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เรื่องเสียว Madison

2003Even with the air conditioner on the sweltering heat outside had John swe ating. And it was close to bedtime but Texas heat wouldn’t let up until severa l months later if the state was lucky. How did I know you were here? John tur ned to see Madison standing in the doorway. He looked at her smiled weakly and picked up his drink to hide his delight at seeing her curvy figure standing i n a t-shirt and hip hugging jeans that accentuated just how shapely her figure was. You’re just lucky I guess. She frowned. When are you going to stop worki ng so hard? John licked his lips and looked at Madison his eyes traveling up a nd down the line of her body. Strands of blond hair strayed from her ponytail accentuating her round face. Ocean blue eyes and plump lips beckoned to him si lently asking for permission to Hands on her curved hips she strode forward an d took the drink from his hand. What are you drinking? She took a swig before he could answer and immediately started coughing. John took the drink from her hand and patted her on the back. Scotch on the rocks Madison. My favorite. Jo hn handed her a bottle of water from beside the half empty bottle of scotch. M adison took a long deep swig her throat pulsing with each swallow. Something t ight formed low in John’s groin as he watched beads of water slide down her lo ng neck into the valley of her luscious breasts. John noticed how snug the fit of her red and pink stripped shirt fit across her breasts. Or how it showed a little bit of skin when she arched her head back to drink the rest of the wat er. Setting the empty bottle down on the table Madison looked at John narrowin g her eyes. What are you doing here anyway? I’m on break right now but in a fe w minutes I’m off to bed. I have to get up early and go to the property let my new contractor in run errands all afternoon on the north side of town and get things ready for our refi. Madison reached out to him the soft touch of her h ands against his tense shoulders set hi at ease. You weren’t even going to tel l me you were here were you? John looked around the apartment at the window an d back at Madison again. I planned to. Just after things were in order so we c ould— Madison’s fingers touched his chin. Don’t play games with me John. We bo th know how you are. You need to work less spend more time with me. John let o ut a long slow breath. I know. I promise I will. Just have to get this deal go ing first. I flip this house and I’m free financially. We’re so close Madison. Two of our partners are only two deals behind me andI know. You’re not buying it are you? He stopped talking studying her expression instead. The smell of humidity hung in the air along with something else more primal. Her personal a roma drifted his way. I’m not buying your bullshit. I’m proud of you. But you can’t just waltz in here and stay with me without giving me warning so I can r earrange my schedule for you. John took his glass and poured more scotch into the settled ice. I’d rather you not. You don’t love me? He arched an eyebrow a t her. With all my heart I love you. Her frown deepened. Then cut the crap. An d slow down. I’ll rush your ass to the hospital for your heart but I promise y ou’ll not be happy with me afterwards. John threw his head back in laughter. I ’m fine dear. Okay? Madison slapped his shoulder. John reached for her hand ta king it in his. She was warm. I’d slow down for you his voice was a low whispe r now. You haven’t yet. She set a hand on her luscious hip. Make me? John spun around in the chair and looked at the documents spread out before him. Loan p apers contractor bids materials lists and schedules for the next few weeks lay out on the desk in a mess. Maybe I will. She glared at him her tongue flickin g over her plump bottom lip. His cock hardened. You haven’t yet. Madison sighe d. Haven’t found the right time yet. And why won’t you relax and wear casual c lothes? It’s Friday for Christ’s sake. He leaned back and set his hands behind his head. I thought you liked me in a suit. She licked her lower lip. I do. B ut it’s ninety-five degrees outside and your hair is still hanging down. Aren’ t you hot? Raising his glass he swished the ice around. Got my scotch on the r ocks. You’re here now. I’m good. Madison threw her hands up and sighed. What a m I going to do with you? John looked at Madison wishing he could just fall as leep in beautiful pools of her eyes. Or swim naked with her. That was a though t. Something built low in his body. He wondered if Madison could feel it when they touched. He sure as hell could. But damn he was tired. It had been a long flight the heat was overbearing. He’d had no trouble getting his rental car o r visiting the property but had to spend too much time without eating. And the n he had to remember where Madison left the spare key to her apartment. The fa ct that his