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เรื่องเสียว Sally Meets the Neighbors

4484Several years ago I took early retirement and we bought a second house in Florida. My wife Sally had always wanted to live near the ocean so we bought a place in a Miami suburb. It was a few miles away from the ocean but was affo rdable. It also had a small pool in the backyard. Sally who is four years youn ger than me had lived and worked in northern states all of her life and was ve ry excited at the idea of spending winter afternoons lounging by the pool. Lyi ng around the pool all day seemed to suit her but got boring very quickly for me. Within two weeks I had lined up a part-time job just to keep active. Sally is the more social of the two of us and likes to get to know the neighbors. S oon she was chatting with neighbors that she ran into in the grocery store and had even joined a couple of other women in taking morning walks. We had purpo sely chosen a neighborhood that did not have a lot of retired people. I m fift y-three Sally just turned forty-nine and we had no desire to spend our time in a retirement community. It was a typical suburban community where most of the couples in the neighborhood worked although some had been laid off because of the economy. During her morning walks with the other women Sally learned all about the neighborhood. Every evening she filled me in our the latest gossip a bout our neighbors. You know the guy that lives next door the one that s alwa ys at home during the day puttering around the house Sally told me one evenin g. I guess he has been laid off for the past three months and then his wife l eft him just before we moved into the neighborhood. The poor guy first he lose s his job and then his wife walks out on him. Well that explains why his yar d looks so good he has plenty of time to work on it I replied. He does have a nice yard he used to work for a landscaping company said Sally. He s usual ly hanging out in his backyard with a buddy when I get home from work. I gue ss he got laid off too replied Sally. The girls said he s single and lives i n a place around three doors down. They think he d be a real catch he s pretty good looking and does construction work. They both sound pretty handy maybe I should hire them to help us with some work around the house. I ll talk to t hem sometime. Speaking of the house said Sally the new washer and dryer ar e going to be delivered tomorrow. The store said they would drop them in the c ar port but we d have to move them in the house. Great! The poor economy cer tainly hasn t given some places enough incentive to provide good service. Oh w ell the store did give us a good deal on the appliances. I ll do it when I get home from work. As I left for work the next morning I gave my wife Sally a g ood look. I ve always considered her my trophy wife. Even at forty-nine she s better looking than women ten years younger. She used to have long blonde hair but now keeps it cut fairly short so it frames her face. She has blue eyes th at seem to dance when she laughs and a captivating smile. A former cheerleader who has kept fit through her whole life she is very shapely. She is a bit plu mp but in the right ways with large 36C breasts and a full round bottom. Like she often did now that we were in Florida she was wearing a string bikini that accentuated her curves. I m tempted to stay home from work and ravish you I told her. No no you run along to work. I m just going to lay by the pool and catch up on some reading Sally laughed. Work was pretty light. Finally at 2: 00 pm the boss told me to knock off for the day. I drove home thinking about S ally in the bikini and anticipating a little afternoon delight. As I pulled into the driveway I saw that the washer and dryer had not yet been delivered. Since I m home early maybe I can convince the delivery guys to help me move t hem in place I thought to myself. When I walked to the front door I noticed i t was open. That was strange Sally usually kept it locked. I walked in through the living room and out to the pool. Sally wasn t there but as I walked back into the house I could see that the washer and dryer had arrived and were alre ady in the utility room. Oh baby fuck me hard. It was Sally s voice coming f rom the bedroom. I quietly walked to the bedroom and glanced in the door. The string bikini was lying on the floor and my wife was on her hands and knees on the bed. A short muscular man was between her spread legs his ass gyrating as he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Another man thin and quite handso me was sitting in the chair beside the bed watching and jerking on his dick. T hey were so intent on the action that none of them could see me watching from the