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เรื่องเสียว 2075

6929This story take place towards the end of the twenty-first century at a time when the women have all the executive roles and the men are there for clerical work household chores and of course stud service. During their teen years the ma les are assessed for what they might do best. The basic workers are castrated we ar from then on simple dresses and heels of no more than two inches. Those who w ill perform the task of providing sperm for the women who will wish babies are h oused in central lodges in each city and treated in the finest manner. Women who se time is ripe and want children may spend a week at these exclusive clubs at no cost and enjoy all of the services of both the lodge and a selected man. Bet ween those two limits are a group of men who serve as play mates for the women . They too are castrated but wear much more exotic clothing and heels from 4 on up. They unlike any other males are also circumcised as a mark of there status and given hormone tablets that will produce erections on demand. I received my letter this morning. YES I had been selected to serve as a Sex Friend! Now I cou ld legally wear the heels and dresses I had been practicing in for months. They would also cut off the ugly hanging piece of skin on the front of my cock. On my eighteenth birthday the letter went on I was to report to the Conversion Clinic on Franklin St. where my testicles would be removed along with my foreskin by s urgical methods at the hands of a designated staff surgeon. From that day forwar d I was expected to dress in female fashions at all times and after my recovery I would receive a monthly allowance. Other income would be based on the extent o f my services. I was so elated! I had made it! It seemed to take ages for my b irthday to arrive but on that morning my mother presented me with a pair of very expensive black patent pumps (I don t think she knew I had been hoping for this and already had a modest wardrobe) and sent me to the clinic in her limo. I w as treated wonderfully when I arrived and soon was laying naked and alone on an operating table. The surgeon entered her high heels clicking nicely across the t iled floor. Hi she said I m here to take your nuts off just like that. Th is is pretty routine nowadays and baring your knob will only take minutes so the re s nothing to worry about. Now let me see what I m going to work with here. I watched her tits swaying behind her white shift and she worked my cock into a hard rod with her delicate hands. My my nine inches. No wonder they selected you for this job. Well I ll trim that up so it looks real pretty. Now I have a q uestion before I inject you and start work. Do you want your testicles preserved and save them as a souvenir or may I take them home for the cat? For the firs t moment I was startled but in an instant the thought of a cat eating them stiff ened my tool even more. No feed them to the cat! But I have one request. Can I be there and do it myself? Why what a great idea. Yes I think I d like to h ave you over for an evening and feeding the cat will be part of the fun. I w as a little nervous as this would be my first time in my new role. I dressed car efully in an above the knee black skirt and a tailored white male blouse sheer a nd not too dark black stockings and the patent pumps my mother had given me (jus t for good luck). The 4 heels felt OK but I had practiced for weeks before my o perations in 5 ones so this felt kind of casual. I just didn t want to show up with higher heels than Dr. Katrina. She met me at her door dressed in a shimme ring silver skirt with silver heels (higher than mine thank goodness) and silver stockings. A shimmering transparent patch at her crotch revealed her womanhood and clearly defined her status for the evening. A blouse of the same silver mate rial revealed two lovely orbs that I would never have. After some talk about my operations and a drink she asked me if I was ready for the ceremony . I assured her I was looking forward to it. At that Dr. Katrina pushed a button and a few moments later a young feman came in dressed in a French Maid outfit with 3 and a half inch white patent heels carrying a silver tray and what looked like a silv er cream and sugar set on it. A very large white furry cat was walking along beh ind on a leash. This is Bobby Dr. Katrina said. Bobby is a live in servant an d I got special permission for him to wear higher heels as long as he is in my p lace. I also modified Bobby so that his urethra comes out between his legs now w here his balls were. Just a special treat to make him feel a little more feminin e. He still has his uncut penis of course but it s rather shriveled and of no us e to him now. Bobby show my friend here what s left of your manhood. I was surp rised to see this little delicate but wrinkled bit of pink flesh between the gar ter belt straps when he held up his skirt. I was now more glad than ever that I had been among the chosen. When Bobby left Dr. Katrina lifted the lid of the sug ar container to reveal my balls ends of the cords and tubes sticking out. They w ere glossy white with red lines that made them look blood shot. They ve been th awing all afternoon. Do you want to go first or shall I? No please go first I stated. She lifted one out by a stump of a tube and dipped it into the cream po t then to my surprise licked the cream off herself. My cock which had been semi stiff since I arrived now hardened and pushed my skirt up into a horrible tent. Dipping the ball into the cream again she threw it out to the cat which hungrily crunched into it. It made a squeaky snapping sound as it split open parts falli ng to the rug until the cat could finish it all. Now it s your turn. I see you took your hormone pill before coming over. Good! That s not quite what I had i n mind about feeding the cat I said. Could you have Bobby bring me a sharp kni fe please? The lovely Bobby came went returned on those nice shoes with one of the Dr. s scalpels and at last went back to wherever he waited for the bell to r ing. I watched the seams of his stockings disappear down the hall. I took my ot her ball and placed it on the tray then using the scalpel carefully I divided it up into thin slices. With each slice juice oozed out and onto the tray. When I had about nine slices prepared I dipped the first nubby end into the cream and t hen offered it to the cat. Dr. Katrina was enthralled. I suppose this was in par t due to my joy at slicing up what had once been part of my manhood and in part that I was sharing it with a beautiful woman and her cat. After the third slice had been devoured by the fluffy creature she pulled my skirt back over my engorg ed shaft and started putting cream all over it with her hands. I studied my cock seriously now for the first time since it was pared clean and really marveled a t the beauty of the thing. Smooth and shiny even before the application of cream with a large and pulsing purple knob sitting on the top of the turgid shaft at an aggressive angle. I was afraid that she planned to let the cat start eating o n my cock. No much better than that the beautiful doctor sucked the cream all of f herself and when I could hold off no longer I gave her some of my own cream. Oh that s lovely was her only comment. Then after a moment she said Shall we f inish feeding the cat while your prick has a chance to restore itself? Then I d like you to try out my handiwork. If you did take the risk of doing it illegally and had a fuck or two before your operation I m told that you will find it s ev en better without balls. You can get it in deeper apparently. Together we took turns dipping each delicate slice into the cream then letting the cat take it fr om our finger tips. After the last bit a slice with a tube attached had disappea red and the cat had cleaned the tray she led me into her bedroom. It was a beaut iful room with an early twentieth century four poster bed and satin and curtains all over. I lost my virginity our high heels intertwined as I thrust into her a nd had no idea whether no balls made it better or worse only that my wonderful n ew career had begun.

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