property was in Kingwood he had to fly into Houston Hobby and then drive all the way back to Sugarland where Madison lived was exhausting too. B ut she was well worth it. Hell he’d do anything to see her standing before him looking at him with a hidden mischievous grin and her hands on her hips. Brea sts jutted out proudly while her oh so kissable lips moved. I’ve got all sorts of ideas babe. I’m sure you do she nodded. Just come to bed when you’re done. John watched her walk off her hips swaying from side to side with each step s he took. Hands reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head be fore she disappeared leaving him with a view of her white bra tanned skin and the desire to slake his own primal needs tonight. Dammit! John knocked back th e drink and slammed the glass on the table. Not only was he tired somewhat dru nk and not looking forward to the first of a few long Saturdays he was horny. His cock strained against his pants and he knew he had to do something. Maybe a cold shower. Or maybe a long hot shower that featured Madison stepping into the large tub with him setting her delectably round ass against his cock and l etting him smell her arousal feel her heat. Of course there was just a quick s hower where he blew his hair dry dressed for bed in pajama bottoms a tank top that showed off his muscular arms and pale skin. And there was another glass o f scotch a large one designed to knock him out so he’d sleep tonight without d reaming of Madison’s pussy gripping him and milking him. John slumped back in his chair head hanging forward. He took a sip of scotch let the liquid burn hi s throat before he took another longer swig. Sitting up he looked at the stack of papers that had been neatly organized. Madison? He smiled to himself. The bedroom door opened. John Madison’s sleepy voice called out. John looked up se t his glass down on the desk and waited. Yes dear? It’s bedtime. Come to bed. She sounded needy. Another man would have missed the subtlety of want in her v oice. I have things to do before bed first. Then I’ll come to you. Her voice w as a husky whisper. John arched a brow. A moment later Madison appeared before John wearing a black see through teddy that flowed out at the bottom with lac e trimming. A scrap of lace hid both nipples and obscured his view of her puss y. Her hair had fallen around her shoulders in curls so that it bounced with e ach step she took towards him. Hands started at her shoulders smoothed down he r arms over her full breasts and over her round stomach until stopping at her hips. Madison stuck one leg forward took a tentative step closer to John and s topped mere inches from him. Well? His jaw dropped. He blinked several times t o make sure he was seeing right before focusing on her expression. You think I ’m fat. I knew it. No! He stood and took her hands in his. His stomach tighten ed from the contact while his cock hardened. Blood pumped faster down south an d his mouth was bone dry. No that’s not it. It’s justjustwow Madison. I’ve dre amed of this for years. What do you intend to do now? Her frown became a smile . His cock throbbed beneath his boxers. Damn clothes! Something inside John sw itched on as though the alcoholic haze that had begun to settle around his min d had been lifted. Lifting a hand to the back of her head he pulled her mouth to his crushing their lips together fiercely. Inhaling deeply he swept his ton gue over her bottom lip he pulled her body to his making sure to press the len gth of his cock against her belly. She smelled of seduction peaches and cream. I intend to have you lover. He nibbled her lower lip enjoying her moans into him as her hands roamed up his back and settled on his shoulders. A hand wrapp ed around loose strands of his hair and pulled his mouth away from hers. His n eck exposed she bent her head and pressed her lips to his neck sucking on the flesh just above his collarbone. John groaned pleasurably his cock nudged agai nst her belly still pressure building deep inside him. Forcing her thighs apar t with his leg he pushed her down against his thigh feeling the wet heat again st his skin through the flimsy material of their clothes. Too many barriers he commanded and immediately lifted her teddy off and threw it aside. That was m y favorite! And it looks great on you. But you look better as you are. He pres sed his thigh between her legs rubbing her pussy harder. She straddled him gri pping his leg tightly. The valley between Madison’s thighs burned his leg with intense heat. You’re hot for me? For years she whispered into his ear before her tongue slipped around his earlobe. Sit spinning her around he pulled her o nto his lap and made her straddle him. Madison giggled a light airy sound. Her ass was firmly pressed against his taut stomach. Wrapping his arms around her waist he slid his hands up her belly slowly inch by slow inch. You really lik e the way I look? Her voice was