door. Get on the bed I want to suck you while he fucks me Sally commande d the thin man. He climbed onto the bed and lay down in front of her. His cock was long around 9 inches and as it slid into my wife s mouth it almost choked her. Soon her head was bobbing up and down as she took most of his cock into her throat and then pulled away letting its head touch her lips before going d own for more. Unhh unhh unhh moaned Sally as she bounced between the cock in her mouth and the cock in her pussy. She was clearly having a good time. I qu ietly stepped away from the bedroom door and walked to the kitchen where we ke pt a small digital camera. Sally and I had been swingers at one time but for t he past five years she had said she wasn t interested in the lifestyle any mor e. So I wasn t jealous I was turned on. And I wanted to get some pictures beca use it might not happen again. I returned to the bedroom door and started taki ng photos. The first one was of all three of them my wife on her knees sucking a strange man while another stranger s cock plunged in and out of her pussy. Then I knelt and zoomed in for a shot of the cock entering her pussy. One of h is legs was lifted so I got a picture of the short man s cock buried deep insi de her his balls slapping against her pussy lips. I got several more pictures from the door and then moved into the room for some better angles. Shit! exc laimed the thin man who Sally was sucking. He moved back pulling his cock from her mouth as he stared at me. The short man heard him and quickly withdrew ju mping off the bed his thick erect dick at attention. Hi Stan exclamed Sally. Let me introduce you to our new neighbors. The two men looked at her and th en me completely amazed. Bob and Chuck this is my husband Stan. Stan this is Bob she said pointing to the short man with the thick cock he lives next doo r. And this is his friend Chuck she said as she reached up and stroked the thin man s rapidly softening dick. Pleased to meet you. I see you are giving my wife a house warming. I said laughing. The two men laughed uncomfortabl y and looked at each other not know what to say. The store delivered the wash er and dryer around two hours ago Sally explained. I saw Chuck and Bob next door and asked if they could help me move them into the utility room. After th ey were done I offered them some drinks and things just kind of progressed. At that point Sally grabbed Bob by the hand and pulled him onto the bed besi de her. She pulled Chuck back down on her other side and snuggled between the two of them. As she told her story she played with their limp cocks. After the washer and dryer were in place Sally had the men sit on the couch in the livi ng room and fixed three glasses of Jack Daniels on ice. Then she sat down betw een the two of them and struck up a conversation. She didn t let on that she a lready heard a little bit about them during her morning walks. They told her t hey were in the construction business and while working on a house a few years earlier had become friends after they realized they lived in the same neighbo rhood. Bob had gotten laid off by a landscaping firm a few months earlier and not long after that Chuck had been laid off by the electrical contractor that employed him. They said they were trying to start their own company but were h aving trouble getting financing. At that point Bob said that his wife had left him a couple of weeks ago and that Chuck also had been coming by to have drin ks and keep him company. Sally told Bob how sorry she was to hear about his wi fe but how lucky she felt that both he and Chuck had been there that day to he lp her in her time of need. As she said it she leaned toward Bob and gave him a lingering hug pressing her breasts against his chest. Then she turned and di d the same thing to Chuck. As they drank Sally continued to subtly snuggle aga inst one man and then the other. Flashing them smiles and batting her blue eye s at them she flirted and laughed as the three of them finished several more d rinks. Sally was still wearing the string bikini which barely covered her brea sts and the view was clearly having an affect on both Chuck and Bob. As Bob sh ifted uncomfortably to hide his hardon which was turning his shorts into a sma ll tent Sally leaned over to him and gave him a sympathetic kiss on the cheek. Then she continued kissing him until she reached his mouth. Both of their mou ths opened and their tongues explored each other. Sally ran her hand up his th igh and grabbed his hard dick stroking it through the fabric as their long lin gering kiss came to an end. On her other side Chuck cleared his throat and sta rted to get up feeling the odd man out. Sally grabbed him and pushed him back in the sofa leaning over and