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1414Sweat dripped her brow. She smoothed her skirt over her nylon-clad thigh s. Slender legs led to fuck me pumps underneath a cream-colored business suit tailored to show off her every curve. She looked one last time in the mirror tugging her brown curls. She tucked one behind her ear before walking out of the bathroom and down the hall towards Bruce Callahan’s office. Her nerves w ere fluttering butterflies in her stomach but she had to do this. She needed a new place to live after next week. Walking past the blonde secretary popping gum Lindsey sashayed into Bruce’s office still amazed that he’d amassed so mu ch wealth in such a short period. His black leather chair sat against a large ocean view window behind a large lacquer desk. Two smaller chairs sat in fro nt of his desk. The walls to her left and right were bare except for a bookca se that had several file folders scattered about. I’d rather be out there Bru ce turned to face her. Wow she let out a breath. His pale skin and hair were gorgeous. His clean-shaven face was even more handsome his rugged chin and s ea blue eyes captivating. Realizing that she was already damp between her thi ghs she stepped cautiously forward. Unsure she stumbled over the plush carpet tripping only to catch herself on the back of one of the black chairs. Her ch eeks flushed. You okay? He leaned over his desk offering her a hand. His hand was huge compared to hers. Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired. I was up la te studying last night. She smoothed her skirt again fidgeting with the hem b efore sitting down. What can I do for you? Looking directly at him she frown ed hard. Bruce not even a hi? Or a hello short stuff? Bruce turned his head away from her. Settling her hands on her hips she pushed her shoulders back. Do you hate me? An eyebrow rose. What? It’s a fair question Bruce. You’ve a voided my phone calls put me off kept me away from your office and made me beg you to get this appointment. I practically had to cut class just to make it here. I don’t hate you Lindsey. You know better. Then what’s the deal? I tho ught we were lovers. Lindsey put her hand over her mouth as soon as the words left her lips. I’m sorry She leaned forward even more heat rising. She was s ure her cheeks were flustered now. I like your freckles. he laughed. Her lips formed a pout. It’s not funny Bruce. You’re right. It’s not. And we are lo vers. Always. Crossing her legs she watched Bruce stare open mouthed at her t highs. His expression changed back to the same solemn face he’d worn when she first came into his office. First I know what you’re trying to do. It won’t work. Money and my sex drive are not the same. Here’s to hoping that could ch ange. She winked and licked her lips. Bruce turned a computer monitor toward s her. See this? Leaning farther over the desk Lindsey nearly had to get out of her seat to see the tiny print on the screen. Yeah. That’s my credit repo rt. That’s the report I pull for every prospective tenant before I even meet w ith them. Yes. And that report looks clean. It is. But you have very little c redit history. For God’s sakes honey you’re barely twenty-two years old. How much do you make an hour? I’m in college and wait. Why am I telling you this ? You gave me that job at the coffee shop. You know where I work. More swea t formed at her brow. She fanned herself with a hand. Exactly. He pointed to another figure on the monitor. Your credit history isn’t very long. Running some numbers in another program I use he turned to the keyboard. Another prog ram came into view showing things like income to debt ratio average risks and other numbers Lindsey wasn’t familiar with. He smirked. You’re too high a ri sk. Her frown deepened. Damnit Bruce you can’t just do me this one favor? Loo k Lindsey you know how much I love you but I can’t predict the future. What i f a tidal wave comes and wipes out the island. What if you lose this job and can’t find another one or you do and it’s closer to Houston. Then what? I lo se my passive income. Besides you don’t want to live out here while they’re d eveloping. Prices are skyrocketing as it is. How are you going to expect to a fford to stay here with an average rent increase of five percent a year? Linds ey shrugged her shoulders and slumped back in the chair. Looking at Bruce mad e her hate her body for betraying her by getting wetter. She hated her predic ament too. It