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Guitar Man A True Story เล่าเรื่องเสียว

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เรื่องเสียว Guitar Man A True Story

1786They are a couple living in mid-western Tennessee. Her name is Kandy she is 54. His name is John and he is 57. They are married and although they hav e a great sex life they are interested in meeting couples men and women for so me adult fun. They want people who can go out with them on outings during the day with sexy interludes in the evening. She is what you might consider a ful l figured woman standing at only five foot five. Her round face has a cute but ton nose lips the color of roses and seductive green eyes hidden behind glasse s. Framing her face is shoulder length sassy red hair. This only adds to her s ensuality. Kandy is new to the world of swinging and although straight consid ers her bi-curious. She wants to experience women as well as men. Adding that her hubby does not go anywhere without her and vice-versa. She also has a thin g for men older then her. In her opinion men who are her age often carried to o much emotional baggage. Most younger men are too hung up on themselves and i mmature. John is a large man with an equally large appetite for sex. He is ex tremely handsome with brown eyes and salt and pepper colored hair. He has a fa ir completion a firm chin high cheek bones and a prominent nose which gives hi m the appearance of being Native American Indian. He has big hands that are ge ntle enough to cup her big firm breasts. He introduced her into the world of swinging when they first started dating. He has experienced sex one on one thr eesomes and a couple of foursomes. With this type of relationship the possibil ities are many. All of which should be pleasurable. The two of them have join ed some swinging sites as well as adult fun sites online. It was on one of the sites they received an email from an older man called James. James is about 65 yrs old has gray hair wide rimmed glasses and a sexy smile. He has a very mundane sexy life and is interested in spicing it up with one-on-one MFM FMF s exual relationships. He also loves to chat and cyber as well as sending hot e mails. James also teaches and plays the guitar. His other interests includes; fishing going to the movies or just sitting out by the lake watching the sunse t. He too is looking for friends who he can talk to and just become acquainte d with because there is more to life than just sex. The three of them began communicating through email and online chatting. It wasn’t long that the disco vered that they all had many things in common. Therefore the next step was for them to meet for coffee and see if there is any chemistry between them and go from there. She however noticed that there was chemistry between them alrea dy. When she chats with James her nipples harden her clit throbs with anticip ation and a million sexy scenarios run through her head. Meeting him in person would turn what they have online into a burning flame of sexual desire! One day James emailed his cell phone number to her saying that he could not wait to talk with her and John. When she read the email her eyes lit up with exci tement and she went immediately into the living room. Hey John I just got a h ot email from James which included his cell phone number. Oh cannot wait to he ar if James sounds as sexy as he looks. Well we have to go to the town he li ves in today why don’t you give him a call on the way there? She could hardly wait to leave the house and dial the number. Her fingers were shaking so hard she almost dropped the phone. A deep sexy voiced answered. Hello! Hello Jame s this is Kandy! James replied Well hello sexy! It’s nice to hear from you. How are you all doing? She looked over at John then gave him a wink and replie d James we are doing okay. Hey John and I are on our way toward your fair cit y. We were wondering what would be a good time to come have that coffee with you. James gave out a sigh and said I wish it could be today but I am all tied up with family matters right now and we will have to postpone things for a we ek. That’s okay I just wanted to call you and give you our cell phone number. John wanted to say hello but he is driving and I prefer he keeps both hands o n the wheel. I don’t want you to worry about anything right now there will be a time and place for us to meet. Goodbye take care. She turned to John Oh my god James sounds so sexy on the phone and I cannot wait to meet him! Just t he thought of him eating my hot-box sends quivers through me that go clear up my spine! John winked at her Honey I am glad you find him sexy. However I cann ot wait to see you sucking my cock while he slides his into your hot pussy! Sh e blushed. Ooooh I just know the three of us could have one hell of a hot fuc k session. Now we had better change the subject because my panties are already