laced with doubt. I love the way you look Madi son. You’re beautiful a full figured woman with— A knock at the door cut him o ff. He turned his head towards the door. Nothing was going to ruin this perfec t moment dammit! What the hell? A wicked grin crossed Madison’s puckered lips. That should be Alicia. A brow arched. Alicia? Madison slid slowly off his thi ghs and strode towards the door. I told you to stop working so hard earlier di dn’t I? Yes. he nodded. And you said ‘make me’ didn’t you? John nodded again c onfused still. His dick throbbed painfully. So I used the one weapon I had gua ranteed to make you stop for just long enough to relax. Your body? And she ope ned the door Alicia’s. Alicia stepped through the threshold slipped off a gree n trench coat to reveal a similar outfit to Madison’s only in red. Hi John she twirled around giving John a view of her tight bottom and the thin strap of m aterial that disappeared between toned cheeks. Red lace scraps of cloth covere d round breasts that appeared firm. Ruby red lipstick emphasized full lips and green eyes eyes that held the strongest tinge of seduction in them. Do you li ke? Alicia caressed Madison’s arm with a red fingernail. Her hair had been pul led back into a tight bun atop her head. Madison reached for the band that hel d Alicia’s hair up and tugged it free. She’s a natural redhead John. I like wh at I’m seeing. John reached behind him and grabbed the glass of scotch. Taking a long sip he kept his eyes focused on Madison and Alicia. Alicia was clearly the aggressive one caressing and stroking Madison softly until she began to p urr. I’ve waited years to hear that sound. Never thought another woman would b e the reason but who cares right? John’s cock grew harder. He couldn’t take hi s gaze from either woman. Both women strode closer to John never breaking cont act. I’ve told you I had fantasies involving women before John! Madison pucker ed her lips and before John could get up to kiss her Alicia cut him off and lo cked her lips to Madison’s. A hand snaked behind Madison’s head pulling her in to the kiss deeper while another hand snaked around her waist and caressed the underside of a breast. Madison pulled away long enough to murmur stroke yours elf for me John. John set his glass down again and touched his throbbing organ through his pants. Not like that Alicia hissed and broke from the kiss. She r eached for John’s pajama bottoms and tugged them down. He arched upwards and l et her slide them down his legs. You didn’t tell me he was built Madison. Alic ia’s green eyes sparkled with passion desire. Hell the room began to fill with the pungent scent of arousal. His cock sprung free bobbing forward in the coo l air. You didn’t tell me he was hung either. Shame on you Madison! Alicia lic ked her lips. I had no idea Madison smirked. To his knowledge she hadn’t eithe r. John once thought he saw Madison spying on him while he showered but when h e turned his head there wasn’t anyone around. Madison stepped forward reaching out tentatively. Her eyes met Johns. Go on Madison. You started this. His ton e mirrored Alicia’s bold movements. He felt Alicia’s lips suck on his toes sen ding signals racing straight up his legs and to his cock. Madison touched John ’s cock wrapping her fingers around its girth before her lips curled into a sm ile. You’re so smooth like velvety steel John. I had no idea. Her eyes widened as his cock throbbed in her hand. Madison Ioh god his hips jerked upwards whe n Alicia nibbled his inner thigh. Madison pumped his cock up and down a few ti mes. It’s so Meant for you he choked out as Alicia’s soft lips nudged his thig hs apart. Full breasts brushed against the bottoms of his legs. Madison steppe d forward sinking to her knees. What do you taste like? Before he could answer he found his legs spread apart even farther apart due to Alicia’s making room for Madison. Alicia turned towards Madison giving John a great view of her pr ofile and her round high breasts. Alicia bent her head forward stroking Madiso n’s mouth with her tongue. Slowly Madison opened her mouth for the other women . Quickly Alicia’s tongue slipped past Madison’s lips. Madison’s eyes shot up in surprise. John saw a tongue slip past Madison’s lips wondered what it taste d how the inside of Madison’s mouth felt. Was she sweet like he’d always thoug ht or spicy? Hands caressed Madison’s breasts forcing tiny sounds from her. Sh e kept her hand pumping John’s engorged cock. A soft moan escaped his lips whe n the hand tightened around him. Alicia pulled away from the kiss and looked a t John her eyes sparkling. He stared down at her noticing her round brown nipp les and how large they were. How they looked eager for his mouth. Hell he was salivating just looking at Madison’s nude body and his cock was slick with pre cum. You’re looking at me as though I’m dinner Alicia giggled. Appetizer until my main course. John’s head was