wasn’t her fault for being born almost eight years after him. Her nipples tightened into little buds beneath her white blouse. Her body ach ed for him to touch her. The pool of liquid at her thighs seemed to be trickli ng down her leg. I’ll give you that date you’ve always wanted. Bruce glared a t her. Her lips curled upwards in a smile. I’ll get that cute guy to come wit h us. Bruce’s eyes widened. You know that I know better. Yeah she sighed. I guess you’re right. I’m sorry to have bothered you Bruce. No trouble babe. B other me any time you want. Just don’t come looking for a place to rent from me until you’ve got a better paying job. Standing Lindsey ran her hands down h er skirt smoothing it over her sticky thighs. Walking around the desk she hug ged Bruce despite feeling upset at him. His large body enveloped her making h er feel safe protected and loved. Beads of sweat slid down her brow. It’s ho t in here. It’s just you doll. Bruce smiled. With her body molded to his she felt how aroused Bruce was. You’re so tiny Bruce pointed out shifting his weig ht so that she slid between his powerful thighs. She glared at him. Don’t re mind me you shit. Bruce’s arms slipped away from her. He turned hiding a smil e. Get that grin off your face damnit! The truth was she wanted him. Bruce w as so busy working all the time that he didn’t realize when Lindsey was sendin g him signals. How many times had she lay awake at night and finger fucked he rself to an unsatisfying orgasm? How many nights had she spent covered in swe at thinking about Bruce’s soft touch and hard thighs? Too many to count. Sig hing heavily Lindsey spun around her curly hair whipping around in her face. Brushing away the lose strands she parted her lips to speak. What? Bruce had returned to his chair. I’ll give you a call in a day or so all right? Yes. Pleas do. Turning Lindsey sashayed out of his office shaking her hips with eac h step. Bruce didn’t seem to notice. The sun was blinded her when she walked outside. Lindsey slipped on a pair of shades. It was too humid outside. Br uce was right; she didn’t want to live on the island. Galveston’s weather flu ctuated from hot to worse and made her hair curl tighter. She shouldn’t be sw eating profusely after seeing Bruce. He was hot all of 6’1 and hard in all th e right places. Of course it was July in Texas. That could explain the heat. Right. Arriving at her car she put the key in the ignition and slammed her hands on the steering wheel. Lindsey adjusted herself and the sticky vinyl cr eaked beneath her. Unsatisfied frustrated and wet as a river between her thig hs she picked up her cell phone. Hello? Yeah Lane? Lindsey here. I need a favor. * * * A few days later Lindsey primped her auburn hair and made sure he r curls were just this side of cute. She applied eyeliner lipstick and pucker ed her lips making sure they were ever so soft and kissable. Bruce would be he re soon. She’d invited him over for coffee and to see her current shit hole o f an apartment in Texas City. Hopefully he’d see that she wasn’t just some du mb twenty one year old hoping to mooch off a friend’s good luck. She really w as trying to get out of this rat hole. And if showing him the holes in the wa lls the empty food cabinets due to the fact that she’d saved up numerous paych ecks just for a down payment on his property and the fact that the abusive cou ple next door drove her mad with their fighting didn’t convince him she had a backup plan. Her cell phone rang and she picked it up. Hello? Hi Lindsey. I’ m on my way. I’ll see you in ten minutes. Okay Bruce. She flipped her phone shut. Checking herself in the mirror one last time Lindsey realized she was b eing silly. If she wanted Bruce bad enough she only needed to go for it. He’ d come for her. Walking out of the tiny bathroom she shut the door. Didn’t n eed Bruce to see her cluttered mess. On second thought Lindsey pushed the doo r open slightly. She intended on leading him down the hallway back to her tin y bedroom anyway. He was staying the night. She was that determined. She wa lked over to the stereo turned it on and switched the volume down. Picking up a lighter off the wooden table to her left she went around the room and lit v arious candles the scents of sandalwood and vanilla immediately improving her mood. She grabbed a bottle of wine off the counter hoping Bruce enjoyed merlot . Setting it down on her particleboard coffee table she pulled the corkscrew out from underneath the