drenched. Otherwise I might have to take matters into my own hands and cum ri ght here in the truck. Johns snickered We can arrange that baby. She just blus hed and smiled You dirty ole man let consider doing that at another time. He f rowned Spoilsport. Make me wait huh torture me you sexy thing! The two of the m laughed then went about running their errands and then headed home. After di nner they were sitting in the living room drinking coffee and discussing the m atters at hand a hot threesome with James. John spoke up and said I am reall y glad you decided to try swinging with me again. Me too darling I refuse to l et one bad experience ruin all the fun we can have in the future. Well here is what I would like. I would like for you to suck my dick while James fucks you . Then we could both take turns eating your pussy. You could suck James’s di ck while I eat your hot box and then suck my dick as he eats you. I would lik e is for you to sit on my dick while he fucks you in the ass. I would also en joy the both of us using sex toys on you to bring you to heights of ecstasy yo u have never experienced before. The scenario has endless possibilities. Oh ba by the mere thought of all of that is making my dick hard! Afterwards if thi ngs go well we can talk about a second meeting. John sipped his coffee picked up the newspaper and started reading it. He was letting her get used to the id eas he presented her before he continued the conversation. When he glanced o ver at her he noticed a particular devilish smile and twinkles in her eyes. Sh e also had rock hard nipples poking through her t-shirt and knew she was reall y turned on by his idea. You know maybe later on the three of us could visit a swingers club sometime. After hearing that Kandy almost dropped her coffee c up she was shaking so hard with anticipation. She looked straight at him. I think I will buy some Altoids. I remember when I used them while giving you a blow job the other day and you blew your load in record time. Hey I am going to go check my email and then email James something special. Now this I have to see! If you do not mind me looking over your shoulder I want to see what you have in mind. She walked into the den and logged onto her computer. John p ull up a chair you will definitely like what you are about to see. You see for some reason she could not get the thought of James joining them for a hot sex y rendezvous out of her head. Oh god she wished she could meet him tomorrow a nd her throbbing pussy and hard nipples were yelling ‘Oooooooh yeah!’ She sa t down at her computer to send an email to James. Then turned to John and tol d him she was going to tempt James a bit with some hot sexy photos. As John watched she typed the following phrase Since we could not meet this week I am sending several special attachments. I am sure they will keep you hot hard an d cumming! Then she signed the email turned and kissed him. Baby I hope that email doesn’t bother you. I had to do it! You see the poor guy does not get enough sex as it is and he deserves something special to make his day. John st ood up pulled her close and kissed her hard. That my dear is why I love you. You are so considerate of others. Come my sweet Kandy it’s time for a fuck br eak! The two of them headed off toward the bedroom. James called her that Fri day around 4 pm. I am sorry we could not meet last week. I had to drop off a p rescription today and thought it would be a good time to call you. Oh by the way I really liked the pictures you sent me; they are making my dick throb! Yo u have a beautiful smile that along with your red hair makes you really sexy. I am looking forward to seeing all of that beautiful body naked as well as de vouring it. You mentioned you did not have much experience with a lot of thin gs. Well baby I don’t either but I read a lot and some of those things just s ound ‘Nasty but Fun!’ I am open to almost anything even if you have only rea d about it. Oh we both cannot wait to meet you either. You sound so sexy. I am glad you liked the pictures I sent you. We plan to take more in the future . Do you have any more pictures? You are sweet sexy and hot. Oh I am really looking forward to meeting the two of you. How about getting together for cof fee tomorrow at 1pm? I have a couple of hours free. She told him to wait a min ute while she went to ask John. A moment later she excitedly replied We would be glad to meet you Saturday at 1pm. John wanted to know if you knew where The Country Kitchen is. We could all meet there. Sure I do I go there a lot for coffee and breakfast. I cannot wait to meet you because y ou are an answer to my dreams. If you do not mind me saying so you’re an ange l. She giggled excitedly. I don’t mind at all. We will be there ready and w illing Saturday. By the way John drives a big three quarter ton black pickup so it won’t be hard to spot. I will see you both