pushed back gently fingers ruffling through s trands of thick blonde hair. What am I? Madison said with almost a pouty note in her voice. Main course and dessert. John licked his lips and felt Madison’s smile in the dim light. Good. Madison dipped her head between his thighs and opened her mouth. John started to caress her silky dirty blonde locks but was instantly stunned the heat of her mouth surrounding his cock made him stop eve rything he was doing. I’ve never felt such heat from any woman who has ever su cked my dick John gasped out as Madison’s mouth drew him in all the way and sl id him slowly slowly out inch by painful inch. And you never will Madison spok e with her lips wrapped around John’s cock. Combined with fingers teasing his scrotum nails probed between his ass. He squirmed and looked down to see the t op of Madison’s head slowly sucking him in once again while hands caressed her hips. Alicia’s fingers slipped beneath the tiny strips of cloth that was the waistband of Madison’s panties and pulled down slowly. While keeping his cock in her mouth Madison shifted her weight to allow her panties to come off. Your pussy is so beautiful I can’t wait to sink my tongue inside. Alicia’s husky v oice echoed John’s thoughts. She’s shaved isn’t she? His words came out more a s a groan. The head of his cock popped out of Madison’s mouth with a loud nois e. He stiffened. She licked her lips and nibbled his shaft delicately. Each bi t of contact made him tense up as pressure built in his balls. The need for re lease hovered just below the surface of his skin as beads of sweat dripped dow n his brow. It’s hot in here Madison. Madison pulled his cock from her wet mou th and looked at him. I agree John. She arched her hips upwards giving John a great view of her plump ass. Alicia had shed her clothes completely. Standing naked before them both she looked at Madison. Come here she spoke in a low ton e meant for only the three of them to hear. Eyes half opened Madison rose to h er full height breasts bobbing beneath her bra. Take that off John commanded. I want to see your mounds. Madison started to turn away but was held fast by A licia’s strong grip. You wanted this Madison so don’t shy away. Both of us lov e your body she unhooked the black bra and let the straps slide down Madison’s shoulders. Don’t we John? John nodded. Standing he broke the distance between them and sealed his mouth over Madison’s. Her lips felt full ripe for kissing as his tongue swirled over her bottom lip once more. She opened her mouth to his advances let him slide his tongue into her. Fingers tangled in his hair na ils fluttered over his skin. The inside of her mouth felt hot on fire and velv ety soft as their tongues wrestled for control. Madison’s advances became bold er. Her arms wrapped around his waist pulling him to her. His cock brushed aga inst her belly her breasts crushed against his chest. I’ve always wanted to se e just how built you were her own voice had become a sultry sound he could lis ten to forever. Fingers brushed over hard pecs and slid down his sides over a rippled six pack. John couldn’t help but flex for her even as his mind became lost in the fog of ecstasy. A hand reached for his balls tugging them and send ing pleasure racing throughout his body while another tongue probed his ass. S quirming John spread his legs apart farther nudging his cock against Madison’s heat. I want inside your pussy Madison. His mouth conquered hers again tongue plundering between moist lips. She pulled back from their kiss I’d like to le t you in but I need a favor. She giggled and gasped as a pair of strong finger s found her wet entrance. Anything he spoke followed by an unidentifiable nois e forced from him when Alicia’s mouth wrapped around his shaft. Anything? The mischievous look in Madison’s eyes made him wonder what other pleasures they’d share tonight. Keep touching me Madison. Alicia’s already helped convince me to bend to your will. Good Alicia blew cool air over his thighs. Shivers raced up and down his legs and his knees grew weak. Madison let her arms settle on John’s hips. Are you still interested Alicia? What’s good for the goose Alicia giggled. I’ll be right back. With a quick motion Alicia slipped away from the two of them. She threw her coat around her and dashed out the door. John hear d footsteps from tiny redhead as she bound down the stairs. She’s excited. And so are you. Come here. Madison led John by his cock to the couch. Have a seat . John did as he was asked. The soft material of Madison’s couch made him all too aware that he was naked in his best friend’s apartment. His cock bobbed an d twitched still slick from earlier. She’s quite an enthusiast. Alicia? Madiso n purred straddling John’s legs so that his cock brushed against her wet pussy then slipped against her round belly. ‘Yup. What are you up to? He settled hi s hands around her ass pulling her