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2278Holiday sexual encounter John Mike Tom Denny Randy and Dee. With the holi days so near and the thoughts of a cold season I am reminded of a time a group of us had at an casino in upstate New York. This is an account of a sexual en counter that seemed too good to be true. My name is Randy and here will share my version of a cold December night at a gambling casino in upstate New York. A true story though somewhat unbelievable but true. The group of us were trave ling from Vermont to Ohio to deliver several registered dogs to buyers and dec ided to stop at the casino to try our luck. This was a mistake as none of us h ad any experience in the gambling world and this is where we ran into Dee or s hould I say Debby as she called herself. We as a group split up and all went o ur separate ways to the bar and to the tables. As the afternoon wore on I had to have a cold one and into the bar I went. In the far corner sat a woman abou t 35 to 40red hair glasses not beautiful not ugly just plain but the thing tha t drew my attention was her very short dress. Mind if I set at your table? I s aid to her no not at all. I am waiting for a friend. Male or female I joked. F emale we just finished our club party and she said she would be right back fro m the ladies room. Oh there she is all set to go Bonnie? Yes but my husband is here so I will ride home with him thanks anyway. Standing there I thought to myself that Bonnie had a nice full set of tits and a great ass and I’m sure sh e caught me checking them out. Debby spoke up saying well I guess I am not in any hurry. Would you care for a drink or is your husband here too? No no hubb y I’m divorced. Any significant other? Yes but he is home waiting to take his kids back to their mom so I have till about 8 or 9 tonight. My ex has my kids at a party so as I say I’m in no hurry. Let me introduce myself my name is Ran dy oh and mine is Debby she replied but hesitated as if to be hiding something . The drinks went down fast and smooth and we carried on quite a conversation. She had three rum and cokes and I could see she was feeling pretty good. You say you and your partners are transporting dogs to Ohio she slurred. Yes we ar e then two of the guys go on to Kentucky and the rest of us on to Indiana. Wha t kind of dogs are they? Two mastiffs and three sheep dogs with one black lab. Would you like to go out to the truck and see them? Sure I’d love to. Debby s tood as I helped get her coat on her. I couldn’t help but notice that her dres s was very short and perhaps the drinks altered my thought process but I can s ay I sure wanted a chance to feel up under it. Come on over her Debby I will o pen up and we can go in. Boy it is sure cold she whispered Yes it is . As I o pened the door she smiled and said oh they are nice can I pet them.? Yep let m e get out the Lab he is a friendly one. Out came Sammy and directly to Debby t o get a good rub down then the real unexpected happened. Sammy shoved his snou t directly up under her dress and began to lick her pussy. No Sammy no bad dog I yelled. Oh it’s ok he is just a little rambunctious. Damn it Sammy you bad dog oh how embarrassing I am sorry. Come on Sammy get that back in there. Do w hat she asked. Oh Sammy is well um erect. I must apologize he seems a little w orked up With all the excitement I hadn’t even thought that she had only tap p ants on no panties and old Sammy had his tongue in her slit. Debby started to pull him away but even so she seemed in no hurry. This was my chance and now I had to move on it. I reached up under her dress saying that I hope he did no harm at the same time I was working a finger in her tight cunt. Damn Debby you are very tight don’t you and your boyfriend fuck at all. Not to often he has been ill with cancer and I am left to my own desires. You must be froze in tha t dress do you want to go back in its too cold out here anyway. I need to tal k to the guys about a few things. You mean you want me to leave she asked? No not at all you wait at the table and I will be right back. I returned to the t able as Debby was polishing off a second drink since we got back in. Hey Debby how much time you have? I have until 8 PM why? How would you like to join us at our room and we can order in some pizza and beer then we will have you back here before 7:30. Ok as long as I can be home before 8:00. Don’t worry you wi ll beat I’m sorry what is his name? Don she replied after a short silence as i f she just made up the name. Hey Debby can we take your car so John and Denny can bring the truck? Sure but will you drive? My pleasure Debby. Here are the keys over there is my car the blue chevy. I went round back of the car and whi spered to John before we got in John check out her nipples they are like erase rs. See if you can get her tits out while we ride. Are you sure? Yes I am sure I now she will let you she let me finger her with no resistance. She seems li ke a little bit crazy I hope this isn’t trouble. Don’t worry ok just take it s low. You really think we are going to get some pussy? Yes and more just hang i n there. This woman isn’t playing with a full deck everything we ask there see ms to be a tale being told. Who cares I said maybe she is a good fuck. Down th e road we went and on to our rooms with great hopes. Debby John whispers you h ave a little sauce on your dress. Where is it she spoke. Here right here. John put his hand right on her left tit. Oh Debby excuse me but I will wipe it off . He unzips the front and pushes up her bra. Damn Debby you are sweet. Real sw eet I thought and but she didn’t even flinch. I pulled to the road side having to gab a little handful for myself. John had one and I the other then John go t a little greedy by slipping a finger in her pussy. How you like that Deb? Oh its nice . You a little drunk too? Maybe a little she slurred. You sure you d on’t mind? No I don’t mind. Hey Randy let us get in the back. No we are almost there and we all agreed and lets keep to it. Ok but I want do be first. You a re an ass you know John don’t fuck this up now. Ok boss okI will hold off. Hey deb you ever give head? Yes I have done it before. John don’t I shouted. How’ s this for dick Debby? Just grab it for now. Hey Deb how bout you suck my cock ? Without hesitation she started to give a blowjob. John roll his head back sa ying fuck oh man you are good. Damn this is hot she gives great head. Hang on John