Saturday. Here is my home pho ne number in case you need to call me. She told John about the phone convers ation adding that she was so fucking hot. She wanted to ride his dick right t hen and there in the living room. John looked up from his paper and gave her one of his fuck me now grins. Won’t the bed be more comfortable? She just win ked and squealed First one there gets to do whatever they want to the other pe rson! She of course got on the bed first. Mmm looks like I get to suck your dick first but I want to do it my way! She grabbed the box of Altoids next to the bed popped one into her mouth and slowly started sucking John’s dick. Sh e stopped and looked up at him. Oooooh baby I love peppermint sticks especial ly crème filled ones! Then she resumed sucking John’s dick. John loved watch ing her suck his cock. He did not know why but those little mints turned his dick into high gear. She always lay with her pussy facing his head that way h e could play with her too as she sucked his dick. Oh god she was so good at i t the best cock-sucker that he ever experienced. He reached over and twisted her right nipple as his other hand busied itself tantalizing her hot pussy. She was already drenched and he knew she would cum hard; she always did when s he sucked his dick. After a long hard hour of play they decided to call it a n ight and save some energy for tomorrow. Just in case they would meet greet an d fuck. However all night she was so excited she couldn’t sleep. When she lo oked at the clock it appeared that its hands were frozen in time. It seemed l ike Saturday would never arrive. When the alarm went off her nearly fell off the bed because she was awake and playing with her pussy. John rolled over lo oked at her Is this a party for one or can I join in? Oooh darling please do. Table for two on my side of the bed breakfast is ready! Yummy doll there is n othing better the pussy pie for breakfast. Shall we follow that course with t ube steak with cream sauce? Breakfast is served! When she finally got up she w ent to check her email like she does every morning. Sure enough there was a me ssage from James. I really enjoyed our meeting and will see you tomorrow. I will probably be there between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. If that is too early let me know. I cannot wait to get at you my sweet delectable redhead. Your pictures were sexy but in person you are really hot and sexy! Oooh baby I could not hel p staring at you! The quick kiss at the truck was just super and tasted very sweet. I think John and I will get along just fine. It will be tough getting to sleep tonight as I will be thinking of all the things we will be doing. Cy a tomorrow James. As they sat down to breakfast She told John about the email adding that she was so hot she might parade around in her birthday suit and an swer the door naked. John just laughed. Well what happens if it’s not James? I think you would be better off putting on the aqua colored sexy short outfit. You know the one with the soft bra lining low neckline with spaghetti straps . Oh baby I love the way it shows off your sweet beauties! She agreed and soo n met James’s knock wearing the sexy outfit. He must have liked it because he handed John the drinks he brought with him and pulled her into his arms. Sh e returned the kiss teasing his tongue with hers as his fingers caressed her c urves. She then escorted him into the living area and kissed him again as he s at down. Then she went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks. She met John on the way. Don’t let anyone tell you that older men are not hot and sexy. J ust because they are gray on the mountain does not mean there is no fire in th e furnace! John just winked at her and nodded his head yes and went into the living room. She soon came into the room and passed out drinks to everyone. Then she sat down to join in the conversation. James then said I wanted to t ell you both that I was nervous while driving here. I love the idea about com ing here and having some sexy adult fun but it’s been four years since I had a ny good fucking. She looked at James Oh honey that is three and a half years t oo damn long. Maybe we can help solve that little dilemma. They continued cha tting until the conversation turned and they began talking about sexual experi ences. She looked over at John and theirs eyes met he winked and then looked at him. Well James how about you and I getting those balls rolling? She took J ames by the arm and escorted him to the bedroom as John followed. When they go t there she slowly began removing her clothing giving both men a strip-tease t o turn them on more. When she was naked she looked over at James. She thought the guy was going to pass out when his eyes saw her big tits. When she glanc ed down at his crotch he was already rock hard. She walked over to James too k a hold of his dick whispered Sweety I