couch. A cheap plastic pipe that reeked of resin sat beside the empty space next to the cushion. How’d that get there? Probably th e last stupid party she’d thrown. She was really going to have to give up a lo t of her bad habits if she were going to impress Bruce. She hated not knowing what his tastes were but he’d been so cryptic about personal details over the years that it was difficult to anticipate his likes. Other than fucking her brains out. That much she knew from the way he’d looked at her in the past. Except that lately he didn’t seem interested. She glanced at the clock above the bar. Lane would be here in forty-five minutes. Perfect. A knock at the door startled her. Coming she yelled back. Traipsing over to the door she un locked the bolt and started to open the door. Shit she muttered and decided s he was overdressed. Reaching beneath her short purple skirt she slid off her panties and tossed them down the hall. Won’t need these she reminded herself. Running a hand frantically through her hair she opened the door. Bruce stoo d his head tilted to one side. His blond hair feel over his shoulders his blu e eyes sparkled. What happened to your beard? Not even a hi? I’m sorry she ba cked away from the door. Come in. It smells pretty in here. Vanilla and— Sand alwood she cut him off. I’m sorry I’m The scent of expensive cologne wafted t owards her nose. He was already overwhelming. She felt Bruce’s warm palm on her shoulder. Honey it’s okay. This is just us hanging out. Right. She look ed at him standing in front of her blue dress shirt and pleated khakis. Eve n his shoes appeared polished. Except you’re overdressed. Am I? He cocked a brow and smirked. God yes! Sighing heavily she turned around Come on in. Wh at am I going to do with you? What do you mean? She heard the door click behi nd them. Nevermind. Have a seat. Want some wine? Sure. Lindsey walked into her kitchen and stood on tiptoes stretching her arms to reach the wine glasse s in the open cabinet. Her midriff brushed the counter. Eek! she screamed whe n she felt the warm hand on the small of her back. Let me get those. His fing ertips were a whisper against her skin. She turned around stared into his tan talizing blue eyes. He didn’t know what he was in for the poor bastard! Here we go he set them down on the counter. Mind if I help you open the wine? No t he corkscrew is she glanced around the kitchen quickly. In my hand. I picked it up off the table. He turned away for a second before setting the corkscrew down. Look he let out a breath. Yes? It was hard to remain calm with him s tanding so close to her but his arms wrapping around her tiny body helped. He r pert breasts crushing against his chest didn’t help the temperature of her b ody any. Slowly she slipped her arms around his waist shudders running up her spine from his fingertips tracing patterns beneath her shirt. Pulling back f rom their embrace he held her at arms length. No bra. Lindsey what are you u p to? A smirk crossed her lips. What are you talking about? Come on Lashway. I know you better than that. Wrapping both arms around Bruce’s neck Lindsey st ood on tiptoe pulling his head toward hers. Fingers gripping his tousled hair her lips sealed over his. Muttering into the kiss You know what I want Bruce a hand caressed the small of his back before running up over the V of his sho ulders. He tasted of scotch and mint. Firm lips brushed against hers biting her lower lip. She felt a hand groping her ass squeezing her cheek. Mmm no pa nties. I like that. I knew you would Bruce. You’re such a whore she uttered again running her fingers through his blonde hair. Oh she felt herself being lifted onto the counter. Spreading her legs she felt her skirt bunch up aroun d her hips. Bruce positioned himself between her thighs. Do you have any ide a how mad you’ve driven me little girl? She looked at him his eyes half open. The sparkle of lust glimmered brightly. Kiss me again she pulled him to her but he resisted. What do you want from me? Bruce her tiny bud began to sweat. Her fingers interlocked around his waist and she pulled him to her. Give me what I want. Lindsey A soft press of her lips against his caused him to sigh s lowly. His body language the way lust danced like flames in his eyes told her that he’d bend to her will. Please she begged her breath growing ragged now. Her breasts ached for his touch. Her taut nipples rubbed against the fabric of her top until Bruce reached out cupping her