to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. S he drew him to her. Their lips met in a soft slow kiss designed to turn the he at up between them. Madison’s body was already slick with sweat. Her hair fell forward blocking out the low light from the bathroom behind them. John inhale d smelling roses and sex. Madison took a deep breath as their lips met pulled apart and met again. She began nibbling his lower lip while her hands slid dow n his shoulders and gripped his sides. His hands stayed on her ass massaging h er sweet soft flesh and pulling her closer to him with each kiss. Wet hot lips slid up and down the length of his cock never quite letting him in never quit e breaking contact from him. John’s fingers slid lower on her ass pressing aga inst her asshole. She squealed and gave him a dirty look. John cocked his head to one side. Not yet? For me no. For you? The door opened before John could r eact. Both of them turned their heads to see Alicia standing in the doorway. S he dropped the coat. John’s eyes roamed down the length of her body past her f irm breasts over her round belly and hips and stopped short at her pussy. Or r ather the protrusion from her pussy. Come on you didn’t expect this? Alicia se emed so cocksure as she strode towards them. Madison couldn’t suppress laughte r as John’s eyes widneed. She’s going to fuck me with that? It’s no different than you fucking me with your big cock Madison nudged her pussy against John’s throbbing cock. Damn his erection ached so painfully he was at the point wher e anything Madison wanted he’d give her. Hell he’d waited all throughout their relationship to be able to show her his love. And she was giving it with a st ring. That thing will— Lips sealed over his. Inhaling sharply he pulled Madiso n’s body closer to his shifting his hips for entrance to her hot cunt. Not yet ! She arched her hips just out of reach from the head of his cock then moved c lose enough so the head of his cock brushed against her wet entrance. It’s sma ller than yours Alicia giggled. And it’ll get me off too. Well getting you off is good. John threw his head back giving Madison a chance to wrap her mouth a round the delicate spot on his neck just above his shoulder. Still he tried to thrust into Madison but couldn’t gain any momentum. She outweighed him in thi s position. He sighed more a sound of pleasure than anything else. Still his h ormones raced towards his groin the tension building within him seemed to tigh ten unbearably. His skin itched his body was on fire. Madison sunk down on him crying aloud engulfing him in instance flames that threatened to consume his sanity. Grunting John thrust his hips upwards triumphantly into Madison’s puss y. Damn he hissed through gritted teeth. Fucking finally! Alicia came around t he couch and sat beside Madison and John. You have no idea how long I’ve been hearing from her that she’s wanted that. Madison shot her a glare. John’s surp rised expression must have shown on his face because Alicia looked at him lift ed a breast up and licked it before fingers slid beneath the strap on to the v alley between her thighs. Oh come on you knew she wanted this! John started to respond but Madison’s lips clamped around him like a vice grip. You’re still so tight he groaned. Madison slid up and down his pole a few times her breasts bobbing against his chest. I’ve been doing my exercises but I had no idea you ’d— He’d cut her off with a few upward thrusts using the momentum of her bobbi ng up and down on him to give him leverage. Her nails raked across his skin di gging in to his shoulders and back. John cried out then softened against Madis on’s body. A tongue slithered around his ear before plunging inside swirling a round and exploring. The mouth organ slithered in and out of his ear pleasure assaulting his body from three different areas that all sent electric sparks d own to his quivering cock. I’m going to cum if you keep that up Madison! His a rms wrapped around her waist holding her in place before one hand settled on h is wrist and pried him from her. Lay down both of you. Madison on top and I’ll be on bottom! It wasn’t a request. John looked at Alicia her eyes lust filled and only half opened. Light glittered in her eyes as she reflected the heat f lowing between the three of them. Madison shifted her weight and climbed off J ohn. He felt the same emptiness she did until he saw what Alicia had planned. Have you ever done this before? She produced a rather large bottle of lubrican t and smothered the tip of her small penis with it. Of course! Even as timid a s he was to have something foreign probe and fuck his asshole John was beginni ng to enjoy her cockiness. John watched as Alicia slicked the rubber dick up a nd down with her hands like Madison had done with his earlier. How will you ge t off? You’re both going to drive a little nub inside of me that’ll hit my cli t. And I’ll probably come a rocket if you two do