soft spots and I don’t mind feeling a bit of pain especially feeling some raw hands of young men tweaking them. I want you to e njoy the following story without really bothering to know if it is true or jus t another figment of my imagination.Unusually for a lady from Baroda I was NOT a virgin when I got married to my husband. I have had n teen number of affair s with many guys from all stratas of life which include my Ex-Boss My Ex-manag er My Housekeeper My Colleagues and many more.I always craved and looked forwa rd to my husband who hailed form an orthodox family from a remote village in G ujarat unleash his brutal strength on the bed and wanted him to go on a rampag e on my ever hungry cunt. However he wasn’t rising to my expectations and our first encounter with sex fizzled.In retrospection I don’t blame him because he was a good guy not having any experience like me before and to top it up I ma de the Biggest Blunder of my Life of telling him about all my Sex Affairs befo re marriage to him on our First Wedding Night which till today he has not forg otten. Well he just pounces on me like a starving stray dog without making any attempts to arouse me. He begins with a few hard kisses squeezes my BIG BOOBS mindlessly and begins pushing his dick inside me trying to release his anger since he can neither forget nor forgive me regarding my sex affairs with other men. He explodes and sleeps at once. Since then the story kept continuing for a few years after marriage. We are into our 11th year of our marriage with a ten year old son and lot of mutual sexual dissatisfaction for each other.I beg an longing for some complete sex and started looking for those men who had mor e sexual drives than my husband.Ravi and Hamid Mahmood were two young mariners who were staying in the next flat to our left in the apartments. I have seen them ogling me many times and I knew that they always got excited watching my legs back and breasts. I wasn’t aware that they guys were looking for the righ t time to barge into my house and give me a royal screwing. The carnival was a pproaching and my husband had left for a Business tour in the early hours of t he day. It was around noon when my son was sleeping that I heard the knock on the door. To my surprise I saw Ravi and Hamid waiting outside. They weren’t wa iting for me to let them in as they strode inside the house quickly.Hamid clos ed the door while Ravi reached for my breast and started caressing. I wished I could protest but I surely didn’t. I was yielding to the gentle arousal and m y body defied my mind by letting my nipples harden immediately. He was obvious ly encouraged and his hands got bolder now. He wasn’t caressing anymore as he began squeezing. Hamid joined in quickly and began chewing my lips while he he ld my other breast. Then he let Ravi to kiss me while his left hand got under my skirt to rub my panties.Ravi’s kiss was more intense than Hamid and he was unbuttoning for my blouse at the same time. Hamid helped him in getting rid of the blouse and he held my breasts with both hands and gave a few hard squeeze s. He undid my bra hooks. They pushed me to the sofa and quickly unzipped thei r trousers before sitting on my either side. They came at my breasts alternati ng between them first to squeeze my naked breasts with both hands and then suc king them inside their mouths.They held my thighs at their side and began spre ading my legs towards them. Once again I felt both of them sending their hands against my crotch simultaneously and rubbing my pussy lips through the pantie s. Ravi’s fingers made an entry through the panties and stroked my hair. Hamid made me lean on his chest and cupped my breasts from behind. My hands reached to their dicks and stroked them gently. Ravi pushed my head towards his dick suggesting taking his meat inside his mouth. After running down his dick a few times I took on Hamid and sucked his dick for equal number of times. They wer e totally aroused after the gentle oral tease on their dicks as they took me d own on the floor and pulled off whatever clothes that had remained on me.Ravi resumed squeezing and sucking my breasts as though he was fond of breasts more than anything else. Hamid however looked more knowledgeable as she pulled my legs apart and got inside. He leaned forward on my crotch and started licking my pussy. I shivered uncontrollably feeling a man’s mouth on my pussy while an other man had his mouth on my breasts.The young men were aware that they didn’ t have much time by their side. Soon Hamid began letting his dick inside my pu ssy. Ravi kept squeezing my breasts and suckling my nipples in frenzy. Hamid q uickened his pace and began driving his dick in and out of my wet pussy in an unbelievable pace. I was panting in pleasure feeling his dick swell inside my pussy and hitting my womb with tremendous force. Just as I thought that he wou ld explode he pulled out and backed out. But I realized that I have had an org asm already.It was Ravi’s his turn now and he hesitantly withdrew his mouth fr om my breasts. However he was equally quick and furious in slipping his dick i nside me and I gasped watching two young men taking turns to fuck me. Hamid sa t up and watched his friend who went on a rampage on my pussy.Ravi reached max imum speed within seconds and was jerking his head backwards and groaning in c rude excitement. I was squealing in joy but soon felt his dick being pulled ou t of my pussy. Hamid pounced on me for the second time and this time around he was to prove a point to me that he can fuck faster than his friend. They were sending me to the edge every now and then before pulling out their dicks to l eave me high and dry. This went on for quite a few times and I was getting des perate. As Hamid began fucking me for the fourth time I quickly let my legs wr ap around his back and pulled him against me. He realized that I wasn’t willin g to leave him until he is through with his fucking. He used all his youthful strength and rigged my pussy to give me yet another orgasm. This time around h e couldn’t hold any longer as I felt his thick loads splashing inside my pussy .Ravi wasn’t bothering about the deep gasps I was heaving as he jumped on me a nd began fucking me mercilessly. After diving in and out of my pussy for a whi le he roughly turned me and made me stand on my elbows and knees. He moved rig ht behind me and gripped my waist with iron hands. Soon I could feel his dick searching for my pussy in between my legs and once he found it he drove the wh ole length of his long dick deep inside my pussy. I began thrusting my waists against him as he fucked me like a beast holding my hips as hard as he could. I began cumming after his dick virtually pounded my pussy hard and deep. Like his friend he too exploded inside me this time around.I couldn’t think about m y husband for all his poor performances on the bed. I looked at the two young men who gave me perhaps the most exciting experience of my life. I did feel so me pain for the next couple of days but enjoyed remembering the wonderful firs t threesome experience for a very long time. Live Jasmin Adult Sex Cams - Sex stories of naked girls and guys making you horny? Try chatting live while watc hing some of the hot sexy cam girls guys and trannies online at Live Jasmine C ams. Sexy Phone Chat - Chat on the telephone with the sexy girl of your fantas ies by requesting to talk with any type or shape of girl or guy - Call 888-212 -8283 Now!

Home >> Orgy Threesome and Group Sex Stories >>  AMISHI gets Ganganged by Neighbours in her own Den
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