tender flesh in his hands. Rub bing his thumbs over her sensitive flesh made her moan and he smiled. Closing her eyes she felt the buttons pop off her top. Bruce’s hands crushed her brea sts sending shivers down her spine signals racing towards her nether regions. A fire started low and deep in her belly the urge to strip him and jump on hi s cock was nearly overwhelming. She couldn’t. Lindsey had to stick to the pla n. Stall Bruce long enough to get him buzzed enough to lower his inhibitions a nd control the situation. His tongue darted between her lips she sucked the or gan inside her mouth letting it roll around feeling its velvety surface explor e every nook and cranny of her mouth. The way Bruce kissed made her see firew orks. His hands pulled her into his large body. Her fingers roamed the vast e xpanse of dark taut muscle that made up his chests playing over his nipples an d bringing them to tight peaks. Emitting moans into her kiss Bruce tangled hi s fingers in her hair and pulled her mouth to his. What are you up to? he dema nded to know. Nothing Bruce justoh just like that. His hips arched into hers a nd she cried when he pinched a nipple and licked her ear at the same time fuck me you little shit. His chuckle against her chest rumbled something low insid e her. Odd you calling me little. He pulled back. Looking into his eyes Lind sey had trouble forming sentences. Her body was on fire her pussy ached for h is touch and several times his cock had brushed against the bunched up fabric barrier between her flesh and his. Her thighs were so damp so incredibly wet r ight now. Bruce could slip himself inside her and that would complete her wou ld sate her desire. But she was losing her grip her control over the situatio n. Her breathing picked up lungs filling and releasing oxygen quickly slowly and then quicker still. Exploring her thighs the inner most portion of her sk in just below her skirt his hands trembled. Lindsey looked into Bruce’s wanto n face saw the lust in his eyes and nearly creamed herself when he slid two fi ngers inside her sopping pussy. Arching into his hands she felt the heel of h is hand against her pubic bone when his fingers sank completely inside her spr eading her lips apart and learning her flesh. Flames danced over her skin sta rting low in her belly and spreading throughout her body. Lindsey shuddered ri ding Bruce’s rough fingers. Her cries became louder her fingers gripped his s houlders nails dug into flesh and sensation took over her thought. Orgasm well ed up like an ocean swelling then it hit like waves slamming into the shore cr ashing against the rocks. With a deft stroke of his fingers he hit her hot bu tton. Shaking gripping Lindsey jumped and locked her legs around Bruce’s wais t her muscles clenching together on his fingers. Her breathing slowed returned to normal. Lindsey wiped her brow. Bruce set her gently down on the counter top. Wow was all she could say. That’s right. Now before I give you what you want tell me why I’m here Lindsey. She didn’t say anything. Instead she look ed away closed her eyes and then looked back at his cock bulging beneath his t rousers. A small wet spot appeared where the head of his cock rested. Lindsey licked her lips. What do you think I want Bruce? Snaking a hand around the fr ont of his pants she fumbled with the zipper and watched Bruce close his eyes. He hissed at the mere touch of her hands on his cock. Gripping the countert op his knuckles turned white. Her tiny fingers massaged his flesh up and down his swollen member pulsing in her tiny hands. Bruce opened his eyes and star ed hard at her. Through gritted teeth Are you going to do something with that ? His eyes were narrow very menacing to anyone who didn’t know better. Lindsey was playing with fire. Yay for her! I intend on it Bruce. But she looked at the clock above the stove. It’s almost time for my surprise. What are you ta- - he started but she squeezed his cock and ran a delicate fingernail against t he underside of his scrotum. He was shaved. Yummy! The doorbell rang. Lane was here. Lindsey slid off the counter pushing Bruce away just enough to lead him to the door by his cock. Her skirt fell back into place and she managed t o straighten up her top with one hand. Come along she giggled. Her breasts b ounced beneath her top nipples rubbing against the fabric. She moaned. Walkin g to the door she felt her slickness between her thighs. What are you thinkin g you little shi— His