we are here get her dress zipped back up. Go right in Debby we will be r ight there Lets go slow don’t scare her or get her upset talk to her get her h orny then move in ok? The conversation went slow and they put her at ease. She told us she worked in a nearby city the same place as her boyfriend but was l aid off for lack of work. Hey Deb you ever do it at work? Once or twice we did . Ever blow the boss? Well I hate to say it and I ask you please this can go n o further than this room. I quickly agreed. Well Randy I am a little ashamed b ut will tell you yes I did give the boss a blow job. How did it come about? I was taking too much time off during the divorce and he was getting very upset. Hey if it is too painful you don’t need to talk about it. No its ok. He calls me in his office one morning and says he needs me to stay after work. Everyon e is gone but my boyfriend and the boss. He goes out and tells Dave to run a c ouple of errands in the city to get some parts then has me go in to the office . Now alone he locks the door then stands at the window looking out and tells me to take a seat. He starts out saying Dee I mean Debby we have a problem tha t corporate is aware of and I’ve been given a chance to deal with it. Dee I sa id to her I thought your name was Debby? Oh some just use the first letter of my name kind of a nick name so to speak. Go on Deb sorry to interrupt. Deb he says you are on the verge of being let go. Why what for is it because I have b een out of the office so much? Yes that is part of it. Would you like to have a way around it? Yes sir of course I would. He faces the window as I set in fr ont of the desk. Debby he speaks then turns around. Oh my god he has his penis out. Now Deb take this on your mouth and suck. I want you to blow me and lets start by you opening your shirt. And I did and kept my job How much did you d o? Just give head and he played with my breasts. Did the boyfriend know? Oh no it would hurt him too much. So you had a rough divorce? Yes very rough. My ex was a real bastard no support couldn’t reach him gambled never paid the bil ls you know the type. He had some hot shot young lady lawyer. Deb you think he was getting some sweet pussy from her. Ha ha ha I don’t think so she was way above him but a real bitch too. Bet she had a well shaped body though Mike add ed. Yep nice body but I am sure she couldn’t begin to give a blow job as good as me! You think she swallows cum? No possible way mister it would be beneath her. Deb polished off one more beer. Slurring as she spoke she went on to say that her ex was with a woman who might be a lawyer seems a little older than h im. What she look like ? Very short a little chunky. Does she have big tits? M aybe yes I guess but quickly added that her bust is all she had going for her. Mike broke in saying hey maybe she has a nice wet cunt. Debby chuckled saying I would bet she has never given head and probably has sex once a month and as far as being wet I doubt it. I bet the five of us guys could get her pussy we t she would beg for more. John added and all the time we were doing her we wou ld tie up her boyfriend and make him watch. Oh really just like that I suppos e you would cum inside her too? John smiled wide saying We would all fill her cunt then make her lick our cocks till we sprayed her mouth and tits. Her boyf riend would have to endure a couple hours of kinky fucking and watch each and every load of cum be delivered. Hell we would grease her cunt good. One behind her one in her mouth and she would lick cocks to keep us going. Dream on boys dream on. Denny was getting impatient and interrupted the day dream fantasy f uck. Come on Debby lets take care of you properly. Can you take your dress off for us and give us a view? She slipped it off lay back on the bed . Mike you drew first so have at it. Mike pulls her tap pants off and fingers her gash. H oly shit her pussy is soaked then he starts to eat her cunt. Hey Mike that lab was licking her too you know John laughs out loud. No she went into the ladie s lounge and must have cleaned up. Wow lady did that little conversation about your ex hubby’ friend get you hot? Maybe a little. Denny gets around the fron t of her and takes his dick out. Come on babe blow me. Take it all you bitch. Hey Denny she sucks real good you wont last long! Hey baby you like cum? Debby shakes her head yes. Well here it comes lady. Holy shit Denny your load is ru nning out the corner of her mouth. Oh man what a blowjob you little bitch . Yo u like it? Oh yes I did! John wasted no time and he was in front if her. How b out a little suck on my dick? Come on let the party start I yelled as my cock strained and twitched. Deb blew us both alternating between us. Tom says I wan t to fuck her and fuck her hard. Tom worked his meat in her pussy. Deb whimper ed as its length and breadth seemed to over fill her. Hey Tom is her cunt a li ttle tight? Ummmm yeah very tight. Hows it feel lady? Deb was in total heat. T ell me lady tell me what you want talk to me bitch. Oh fill me mister. Come on bitch talk it up. Fuck me. fuck me hard fill my pussy with cock juice spray my boobs with juice .John could hold back no more. Oh you bitch you fucken lit tle bitch John was filling her wanton mouth. Ah Deb you are real good. Deb con tinued to suck the salty stream from his cock. Tom slowly pumped then growled as he filled her pussy with jizz. Maybe you would like to suck the cum from an other cunt how’s that sound? Ok I guess maybe next time guys. We all fucked he r twice and she swallowed four loads of cum. We all thanked her for the wonder ful time she had provided and then all gave her fifty bucks each. Come on we w ill drive you home. No it’s not necessary. It is only 7 Pm lots of time to get you home before you need to and you are way to drunk to drive. We piled her i n her car and took her home. As she got out of the car she dropped her purse s pilling the contents and that is when I saw her ID card and her true name. I w ill just say D you were a hot fuck and hope to see you again some day.Live Jas min Adult Sex Cams - Sex stories of naked girls and guys making you horny? Try chatting live while watching some of the hot sexy cam girls guys and trannies online at Live Jasmine Cams. Sexy Phone Chat - Chat on the telephone with the sexy girl of your fantasies by requesting to talk with any type or shape of g irl or guy -

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