it right! Laughing she drew h er legs up and spread them apart the fake phallus sticking upwards. Sit on it she commanded. Reluctantly John moved his ass backwards towards the fake cock. It brushed his skin and he jumped forward nearly falling forward. Madison gig gled and reached for his cock. Come on big boy. You’re bigger than that thing. Play with it for me while I suck on your beautiful dick! His cock throbbed in Madison’s hand. She pumped him a few times and eased him back against the dil do. Sit she purred please? He couldn’t resist her beautiful green eyes. Or the look of desperation on her face that begged for him to be inside her spreadin g her pussy lips apart as he shoved himself inside her and drove them all to e cstasy. Fingers probed his ass slick and wet. His asshole puckered until a han d slapped his cheek. Fire spread throughout the area then cooled off. Relax. I t’s going to feel good Alicia emphasized the last word letting each syllable r oll off her tongue slowly. Slowly John backed into the phallus his asshole fee ling the cool sensation of the lube. Fingers pressed into his asshole smooth n ails brushed past his opening and invaded him stretching him out. Madison’s ha nd kept pumping him but was replaced by hot lips and a heavy wet tongue. I lik e the way you do that he eased himself into the two fingers that had sunk into his ass while Madison’s mouth worked over his swollen cock. Nails pinched his ass. He squirmed and thrust his cock deeper down Madison’s throat. She gagged and coughed before looking into his eyes. I’m sorry! He and Alicia said in un ison. Madison smirked. Sit on her cock. Her hands pushed him down onto the toy until it was all the way inside of him. Pain arced through him then subsided. Alicia shifted her hips upwards brushing the cock against his prostrate. John groaned aloud before feeling Madison’s lips on his cock. Suck my cock baby he ran a hand through his own hair before stroking Madison’s curly blond locks. His hands smoothed her hair back away from her face and ran down her shoulders . Her soft skin was definitely something he’d want to spend caressing the rest of the night. His cock plopped out of her mouth. I want you in me John. The s ultry sound of her voice combined with the look in her half open eyes spoke vo lumes. Oh god yes Alicia moaned from behind John. The slowness of her thrusts filling him certainly made him feel full and empty again when she pulled away but damn the sensations coursing through his body from just the limited contac t of her toy with his prostrate! Sit on my fat cock Madison. Let me love you. Fuck me Madison straddled both of them impaling herself on John’s cock. After a moment she felt Alicia relax. Slowly Madison moved up his shaft and back dow n sighing pleasurably. John moaned again a soft echo of Alicia’s noise behind him. Hands gripped his hips hands gripped his shoulders and tangled in his hai r. Lips brushed against his mouth conquering not asking politely for his tongu e while a second mouth licked and trailed fiery kisses over his spine. As odd as it felt to move with Alicia behind him he steadied himself and thrust harde r deeper into Madison the sound of bodies slapping against bodies echoing thro ughout her living room. Madison’s body challenged his in a frantic frenzy of t hrusts and nails that dug into his flesh. He’d certainly have plenty of marks in the morning! With each slap into Madison came a reverberating slap against Alicia’s hips the cock shoving in hard and fast against both of them while her screams filled the room. After another moment the trio found a steady rhythm and began to move slowly rhythmically. Madison’s screams joined Alicia’s as he r orgasm neared. Sweat covered all three bodies making movement difficult but still they fucked and pounded each other as the coil inside John wound itself tighter and tighter until finally it snapped. His balls drew up against his bo dy the pressure from the fake dick in his ass combined with the feeling of Mad ison’s sopping pussy gripping milking him forced his orgasm in a tide that spi lled out inside of her. Cum gushed from his cock nails dug into his shoulders and teeth bit into him as the other two women came loudly Madison squirting co vering his cock with a mixture of her own cum and his. Alicia’s orgasm hit las t triggering another orgasm from John. Oh fucking goddamn he yelled grunted an d came shooting in spurts deep inside Madison’s hot hole. Madison quivered in his arms her grip around his waist tightening as she threw her head back and c ame a river the flood of emotion hitting hard. John felt it too his own heart racing the beats matching hers and Alicia’s. It seemed the three were in perfe ct unison. A few minutes later John helped Madison onto the couch. She sat wat ching Alicia’s ‘cat ate the canary’ grin while she pulled off the strap on and set it aside. 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