giving him a long tongue kiss as well. She reache d down and stroked his cock continuing to stroke Bob with her other hand. Soon the three were writhing all over each other. Finally Sally invited the two in to the bedroom which was where I found them. As Sally lay between Bob and Chuc k on the bed the story and her fondling did the job. Both of their cocks were erect and ready to get back to work. She turned around in the bed and knelt st raddling each of their legs taking first one and then the other cock in her mo uth. Realizing it was safe the two men stroked her hair shoulders and breasts as she sucked them all three of them moaning with pleasure. I resumed my photo graphy getting closeups of the cocks sliding in and out of my slut wife s lips . Realizing she was being photographed Sally spread her legs so I could get sh ots of her wet pussy. Who wants to fuck me now? she asked. I want a cock in my pussy. Yeah one of you fuck my slut wife while I get photos I said. Sal ly rolled on her back and spread her legs. Bob crawled between her legs and re sumed the work he had been doing when I first entered the room. Chuck laid on the bed beside them stroking his cock and awaiting his turn. I got a couple of photos of the three of them on the bed then zoomed in for photos of Bob s coc k sliding in and out of my wife. Bob s pumping increased in intensity as my wi fe grabbed him by the ass pulling him in and out of her. With each stroke they both moaned louder and harder. Finally Bob bounced up and down several times on Sally then thrust deep within her. She pulled hard on his ass keeping him c lose as his thick hard cock squirted its semen into her body. Oh oh Bob excl aimed as he came. Yeah give me your cum breathed my wife as she wrapped her legs tightly around his back. Exhausted Bob collapsed on top of Sally. For sev eral minutes they lay together connected by his softening cock. Then slowly pu lled out. I zoomed in again getting closeups of his cock leaving my slut wife s pussy a string of semen still connecting the two of them. Then more photos o f his white sperm oozing out of her body. Sally continued to lie on her back p laying with her erect nipples as Bob s sperm made a little puddle between her open legs. Chuck would you like my slut wife to suck your cock? I asked. Sh e gives blowjobs better than most whores. Sure he said scooting up against the bed s backboard and spreading his legs. Sally rolled over between his legs and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. Then she ran her tongue up a nd down the shaft several times before taking it in her mouth. I circled them getting pictures. Get up on your knees so I can get a shot through them of yo u sucking Chuck s cock I ordered her. She obediently got on her knees and spr ead her legs. I got behind her on the bed and took several photos through her legs showing her sperm-coated pussy her large breasts hanging down and her mou th sliding up and down on the long hard cock. What will you do with all of th e photos? Bob asked. I ll probably post them on one of the amateur porno int ernet sites. Not only do I enjoy watching my wife get fucked I like the idea o f guys looking at photos of her and jerking off. Let me know where you post it so I can do that too. Since my wife left me I ve been pretty horny. This af ternoon has been pretty amazing! Sally likes to take care of men whose wives have neglected them. We turned back to Chuck and Sally. Under Sally s attent ion he was very close to cumming. Roll over on your back I want to cum on you r face and tits Chuck told Sally. Sally rolled over and Chuck straddled her h ead. His thin 9 cock plunged in and out of her mouth while one her hands pump ed on it stimulating it and keeping it from choking her. As Chuck s body began to jerk she pulled his cock out of her mouth letting it shoot its sticky whit e cum across her lips and face. After the first three spurts he quickly slid b ack directing his cock at her tits. He continued to cum covering each of her n ipples. When he had finished his semen slowly slid down her large breasts and formed a puddle between them. She smiled licking his slick and shiny sperm fro m her lips. She wiped her face with her hands gathering up the cum and taking it down to her breasts. Then she slowly rubbed the two loads of semen into her breasts. Through it all I had been taking photos as quickly as I could of Chu ck s cock shooting on her face and breasts of her cum-coated face and of the p uddle of semen between her breasts. My cock had first gotten hard when I saw t he three of them through the bedroom door. It had stayed hard the whole time p atiently waiting its turn. I put down the camera and got on the bed. 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