jaw dropped when she opened the door. His cock jumped i n her hand when she gave it a little tug. A tall blonde stood in the doorway dressed in tan shorts and a blue polo. His eyes sparkled arousal and his lips pouted just slightly. Lane what a surprise. I didn’t expect you here tonigh t. Lindsey glanced at the astounded look on Bruce’s face. She couldn’t stifl e a laugh. Well you know Lashway. I couldn’t drop by without checking on my favorite little whore. What’s this you’ve got in your hand? He had a hand in the bush earlier she snickered. Lane laughed. Pointing at Bruce’s cock he sm irked. It figures. Has he had a chance to dip that beautiful thing inside th e bush yet? Lindsey gave his cock another squeeze. Bruce ground his teeth. What’s going on here? You always had hot taste in men. Let’s see what fun we could have shall we? Lane pushed past them slipping his beach sandals off at the door. I’m not interrupting anything am I? As a matter of fact— Each word came out slowly. Gripping Bruce’s cock she put two fingers to his lips. His tongue darted over her fingers slowly tasting each one. Giggling Lindsey glar ed at Bruce. Hush. She turned to Lane No I don’t mind. Lane the more the me rrier. Oh goody! Lane clapped his hands together. His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. And I am in control right Bruce? She gave another jerk on his cock. She laughed when the pleading look in his eyes became that of lust once again. Lane dropped his shorts unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of t he pile of clothes to reveal a fully nude tanned and well muscled build. His cock sprang to life instantly when Lindsey shoved Bruce’s pants to his ankles. Bruce’s cock hardened in her hands. The cold air circulated drawing his ball s up against his body She led him over to stand in front of Lane. Why hello th ere Lane reached out touching Bruce’s cock Lindsey lifted up her skirt and dro pped to her knees. Staring at both the luscious cocks she took them both in h and enjoying the velvety stiffness of Bruce’s cock compared to the almost rigi d feel of Lanes. Licking her lips Lindsey gave both cocks a tug enjoying how Bruce’s scrotum drew against his body. So Lindsey looked into their eyes both men’s mouths open partially Which gets my hot mouth first? Looking up into bo th sets of eyes it became obvious that Bruce wanted her so much that he’d do a nything to slide inside the warmth of her mouth. It doesn’t matter to me. I know what Bruce wants Lane reached a hand to cup Bruce’s balls giving them a g entle squeeze that almost got a groan from Bruce. Lindsey’s tongue laved the s mooth flesh of his cock up and down once twice. Popping his swollen head in h er mouth she sealed her lips tightly over his flesh and drew him out. Bruce cr ied out sighing heavily. His hands went to Lindsey’s shoulders. His hips jer ked forward. I can’t believe—ah yes. Just like that. Lane’s mouth locked ont o Bruce’s. Enjoying the feel of Bruce’s hands on her shoulders Lindsey took bo th cocks in hand. Kneeling between them she licked the head of Bruce’s cock t hen Lane’s. Both men moaned but Lindsey focused her attention on Bruce. His cock flinched in her hands. Glancing up she saw Lane’s tongue slide between B ruce’s when he tried to speak. Too bad his body reacted first. Reaching a han d around Bruce’s thigh Lindsey pinched his ass. The muscle there was defined sculpted hard and strong. Slowly his leg flexed before her. Lane lowered the m both to the couch. All three sat down with Lindsey in the middle. Stretchi ng her body over Lane’s she lowered her head to Bruce’s cock. Breathing warm air on his skin she watched goose bumps appear. His nipples tightened. Sweat was starting to form on his brow. I love this thing Lindsey mouthed. What thi ng? Bruce asked. His hands tangled in her hair. Stroking her shoulders his c aresses ran down her small frame to her ass. She wriggled her ass feeling the heat of Lane’s legs beneath her. Lane spanked her ass Don’t forget I enjoy b lowjobs too! Lindsey sat up and straddled Bruce. Reaching for Lane’s hand she placed his hand over Bruce’s cock. Play with this for a moment. With eyes wi de open Okay. Lane responded. He slid his hand up and down Bruce’s wet cock w hile stroking his own. His fist bumped gently against Lindsey’s ass. Give me what I want Bruce she mouthed before leaning into a kiss. Their tongues wres tled. Still tasting the wine in his mouth she drew his tongue into her mouth. His