love what I see I cannot wait to taste your dick and have it slide deep in my hot cunt! We are going to do you first my dear I been dreaming about eating your pussy all week! Now go lay down on your back! She kissed his cheek and walked over to the bed and lies down then spread her legs. Okay guys turn your baby onmore! John got on the other side kissed her lips hard then moved down and began nibbling and sucking on her har d nipples. As James climbed onto one side of the bed and zeroed in on her wan ting pussy. James began eating her pussy encircling her clit and biting it ge ntly. Next he went down shoved his tongue inside her and tongue-fucked the pu lsating hole. When she began shaking slid his tongue down and reamed her assho le. In her mind Kandy was screaming ‘Oh god no one but John knew how to eat h er and push all her button like that James was that good.’ John bit her nipp le then blew on it and she quivered hard knowing she would cum soon and cum ha rd. She was also playing with John’s big dick the whole time and he was oozin g a lot of precum. She turned her head from side to side and squealed Oooooh m y god it feels so good! I love the way you’re eating me James. That’s it jus t like that! Oh bit my nipple harder John yessss that’s it. Aaarrrggghhhh! S he then shook so hard she could not talk and covered James face with her sweet juices. James then moved up and kissed her sweet lips giving her a taste of h er cum on his lips. As John moved down between her leg and began eating her p ussy. She then told James to move up on his knees as she wanted to taste his dick. He moaned and trembled when she engulfed his big dick. As she sucked him deep James told her he really liked watching her adding that he never had a g ood blow job. Oh my god she could not believe he has never had good head. Sh e rolled his balls and sucked him harder and he almost blew his load right the n and there. He then told her she sucked dick like she really loved doing it . She stopped sucking long enough to purr Honey I like sucking cock as much as you love eating pussy! They continued the hot sexy play went on for about 30 minutes. She knew John had the stamina but James was nervous he had trouble c uming. She kissed James then whispered Please don’t worry about things right n ow after all we are here to have a wild fun sexy day. She loved how the men tr eated her like she was a naughty but kinky temptress. With long hours of fore play and fun because everyone who knows her was aware she loves to play for ho urs and hates wham-bam thank you man sex! John continued to eat her pussy and made her climax two more times putting her into orbit. After awhile the men c hanged places again and James ate her hot-box. At last count she climaxed 8 times or more as her head and cunt were spinning so much she lost count. Jame s then told John that he wanted to watch her suck John’s dick because he had o nly seen in porno movies. John reached over and handed her the box of Altoids then lay on his back. She popped the mint swallowed John’s dick and put on a show for James. She sucked John s cock and rolled his balls until he thought he would pass out. John stopped her and told her he wanted to fuck her while she sucked James’s dick. Therefore she laid on her back spread her legs wide and told John to drive it home. James looked at them both and said he wanted to watch for awhile because he was getting worn out after all he had not done this much for a long time. After watching for a while he leaned over and su cked in her right nipple as John fucked her. John looked into her eyes and kn ew when someone did her nipples she came like hell. She looked over and James and kissed his check then up at John and said Oh John I love the way you fuck me. That’s it honey deeper yesssss just like that! Then looked over at James and shrieked Oh James keep it up! I love the way you do my nipples bite it b aby harderaarrrrghhhhhh I’m cumming! John threw his head back and yelled Ooooo h god yeah baby I’m there! They all lay back on the bed with her sandwiched be tween James and John. They began to tell each other how good it felt. James vo iced some regret that he had not been able to cum stating that he may have bee n too nervous. Kandy leaned over kissed his cheek and said Don’t worry baby we can pick up where you left off next time we get together. She then looked ov er to John; he nodded his head in agreement. We will be meeting again! Jam es you can strum my strings anytime Guitar man!Live Jasmin Adult Sex Cams - Se x stories of naked girls and guys making you horny? Try chatting live while wa tching some of the hot sexy cam girls guys and trannies online at Live Jasmine Cams. Sexy Phone Chat - Chat on the telephone with the sexy girl of your fant asies by requesting to talk with any type or shape of girl or guy - Call 888-2 12-8283 Now!

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