hands cupped her breasts pinching her nipples. She cried pleasurably. L indsey trailed a hand down her flat stomach and between her spread thighs. He at from Bruce’s cock and her sopping pussy warmed her hand. The apartment sme lled of sandalwood and sex. Breaking from their kiss Lindsey looked at Lane s troking his cock slowly. With his head thrown back against the couch she watc hed him pump himself and Bruce. Lane she paused just enough to bat Bruce’s han d away where would you most like your cock? Glancing at Bruce’s tight ass he m otioned with his head. Bruce’s beautiful ass needs a good stuffing. Lindsey Br uce protested but a hand covered his mouth. The intoxicating scent of pussy f illed his nostrils and he licked her hand. Do you know where I want this she g ave Bruce’s cock a squeeze? In your ass? Maybe later she giggled. But I want you in my pussy. Can you show me how well you can eat me? All he could do was nod. Sliding off Bruce’s lap Lindsey lay on the floor spreading her legs. C ome on Bruce on your knees. Bruce stood his cock bobbing proudly forward. Lan e stood beside him the contrast of the two of them a hot sight to see. Lane w as tall thinner and tanned his usually well kept dirty blonde hair a mess. Hi s forehead was soaked in a thin sheen of sweat. Clean shaven all over his bod y he looked like a male doll with a really big dick. Bruce’s shaggy hair was also usually well kept but it was longer than Lane’s by an inch or so. His 5 o’clock shadow came in giving him a much older more rugged look. His eyes did n’t twinkle they glowed one big neon sign of lust. His body was more defined than Lane’s his stomach a washboard which Lindsey ran her fingers over. Kneel ing before her Bruce blew softly on her thighs. Her nipples perked up the hai r on the back of her neck stood. Placing chaste kisses on the inside and out of her thighs made her tense. His large hands covered her legs spreading them further apart. Blood flowed all the way to her hot cunt. Will you let him h ave what he wants Bruce? Dipping his head into her shaved wet spot his tongue pressed against her opening. She moaned. Reaching for his head she pulled hi m up with chagrin. Bruce Yes damnit! I want him to fuck me as long as I get to eventually be inside you. I don’t have to be told twice Lane chimed in. Li ndsey watched Lane kneel behind Bruce. Reaching out with both arms he spread Bruce’s ass cheeks apart. Taking his cock in one hand he covered his fingers with Precum and pushed his way past Bruce’s tight asshole. Bruce’s face relax ed when Lane’s fingers invaded him. Sighing blissfully Bruce lowered his head back between Lindsey’s spread thighs. Just seeing down the line of her body was a sight! Bruce ate lapping and sucking her flesh until she neared orgasm. His ass tightened visibly and his groans became louder. Lane pulled out his fingers and spread Bruce’s ass cheeks apart farther. Looking directly at Lin dsey he mouthed now? On the verge of an orgasm Lindsey’s head thrashed from si de to side. Yes Lane fuck him. Lane thrust hard into Bruce’s ass his balls sl apping against the other man’s body. Bruce cried out his rigid cock bouncing against his belly. His tongue swirled around her pussy in circles sliding i n and out of her wet opening. Bruce oh Bruce Lindsey moaned Lick more. To t he left just a little oh god yes! Jerking forward his tongue brushed repeatedl y over her clit bringing her higher and higher. With her body wound so tightl y she knew if she didn’t stop this just long enough to make Bruce surrender wh at she wanted then they’d both come and she’d have to start the seduction all over. Oh yes you have such a tight asshole Lane pounded against Bruce. Lindse y loved the sight of two men. Lane wait. Lane’s thrusting stopped. Bruce nip ped her labia. Ouch Lindsey swatted his cheek Bruce you bastard! Why’d you ma ke him stop? His breath came out in heavy pants. Because I want something fr om you. Lane slapped Bruce’s thigh. Bruce grunted. Looking into Lindsey’s eye s wanton lust showed clearly on his face. What do you want Lashway? Pull out slowly Lane. Lane withdrew inch by painful inch until just the head of his coc k was inside. The pained look on Bruce’s face wasn’t enough for Lindsey. Pus h into him slowly. Gripping Bruce’s hips Lane pushed forward. Bruce wriggled his hips back and forth trying to shove Lane’s cock deeper in but he was only able to get what Lane gave him. What do you want Lindsey? She closed her legs around Bruce’s head aware that he could smell her arousal. I want that apart ment. Out of the ques—oh god damnit I love just where you hit. Lane’s balls b umped Bruce’s ass.. Bruce grabbed Lindsey’s legs and spread them apart again. Resting her legs over his shoulders she crossed her legs behind his back tra pping him between her and Lane. If you want to come you’ll hear me out. All three of them were sweaty now. It had grown rather humid in the apartment. T he fan kicked in sending shivers though Lindsey. I want something too Bruce. I want to come but I can wait. I can go find a boyfriend. Bruce’s face flush ed red. You wouldn’t. Lane’s hips jerked into Bruce’s. Bruce pushed back to feel the contact but Lane held his hips firmly. Lindsey saw Bruce reaching for his cock and immediately forced his head down with her feet. His face slammi ng against her pussy made her body spasm. She was so close. Bruce please she purred. Bruce’s tongue laved her flesh. Oh god he muttered sending vibratio ns through her body. Please her voice dropped a note lower. Lane ran his fin gers over Bruce’s spine and cupped his ass. Just give in. You can have all t his all the time if you do. With a grunt he thrust his hips upwards. Bruce’s body jolted. Lindsey he panted I’m so close. Let’s talk afterwards? The beg ging look on his face was priceless. No. But Yes your butt is oh so warm. An d tight. And hurry up damnit! I wanna cum too! Throwing her head back in lau ghter Lindsey forgot that Lane hadn’t gotten off either. Just give into me Br uce. You know me. Besides if you do I’ll not only let him finish fucking you but I’ll give you a nice soft and moist place to put your own cock. You do w ant to sate your own lust don’t you? Yes but damnit! It’s because I know—oh g od he nearly choked on his words when Lane slammed into him. Fine damnit! I’l l sign the lease over to you tomorrow. Now fuck me he growled. Certainly. L indsey slid beneath Bruce and gave him a warm place to sink his cock. Lane pu lled out of Bruce’s ass with a pop. Reaching for pillows Lane handed them to Lindsey for support. Sliding them beneath her ass she was now raised up at ju st the right angle for both men. Fuck me Bruce. Fuck me like you mean it. Br uce sank himself inside her. The feel of his steel cock drove her to the brin k of pleasure. Bend over bitch! Lindsey’s commanding tone sent a shiver down Bruce’s spine. Pulling out Bruce knelt and waited for Lane. You coming? In j ust a second the other man snickered. Hurry up Bruce growled. Boys both of yo u can get what we want. Bruce smirked. Bending over spreading his legs he wai ted. Lane took his cock in hand and gave one good hard shove into Bruce’s ass . Both men groaned loudly. Lindsey arched her hips up to reach Bruce’s delic ious cock. The feel of him plunging in was heaven! The three of them establis hed a quick rhythm. Screams echoed throughout Lindsey’s tiny apartment and a neighbor banged on the walls. Ignoring the noise the three of them fucked har der faster their bodies moving in waves like a sea of sex until Lindsey came f irst orgasm rocking her body beneath Bruce’s. Grunting Lane shot his load dee p inside Bruce’s ass and that sent Bruce over the edge. His cock quivered and his body shook violently before firing his seed deep within her pussy. Goddam n they echoed in unison. * * * The next day dressed in a white top and blue m ini skirt Lindsey got out of her car and walked up the steps to Bruce’s office . When she walked in the door he stood half grinning half annoyed. The lease was in his hands. You’re mine if I give this to you. Her eyebrows shot up. Y ou mean you want a relationship? Sighing heavily Bruce looked squarely at her. His 5 ‘clock shadow from last night was thicker now. He looked handsome sta nding before her in his black slacks and gray shirt. That’s exactly what I wa nt. It’s the only way I can keep track of you. Lindsey snatched the paper fro m Bruce’s hand and folded it up. With a large smile she looked at Bruce. Rea ching up on her tiptoes she gave him a wet sensual kiss. Done. Lane will be over tonight. Good.Live Jasmin Adult Sex Cams - Sex stories of naked girls and guys making you horny? Try chatting live while watching some of the hot sexy cam girls guys and trannies online at Live Jasmine Cams. Sexy Phone Chat - Cha t on the telephone with the sexy girl of your fantasies by requesting to talk with any type or shape of girl or guy -

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